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The Stranger

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Olivia wakes to a smash in the window. She alerts George immediately, and he goes to investigate. Will they survive?! Written from olivia's point of view.

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I woke up with a shock. I could have sworn I heard a smash. I turned to my husband. He was lay there, contently sleeping, probably dreaming about his preparations to pass safely into the land of the dead. It wouldn't surprise me. Nevertheless, this could be important.
I shook him and he woke almost immediately. "I heard a crash" I informed him, to which he replied, "Are you sure?!"
I was most certainly sure. Positive, even. My initial thoughts were 'someone had broken in'. Fear beginning to creep, I locked the bedroom door.
"What are you doing?" my dear husband questioned. "Well, there's more than likely a man killing thug downstairs. I think we're staying right here!"
Remembering that my mother and son were in the next rooms, my husband turned to me and said very calmly "Nonsense, I'm going to have a chat with this young fella'" And like that, he was gone.
I followed him down the stairs, anxiously, oblivious to how dreadful things would soon get. The man, who had broken in, was just lay there, holding a spear-type weapon, like the the one from the Christianity pictures up on the wall. However, I could not see what was in his other hand.
I looked over to my husband, who had started to chant at this creature like thing who then rose immediately and started chanting back. I stood in shock and fear as I began to see a side of my husband I hadn't seen before.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" he exclaimed, voice booming off the walls.
"YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT!" the voice of the man screamed back
I wanted to run, far far away. I wanted to run as fast as my old legs could carry me. I then let out a ear-piercing scream as I watched this frightening creature leap upon my dearly beloved and had him pinned down to the floor. Adrenalin kicking in, I ran back up the sitars, into my room and grabbed what used to be my dad's trusty baseball bat.
"Follow through," he'd always tell me.
"Don't swing like a girl!"
I most certainly did not swing like a girl.
I stormed up to the mess on my floor, pulled it up by it's collar, aimed and swung. I watched the blood streaming out of his head. Then, my husband leapt upon him, pinning him down.
"I've got the knife! I've got the knife!"
At first I thought he was joking, but as the ambulance and police came, I found out what was in the other man's hand was a knife, and he was using that to try to kill my darling husband.
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