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Curses Gone Wild

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The boys fight. Like the usual, but with a twist?

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-Hello! I'm FruitsBasketManiac! Pleased to see someone reading this. This story is my first out of all. I have no idea when ch. 2 will come out but hopefully soon! I do not own any of the awesome characters in Fruits Basket (yay!) but I wish I did. Please enjoy Curses gone Wild!-

Curses Gone Wild
“Kyo, turn down the music. It’s too loud.” Yuki told Kyo. Kyo smiled and turned it up louder. You see, Kyo was playing a video game in the living room. Every time he killed an enemy in the game, it always made a dingy noise. Yuki couldn’t stand the noise, and Kyo knew that. He went to his own terms and unplugged the TV himself.
Kyo shouted, “What the crap, Yuki? I was on the boss level!!” Yuki knew that Kyo wasn’t actually mad since he’s played that stupid game 3 times. He just wanted reason to reason to ‘hurt’ Yuki. Yuki smiled when Kyo attacked him (of course Kyo didn’t actually hurt Yuki but I wanted to make it dramatic).
Yuki didn’t fight back like usual. Well, if you call waiting for an opening and finishing it with one hit fighting back, then okay! Yuki treated Kyo’s rage like a toy. Kyo punched with his right hand, the rat simply ducked down. Yuki didn’t know why this was so much more fun than the other times, but it definitely was. Yuki was almost laughing when he saw the ‘rage’ in Kyo’s eyes.
Kyo, on the other hand, was just plain mad. All week, Yuki hadn’t disturbed him. It pissed him off. Kyo made a reason for Yuki to fight him. Kyo wanted to be stronger. He wanted to be like… like Yuki. The cat wasn’t happy to admit it, but it was absolutely true. He blindly kicked and punched because inside he knew he wanted to be like Yuki, but his brain was telling him that he simply despised him.
Suddenly Kyo and Yuki stopped fighting. Their arms were forced to their sides. They couldn’t resist the urge to look in each other’s eyes. There was a sudden bright light and a voice that said, “Walk in each other’s shoes. Then you will understand the pain and the delight in the other’s lives.” The two boys black out right after.
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