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Report: 01

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They were plauged by a multitude of triads. And to add torment to they torture were saddled with an impossible quest as well. Little wonder there was rebellion, discontent, defection. Then the im...

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Questions, Quandaries and Quarry.

From the back pages of the Lexicon
Another side; personal perspective and other delusions:

The Report: 01

Irrelevance of relevant

Despite what others might think, even Nobodies have childhoods. For the non-sentient it's an easy matter, an easy to pin point moment upon our existence that does exist. All claims to the contrary by every Somebody ever born is simply a matter of prejudice.

Like our predecessor, there is birth. Devoid of blood and all of Birth's biological niceties, but it's there. That one flicker between existence and not, like a cheap magicians trick, here is, there it goes, save reversed. Then that immutable moment springs upon the newly made, that opening of eyes, wide and wild we gaze upon the unspeakable. Overwhelmed by the vibrancy of an unknown universe, a universe a thousand times more complicated than any Somebody can ever conceive, it is spread before us.

Then denied. Promptly. Forbidding the newborn hope.

Light, light, glorious illumination, intercedes. It gouges at sensitivity with impunity, never mind its supposed mercy…

Then, merciful cruelty, comes the Pall. That grey tide which encroaches on the bite of illumination, steeling fangs and numbing sensitivity before a cry can be rendered. Grey steals the edges, muffles the light's blade.

Thus is birth, this is childhood's end, for those without minds. Minds are placed within the Hollowed Ones. Instinct: who to follow, how to follow, frame and form. All are instant, one inflicted, and by the writhing of quicksilver I've seen a thousand times before it's not a pleasant span, the last.

But, before that Moment and the monotony of After there is something.. intangible… to the experiences. Any with wit, excluding all Somebodys as they are all without, would understand that these moments encapsulate the whole of infanthood to adolescence –perhaps adulthood, that I'm unsure, as those without words, with planted minds can change anew, with influence.. it's something to speculate upon at a later date-. Asides aside… the cycle of maturity goes through stages. Growth, structural, mental are the forms of growth acknowledged by the Hearted masses to have worth. Those are experienced by a Nobody. While accelerated time is an irrelevant denominator in this equation, and thus a Nobodys development is equitable to the actual growth cycles of their predecessor Somebody.

Yet further proof that those Hearted and Those Without are perhaps closer to comparison than the Somebodies would like to concede.
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