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Welcome to Lakeview School For The Insane

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If you think going to a regular high school sucks try going to one filled insane teenagers.

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Third Person POV
On the outside Lakeview might look like any normal high school filled with normal kids but the inside tells a very different story. Instead of going home everyday to loving families the students here head to their rooms, you may be thinking whatever lots of schools have dorms except our 'dorms' have 4 inch thick metal doors with electronic timers and have bars over the windows and children with severe insanity get padded walls and restraints, as they say Home Sweet Home. Lakeview was built with the intention of giving kids with mental disorder a chance at a normal life. Even though there are a lot of measures taken to keep everyone safe it's relatively laid back for the kids who haven't successfully murdered above 20 people. It's this laid back attitude that lets kids escape through the cracks but there has never been a case where kids were wrongly placed in the school. But that is about to change.

Pandora's POV
"Are we demented or an I disturbed. The space thats in between insane and insecure. Oh therapy can you please fill the void." I sang while dancing around the front office. I should probably introduce myself I am Pandora and I have WBS so basically I'm like spongebob all the time. I also have CIPA a very rare disorder that makes me not feel any pain, I can feel an embrace or pressure and texture but I could literally break my arm and not know about it until I get checked.

Mazy, Casper, Matthew, Anna, and I all work as aids for first period in the front office of Lakeview. Their reasoning involved something about harmlessness, I don't even think thats a word but who gives a damn. Well I'm sure you all want to know whats wrong with them, ohh you don't well too fucking bad. Mazy is mute to basically everyone but she signs so according to her she'll know when she meets 'the one' because she'll be able to talk to them but moving on. Casper has Dissociative Identity Disorder so basicaly one minute she's Casper and the next she will be different person with a different name. Matthew hates being touched I found that out the hard way with my need to hug everyone and has anger issues but keeps quiet about that. Anna has Narcissistic Personality Disorder she will not leave her room until she is perfect which also causes her to hog the bathroom up here which sucks when you need to pee.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh. There are new people! They better like Green Day! YAY! NEW PEOPLE!" I yelled running around excitedly. Mazy looked up and signed
'You might scare them away if you keep doing that'
"Hmp fine I'll stop" I said dejectedly. There were five of them and just as they started to walk in the song on my ipod changed so of coarse I had to start singing and dancing on the table
"You say that I'm messing with your head all because I was making out with your friend"
"Pandora please stop we have new students" Christine the office lady said.
"Fine" I said while getting off the counter that I was dancing on.
"NEW PEOPLE! HI! I'M PANDORA!" I yelled running towards them to give them all hugs. I hugged the one with a Mowhawk hairstyle.
"I'm Frank" He said.
"Yay I like you your going to be my new bestie" I said excitedly. Mazy walked over feigned hurt while signing
'Oh my god what ever will I do without Pandora'
"Shut up I am awesome" I said back
'I would except I don't talk' she signed back.
"Whatever" I said jokingly. I gave them all hugs and learned that their names were Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Bob.
'What I don't get introduced' Mazy signed to me.
"Fine. Everyone this is Mazy she doesn't talk so if you are going to be our friends I suggest you all learn sign language." I told them.
"Gerard knows how to sign" Frank said.
"Ooh Mazy maybe he's the one" I said while wiggling my eyebrows suggestively.
'Shut up before I flush your Ipod down the toilet' Mazy signed to me while blushing.
"Ok.Ok. Mazy no need to bring billie joe into this" I said.
"Well let me introduce my friends. As you already know this is Mazy the mute then there's Casper the friendly ghost who has Dissociative Identity Disorder, Matthew my polar opposite don't touch him but he's just as crazy, and Anna she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and I have WBS and CIPA. So what's wrong with you guys?" I asked.
"Pandora don't be rude" Christina said.
"Fine" I said. Christina gave them their ID's and schedules and assigned us each one to show around. I got Frank, Mazy got Gerard because he's the only one that could communicate with her, Matthew with Mikey I think they got put together because both their names start with M, Anna with Ray, and Casper with Bob.

Gerard's POV
This is going to be interesting.
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