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He Knew

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Holly learns of some sad news.

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Alicia caught Holly’s gaze and also turned towards the kitchen. Gerard forced himself to walk in casually.

“Hey.” He said, “Uh, I think I left my sunglasses.” Even to his own ears the excuse for coming back sounded lame.

Holly grinned, “I’m glad you came back. What I was about to say I’d like you to hear too.”

He nodded then took a seat across from her chair.

“Well.” Holly took a deep breath. “First off I’d like to tell all of you how sorry I am about the way I acted after the attack.”

“Oh, Holly.” Alicia said. “You don’t have to apologize for anything. We understand.”

“No, really I do.” Holly said softly. “Instead of accepting the kindness of my friends I pushed everyone away. Yeah, there were reasons I acted like I did but still it was wrong.” She paused, “You see, the truth is right after the attack I honestly believed I wouldn’t recover. I couldn’t make myself believe I would recover. I just wanted to give up.”

“But we all knew you wouldn’t.” Gerard said softly.

She smiled at him. “Thank you for that. Anyway, I want to tell all of you what’s been going on in my life since the last time you saw me because, well, a lot has changed.”

“You seem really happy.” Mikey said.

“I am happy, very happy.” She nodded in agreement. “For the first time in my adult life I’m being honest with myself, allowing myself to accept my emotions and not hide them.” She sat back trying to find a comfortable position for her back. “When I first got to The Cedars I was a mess. Like I said I really didn’t think I’ve ever truly recover and the only reason I went there was to get away from LA.”

Gerard had always believed that was the reason she’d chosen to go to Chicago. “You wanted to get away from us.”

Holly could hear the hurt in his voice. “Yes, that’s true. I was so afraid. Once I realized I’d told you about Molly I freaked.”

“You were afraid I’d try to take her from you?”

Holly had to know, “Do you blame me for that?”

He sighed, “No, I can see how in the condition you were in you could think that. But Holly, that’s something I would never have done.”

She smiled sadly, “Yeah, I know that now but then I couldn’t see it. I’d kept the secret for so long.” Her eyes grew watery, “And I know it’s something we need to discuss.”

“We will.” He nodded. “But for now just keep telling us about The Cedars.”

“Thanks.” She whispered thankful that he understood.

“So what’s the place like?” Alicia asked.

“It is truly remarkable.” Holly smiled, “Molly and I had our own little bungalow. They try very hard not to make it look like a hospital even though that’s really what it is. Anyway, after my first operation I started to hope. It went so well…”

Gerard nodded.

Suddenly Holly was confused. “You know?”

He didn’t ever want to lie to her again. “Yeah, Bryar kept me informed about your progress.”

Mikey and Alicia both looked shocked by this. However Holly seemed to be considering his words.

“I didn’t know he was doing that.”

“Didn’t want you to know.” Gerard shrugged. “I knew it was important for you to focus all your energy on getting better. So Bob and I agreed not to tell you.”

“Oh.” Holly sat back “Ouch.”

“Your back hurts?” Alicia asked.

“Yeah, long drive. Uh, could you please get my purse? I have some pain pills.”

As she went to do that Mikey asked, “You still have a lot of pain?”

“No usually.” Holly smiled, “But sitting in the car for so long and believe me I can now predict the weather. When rain is coming my back knows.”

Gerard went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water for her. When Alicia returned Holly fished out her pills and took one.

“Okay” Holly said setting the glass down. “Now back to my epic saga. The Cedars was a godsend. The medial attention I received was phenomenal however my true recovery didn’t start until I began my sessions with David.”

“David?” Gerard asked.

“Dr Lews.” Holly clarified, “He’s a staff psychologist.” She shook her head, “Man, I realize now how difficult a patient I was at first. I pretty much refused to talk to him but he didn’t let that detour him. So three times a week he’d visit the bungalow and while one of the nurses took Molly out to play we’d talk.” She paused remembering back, “Then one day a few weeks into our meetings he asked a question that started my healing.”

“What did he ask?” Alicia asked.

“It was such a simply question.” Holly said softly. “But ….well, he asked me how often I cried.”

“Something you didn’t do very often.” Gerard said looking into her eyes.

Holly glanced away. “That’s true. At first I just stared at him refusing to answer. So he asked again. I got mad and told him I didn’t cry often. Then he asked me if it was because I thought crying was a sign of weakness.”

“That’s not why you didn’t cry." Gerard said softly.

Again Holly looked into his eyes. “What do you think?”

“I think you didn’t believe crying was a sign of weakness for anyone else but for yourself you couldn’t cry because you wanted to appear strong for those you loved.”

Tears sprang to her eyes. “Yes, that’s true. When Sonja was little she was always so sick and I didn’t want her to be afraid. I knew that if I was upset it was scare her.”

