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Just a random ass oneshot about my dream high school sorta Frerardish

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I was crushed by a swarm of bodies. A hand pulled me out of the mob. "You okay new kid?" I looked up.

The boy was much taller than me, black hair falling in his green eyes. "How'd you know I'm new?" I asked over the yells. He shrugged and pushed his hair back.

"You didn't know how to survive the crush." He waved at the insanity. "I'm Gerard." He held his hand out to me.

"Frank." I took it. "What are you here for?" I looked at him. It could be anything. This school accepted any gifts.

"Mostly art, but I can sing and act, too." He shrugged again. "And you?"

"I play the guitar and sing." I said, less confident of myself. He grinned.

"Cool. Maybe we can jam sometime. My brother plays bass and acts too. He's just not as good as me." He laughed.

"Does he go here too?" I blinked up at the stranger, nervous. He shook his head.

"Too young. He's only in seventh grade." He looked at the thinning crowd. "We can go now. What's your next class?" He looked down at me.

"Theater." I said simply. I'd memorized my class list quickly. He beamed.

"Me too!" He grabbed my hand and took off running. We stopped at double doors, him breathing deeply with red cheeks and me panting on the verge of a heartattack.

"W-why?" I asked, clutching my chest. He laughed and opened the door.

"Nobody here is normal. I came to school shirtless with the Ghost Buster's sign painted on my chest and the teachers complemented me. See?" He pointed behind me.

I turned to see a group doing the thriller dance down the hall and into a class room. "Yeah, that's weird." I shook my head slowly. He laughed.

"Not here. We're all weird. It's fun." He smiled and pushed me into the room.

"Gerard and new kid! Welcome!" A man shouted from the stage. "Come now, drop the bags and grab a script. But first, I want you both the crab walk up here."

"Crab wha..?" Gerard threw his bag into a seat and sat on the floor. I watched in shock as he got on all fours backwards and actually crab walked down the rows of seats and up the stairs.

"Come on Frank!" He shouted as he flipped off of his back on the stage. I set my bag next to his and got on all fours.

He'd made it look easy. By the time I've gotten to the stage, my arms were shaking and I was sure I had a concussion from hitting my head on every stair. "Ow." I huffed as I fell flat on my back.

Kids clapped from the sides of the stage and poured out, standing around in groups or alone. Gerard offered me his hand again. "Mr. Wence, this is Frank." He said as he helped me up.

Mr. Wence circled me. "Exercise! I want you to trust fall without a partner. Go!" Kids fell back, none thankfully off the stage. Gerard thudded on the floor in front of me. I hesitated and fell back, instinct making me put my arms back.

"Good job kids! Now, Frank, you have to tell us about yourself." All the kids got up and went to sit in the front row. "Only, you have to do it in third person." Wence hopped off of the stage.

"Uh..." A bright light focused in on me while the others died down.

"Action!" Wence shouted from below, making me jump.

"Frank Iero, a small boy, was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He learned how to play guitar and sing at a young age, taught by his father, who, without Frank's knowledge, would leave in a few short years. His mother, Linda, now has to support her and young Frank with her high paying job. Frank hates the fact that she won't let him get a job to help her. Only child, Frank's only friend is his guitar, Pansy..." I trailed off, not sure what else to say.

"Thank you Frank." Mr. Wence said as everyone burst out in applause. I bit my lip as the light rose again. Gerard's eyes were slightly darker now. "Now, on with the show!" A script was thrown at my feet. I picked it up.

"Frank, you okay?" A soft voice made me look up. Gerard's face was inches from mine, his hair tickling my cheek.

"Yeah." I smiled. "Isn't lunch next?" He nodded. "Awesome. I have Pansy in my locker." Wence called the class to attention. I read in as Fran, Micheal's lover.

Gerard, of course, just had to be Micheal. I blushed as he brushed the bad wig hair from my cheek and leaned in. My heart was going wild in my chest.

Wence knocked on the floor and the kid playing the pizza man walked on stage, 'interrupting' us. I took a deep breath as Gerard moved away from me.

The bell chimed before we got past that. I took off the wig and threw it in the box. Nearly skipping off the stage, I grabbed my bag and waited for Gerard.

