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Life Among The Dead.

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MCR zombie story, roughly based on the film Zombieland with a few quotes from the movie.

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It's amazing how quickly thing can go from 'bad' to 'total shit-storm'. And why am I alive, when everyone around me had turned to meat? I have no fucking Idea, luck of the draw I guess.
When the virus first hit, it was a very small minority of people who were infected, and government officials kept it contained, but people kept becoming infected, and turning, As the infection spread and chaos grew...It wasn't enough just being fast on your feet, You'd have to get a gun and learn how to use it. And don’t get off stingy with your bullets. As much as it takes getting used to shooting what used to be people, it will save your life.

As zombies began to outnumber humans, That's when you have to cut all emotional ties, when you’re friends and teachers are fucked up man eating monsters, it’s time to stop going to school. I guess you could call me lucky, I’ve never really had any close friends or family so I never really had anything to lose I avoided other people like they were zombies; even before they were zombies.
My first encounter with a zombie was actually when I was in my apartment in New York, I’d been in there for around two weeks straight, with a fuck load of coffee and plenty of time for me and Lord Of the Rings marathons, I remember being onto the third film when there was a knock at the door, I glanced through my peep hole and saw the gorgeous girl from down the hall her name was Cordelia, she had brown hair with the undercut dyed red and whenever I saw her coming back from the store or something, she was wearing an awesome band shirt and shorts with her Doc Martens on, she always looked awesome, I never had the balls to talk to her though, but I opened it in both curiosity and amazement and she walked in practically crying and rambling on about some guy outside, I sat her down and she took a few deep breathes to calm herself before telling me she’d been mugged and one of the guys had bitten her on the shoulder, she showed me the bite and it even looked a bit odd, but I just dismissed it as nothing, I offered for her to stay the night so she wasn’t alone and we fell asleep on the couch together, I woke up the next morning and she was sitting in the corner of the room with her head in her chest, the skin on her arms was patchy and discoloured, I wondered if she was okay and approached her with caution asking if she was okay, which is when she looked up at me with her pitch black eyes and jumped on top of me trying to eat me, luckily I scrambled from beneath her and got my baseball bat, which did the job of killing her…again. And that In my eighteen years of life. was the closest I’ve ever got to getting laid.

However that was months ago, I’ve moved on and killed a hell of a lot more zombies now, I’m heading in the direction of New Jersey, to see if anyone in that state is still alive, to see if my family is still alive, I don’t hold out much hope though it’d just be nice to see a familiar face and a face that doesn’t have blooding dripping from it with black hole looking eyes that stare into your fucking soul. I know it doesn’t seem like it’d take months to get from New York to Jersey, but when you have to kill zombies and rummaged for food 24/7 things take a little longer than expected, I was now walking up the highway, gun in hand waiting to be targeted by zombies, when I heard a noise in the distance, a noise I hadn’t heard for a while, an engine, a car engine. I continued to walk however, toward the sound of the roaring engine as the vehicle came into sight driving toward me; It was a 4x4, black, pretty clean considering the circumstances. It was about 10 metres in front of me when the car came to a halt, a rather tall guy stepped out, wearing a black leather jacket, a kind of cowboy hat and dark denim jeans, gun in hand. He approached me pointing the gun toward me; instinctively I did the same “So you’re human?” the mysterious man said as if it wasn’t obvious, if zombies could use guns we’d all be in the shit. “Yeah…” I replied lowering my weapon slightly, the man opposite me did the same and nodded his head toward the car he had just stepped out of “Get in pip squeak.” I followed the strange man’s orders and got into the passenger’s seat next to him “so where are you heading kid?” he asked taking a gulp of something I assumed to be alcoholic out of an opaque metal bottle, I sighed lightly “I was heading to Jersey…” the man next to me placed his bottle onto the dash board and chuckled slightly “What would you want there? That place is a fucking ghost town, no one survived down in Jersey.” My heart sank a little, the very small fragment of hope I did have that my family were alive had just been shattered by a man I’d known for two minutes “I was going to see if…” I trailed off slightly saddened “Oh sorry kid, I guess I should’ve known, you seem a little young to be on your own.” I shrugged something inside me told me they were gone, I guess I just didn’t want to let it go, the man started the engine back up on the car and began to drive again “what about you? Where are you heading?” I inquired, the man shook his head “Nowhere, I’m just traveling and surviving; you can’t stay in one place too long. By the way, what am I calling you?” I nodded in understanding and then straightened up slightly “Frank, you?” the man smiled slightly “Nice to meet you Frank, I’m Bob.” I nodded again and smiled slightly we continued to drive back in the opposite direction I was intending to go, but now I didn’t care, all I cared about was surviving, I wasn’t afraid of walking this world alone but now I didn’t have to…

I know short and sh*tty chapter, but the story should develop more throughout the next few chapters, hope you enjoy, sorry for any grammar/spelling errors Rate&Review? xo Bitterloveblackheart xo
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