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HELLO MY CHILDREN! I has a serious QUESTION for yoooooou~

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Just a little question about a slight prompt I have~

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So I saw Part Of Me today (IN THREEEEEEDEEEEEE) and it was REALLY good! So as I listened to lyrics and song names I was all..."BLEEEEAAAAH I COULD RIGHT FRERARD BASED ON THIS!!"

So my prompt ISH thingayyyy-

Gerard is a well liked boy, as well liked as any gay boy I suppose. when Frank Mikey Gerard bob and ray all go to a party on a Friday night frank asks gee if he could see his PEACOCK theyre relationship grows and it's Gerard's version of a teenage dream that is until he kisses a girl and let frank be the one that got away But does gee frelize frank has that part of him or is he just going all hot and cold?

Haha get it cause the bold is all....yeeeeeah...
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