“So you admitted this to him?’ Alicia asked.

“Not at first.” Holly sighed, “But when he kept pushing and asked me when was the last time I broke down and cried I got angry. I told him I hadn’t been able to set aside any time for that.”

“Set aside time?” Mikey repeated.

Holly nodded. “Yeah, that’s what I said and as I said it…it suddenly sounded so wrong. It was like I suddenly realized what I’d been doing for so long was wrong.”

Gerard took out a cigarette and lit it before saying. “You realized finally how much you tried to control your emotions but that they were really controlling you.”

“Yeah” Holly admitted. “And then the dam broke. Hell I think I cried for two hours. I just let it all out. I told David about my marriage and Sonja’s illness. I explained how I’d never cry in front of her. And how I would schedule times for myself so I could deal with how I felt.”

“You scheduled times for yourself to cry?” Alicia asked softly.

Holly nodded.

Suddenly an old memory surfaced for Gerard. “I caught you once, didn’t I?”

Holly blinked in surprise then realized what he was talking about. “Yeah, you did."

“I thought so.” He said sadly. Much to his surprise Holly laughed.

“You scared the shit out of me that night.”

Slowly he smiled, “I didn’t mean to.”

“I know and thinking back now I realize how funny it all was.”

Glad that she was looking back at the past in a new light he grinned, “Man, did you dive under that water.”

“What?” Alicia wanted to understand what they were talking about. Gerard looked at Holly not sure she wanted to share the memory.

“Well one night back in Jersey Gerard came over. Sonja had gone out for the night and I’d scheduled myself some time to cry.” Her eyes grew watery again, “Sonja was again having symptoms of her disease and I was scared. So after she’d gone I poured a hot bath, got my music ready and settled down for a nice cry. However someone” She smiled at Gerard, “Heard me crying and burst into the bathroom.”

Gerard picked up the story. “Shit, I was scared. I knew she was home alone and I did knock. But because she had headphones on she didn’t hear me.”

“So you burst into her bathroom?” Mikey asked.

“Yeah.” Gerard nodded.

“And when the door opened I felt the breeze and opened my eyes.”

“And dove under the water, headphones and all.” Gerard smiled.

“Didn’t you wonder what was going on?’ Alicia asked him.

“I lied.” Holly said softly. “I didn’t want him to know what I was doing.”

“We watched a movie together that night.” Gerard said softly.

Holly nodded, “Yeah, we did.”

Alicia saw that both of them were staring into each other’s eyes. She knew they were both remembering a special memory.

Finally Holly looked away. “Anyway, that session was my first breakthrough. Slowly I realized that what I’d been doing for so long, bottling up my emotions, had hurt me.”

“Bob realized that long before I did.” Gerard said sadly.

Holly was surprised by the comment and the hurt she heard in his voice. “Yeah, I guess that’s true but that’s only because he’d spent more time with me.”

He couldn’t stop himself from asking, “So how is Bob?” The question sounded okay but there was a deeper meaning behind it. He wanted to know what kind of relationship Holly and Bob now shared.

Holly was confused, “I thought you said you’ve kept in touch with him?”

“We did a lot at first.” Gerard said, “But after you left The Cedars I didn’t hear from him much. The last time he sent a text with only a picture of Molly dressed up as a cat for Halloween.”

Now Holly understood the hurt in his voice. “Yes, she was a cat. I’m glad he sent you a picture.”

Gerard nodded but she still hadn’t answered his question.

Holly could see he seemed to be waiting for an answer. Then it dawned on her. “Oh,” She said softly. “Bob. Well, he’s fine. It was very kind of him to let Molly and me stay with him but I knew it was time for us to move on.”

“Why?” Gerard asked.

Holly took another drink of water then answered. “Well we were cramping his style. He met someone a few months ago. Her name is Angie and they really hit it off. So the fact that Bob had a woman and her child living in his house was starting to cramp his style even though he’s a sweetheart and would never say so.”

Gerard tried not to let it show how pleased he was to hear all of this. Instead he said, “Bob’s been a very good friend to you.”

“Bob’s been like a brother to me.” Holly said softly. “Sometimes I don’t think I’d be here now if it hasn’t been for him watching over me.”

“So when did you start walking again?” Alicia asked trying to get the conversation back on track.

Holly looked over at her. “After the second operation I could move my feet.” She laughed, “Lord, I was so excited when I saw I could move my toes. After that the physical therapy was brutal but I welcomed the pain. It gave me hope, I knew I would walk again.” She added softly, “I knew I could get my life back, not like it was before, but better.”

Mikey smiled, “You are much better that’s obvious.”

