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Interview With a FicWaddian

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Oh Good God, what a load of SHIAT.

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Interview with a FicWaddian

Interviewer: Good morning, afternoon, evening, night, whatever time zone you're in! Tonight, we're in for a big show, because I have the chance to interview... drumroll Bella_Jinxx of FicWad! Ash is well known for writing the fic commonly known as We See Through The Little Doll's Eyes and has agreed to come and talk to us tonight! She'll be letting us know what life is like as a busy FicWaddian, her influences, and a whole load of random shit. Please welcome, ASH!!
claps as Ash enters
Interviewer: Ash Harlequin Jinxx! What a pleasure to meet you!
Ash: Nope, the pleasure is all mine.
Interviewer: So, we'll start off simple. Who are your greatest influences?
Ash: -jumps out of chair- Simple? How the fuck is that simple? -resettles herself- Well, my main influence when I write is the music I'm listening to- and that's usually My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Sleeping with Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, Mindless Self Indulgence, Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate.. The list goes on an on! -chuckles-
Interviewer: Now, on to more recent news. Is it true that you and another FicWaddian, LatherTheBlood, asked Mikey Way if he was an Arabic fashion model?
Ash: That's true. We tweeted him and he hasn't replied yet but if he does, we'll all know his secret. -winks-
Interviewer: So, can we get a sneak peek on what's going to happen in Little Doll's Eyes?
Ash: -chuckles- No, no, I'm under a strict contract not to let anyone know what's gonna happen. Except Haili, she and I talk a lot. If you read the latest installment, I named a river after her. Too bad a girl drowned in it. And I will give away one thing- expect smut. Two smut scenes and a rape scene. Not for littlie's eyes.
Interviewer: You have a thing for murders, yeah?
Ash: Mhmm. I watch a lot of forensics shows and I seem to love a good horror story. With lots of blood. And fuck, the tiniest bit of smut.
Interviewer: Speaking of smut, what's your favorite pairing?
Ash: Oh fuck, I'd have to say Waycest. That shit is sexy, man. I do love a good ol' Frerard though, Be My Detonator and The Misfit's Guide to the 20 Ways are amazing.
Interviewer: What are your views on the trolling situation?
Ash: I find them amusing. I like to laugh at them, the only one that I really ever talked to was KittyFuck and now she's okay, she's actually quite nice when she's not high.
Interviewer: Ah. Anyway, do you enjoy RPing?
Ash: -grins- Fuck yeah! On Twitter, I have shitloads of RPs, including:
And that's just the ones I remember! -laughs-
Interviewer: Holy shit!! That's a lot!! Anyway, what do you plan on doing in later life?
Ash: I'm staying on FicWad, definitely, but I also wanna become a musician or an author. I like writing and making music so they're definitely two careers I want to pursue. I want to be the lyrics kids scrawl on their arms, I want to be the music they listen to that can make them feel like they own the motherfucking world, I want to be that shit crazy girl on Kerrang! with wicked hair, tattoos and piercings, singing her fucking heart out and making people feel good about themselves. I would reply to every single fan that tweeted me, sign everything they wanted me to and give out free bracelets of mine, invite fans up on stage to sing with me and run around and be amazing.
Interviewer: I heard you have your band's name and first album title, what are they?
Ash: Oh. -smiles- The band is called Adventures of a Lonely Lesbian and so far, I'm the only member. The first album will be called Another Cliche Horror Story and one of the tracks off that will be Alex. I wrote it a while ago, y'see, and posted it to the Poetry section. Maybe you can go read it sometime.
Interviewer: I'm not sure about everyone else, but I will! Anyway, we're running out of time, so I guess we gotta say goodbye for now!
Ash: Byeeee FicWadians!! -waves and blows kisses-

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