He jumped off the stage, his shirt flying up. I looked away as he made his way up to me, leaving his shirt.caught on this checkered belt.

"Wanna go off campus for lunch? I know this great place." He said as he picked his bag up.

"Sure. Just let me get Pansy and my wallet." I led the way to my locker.

"Look out!" Gerard pulled me back against him as a group of tumblers rolled in wheels past us.

"Thanks." I breathed, watching after the tumblers. Freaky ass school.

"You get used to it." He laughed. I made it to my locker alive, grabbing Pansy and my wallet.

Strapping Pansy to my back and putting my bag up, I nodded to Gerard to take the lead.

We walked about a block off campus to a deserted buliding. He walked around the back to a set of stairs.

The door was marked with a big, black music note. He pushed it open and waved his hand for me to go in. Soft singing filled to room. "Welcome to The Lounge." He waved his hand around.

It really was a lounge. Beanbag chairs everywhere, a bunch of booths, a karaoke machine set up with a girl singing her heart out. "An old EHS grad made this place. She's really cool." he smiled. A woman came out and hugged him a second after he stopped speaking. "And here she is. Hey Momma." I gaped.

"Hey Geebear." Her voice. It was like silk. And I thought Gerard's was nice. "Two ta go?" She looked at him.

He nodded. "Yeah Momma." He smiled and kissed her cheek. She turned around and shouted to thw back.

"Hey Don, two ta go! C'mon!!" She walked off. I looked at Gerard, who was smiling at his mom's back.

"Geebear?" I asked, cracking up a little. He smacked my arm.

"We're part Italian. Shut up about it!" He smiled. "Don makes the best cheese fries though." He laughed.

"Well that's good. I'm a veghead." I sighed happily. Yay something I can eat.

"So is Momma." He shuddered. "Thank God we can cook for ourselves. We'd be skin and bone if not. Well...." He looked down at himself, laughing.

Momma came back out with two boxes. She.handed them to Gerard and kissed his cheek. "Get back to school." She nearly shoved us out of the lounge.

"No money?" I asked guiltily. He shook his head.

"You can buy drinks if you feel so bad about it." He laughed, opening his box.

We ate on the way back to the school, stopping by the gas station to grab two bottles of Dr. Pepper. Thank God they didn't have Pepsi. Piss water swill.

"Play something." He murmured as we tossed our trash.

"Like what?" I looked at him playfully. He shrugged.

"Something you wrote." I thought carefully and sighed.

Setting down, I sat Pansy on the ground in front of me, opening her hard case. Gerard stared at my beautiful guitar as I picked her up sweetly.

Tilting her slowly, I took the pick out of her neck and strummed away, getting lost in it. "It's all so fast." I sang softly to myself, tears stinging in my eyes. "It's all so far. But you crashed into me like a fuckin car. And now I'm broken. So very broken." I sighed.
"An airbag heart, that ya just had to pop. But I was too weak, to make ya stop. And now I'm broken. You left me broken." My voice quivered.

Gerard's hand closed around mine. "Sorry. I wrote that after my ex boyfriend cheated on me." He pulled me into a hug.

"It's okay." He breathed. "I went into a Blue Period when my ex boyfriend cheated on me. Everything I did sucked. Mostly cause I hate the color blue." I laughed into his shoulder.

"That sucks. I didn't touch Pansy for weekd. Only like two though. He wasn't good enough for a month." I smiled. Gerard wiped the tears from my cheeks and stood.

"Oh look!" He reached into the open case. "A twenty!" He pulled out the green bill and handed it to me.

"Oh my god! My dreams are coming true!" I took it. "I just need someone to get me a record deal." I said mockingly. He laughed loudly and pushed me softly.

"Shut up! C'mon, we gotta go. Class is about to start." We made our way back into the building.

A huge group of people were doing The Garbage Man down the hall in slow motion. "Uh..." I stared as they passed. Gerard laughed.

"You get used to it." He patted my shoulder.

"Doubtful." I muttered, shaking my head.

Goddess I wish that was real. The last dance mob thing really happened at my school though lol. Frank's song was just a top of the head thing.

R+R I guess.

Hugs and Pie,
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