“Mikey Boy, that’s true.” Holly smiled, “But it’s still sorta weird to me because now I think I cry at the drop of a hat.”

“That ain’t bad.” Gerard said.

“No, not bad but strange.” Holly nodded. She looked over at Alicia. “So how is Christa?”

“She the proud mother of a baby girl” Alicia smiled, “And she’s very excited to see you. I called her today and she wants to see you as soon as possible."

“I want to see her and the baby too.” Holly smiled.

“We could go tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” Holly yawned.

“You need to get some sleep.” Gerard said knowingly.

“I am pretty tired.” Holly nodded, “But I know there is still things we have to discuss.”

“Molly.” Gerard said his daughters name softly.

“Yeah.” Holly nodded, “She doesn’t know.”

He forced himself to ask, “You want her to know?”

Holly had to know what he truly thought, “Do you?”

“Of course I do.” Gerard answered.

Holly smiled,”Yeah, I want that too.”

“And we’ll discuss that later.” Gerard said standing. “But for now I’m gonna take off and you need to get some sleep.” He was feeling very good about what she’d said tonight but he didn’t want to push her. He spotted the box on the table. “Uh, I’m going to pick up Bandit for the weekend tomorrow. Do you want me to take the wind chime to Lindsey?”

Holly nodded, “Yes, please. And tell her thank you.”

“She asked about you a lot." Gerard said.

This surprised Holly. “You and Lindsey are still close?”

He wanted to be honest with her. “Yeah, we are. I can honestly say she’s become one of my best friends.”

“That’s good.” Holly smiled, “For both of you and for Bandit.”

Gerard carefully picked up the box. “Okay then..” He stopped and turned to look into Holly’s eyes. “Uh, by the way, I really like your PJ’s.”

Holly laughed, “Thanks, Santa got them for me.”

He grinned, “Yeah, he did.”

“And Molly is wearing her’s too.” Holly told him. “Of course they’re pretty short on her now.”

“Yeah, she’s grown a lot.” Gerard said softly. “Maybe this year Santa will have to get her a new pair.”

“Maybe.” Holly whispered.

He leaned down and quickly placed a light kiss on her forehead. “Good to see you Holly.”

“Good to see you too, Gee.” She answered.


Gerard found himself smiling as he drove home. This first encounter with Holly had gone so well. But damn, he sighed, he’d wanted to touch her so badly. It had taken all his willpower to simply place a light kiss on her forehead. However, he reminded himself Sally was right, this was a chance to start over will Holly, a fresh start. The last thing he wanted was to rust into anything. He had to make her understand he’d done what he’d said he’d do in the letter he’d left for her….he would wait until she was ready to deal with their past.


As Holly climbed into bed next to Molly she sighed. Seeing Gerard again had brought up so many emotions. Ones she knew she had to deal with. The nightlight allowed her to glance over and see her sleeping daughter. Lord, she looked so much like Gerard. She even slept with her mouth open like he did.

Suddenly she frowned. She had to be careful, the last thing she wanted was to be hurt again. She didn’t know what was really going on in his life. Maybe Sally was more to him than a friend. Maybe he’d moved on and she was now just a part of his past.

With that thought she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


“Good morning.” Mikey greeted Holly as she walked into the kitchen. “Coffee?”

“Of course.” Holly nodded rubbing her eyes. “Alicia’s not up yet?”

“Nope, just me.” Mikey answered handing her a cup of brew. “How’d you sleep?"

Holly walked over to the table and took a seat. “Pretty good. The pain pill helped.”

Mikey pulled out the chair across from her then sat. “So I guess you and Alicia are going over to Christa’s today?”

“That’s the plan, I think.” Holly said taking a sip of coffee.

“You taking M with you?” He asked, “I mean I’d be happy to watch her.”

Holly smiled, “She really missed you.”

This brought a smile to Mikey’s face. “I missed her too. You got a pretty great kid, you know.”

Holly’s smile faded, “Mikey I’m sorry you didn’t know she’s really your niece.”

“Hey, I understand.” He said reaching across the table to gently touch her arm. “And besides I loved her before I knew.”

Holly decided to take this opportunity while they were alone to ask, “Was the divorce difficult for Gee?”

Mikey sighed, “Yeah but deep down he knew it was for the best. What he said last night is true, he and Lindsey get along so much better now.”

“That’s good.”

“It really is.” He looked into her eyes. “Gee, has changed a lot. It’s a good change. He’s been sober since your attack.”

“You think the attack had something to do with him deciding to get clean?”

“I know it did. He realized that so many people were depending on him. He realized that he had to clean up his life for his daughters and himself.”

Holly took another sip of coffee then said, “Sally seemed really nice.”

Mikey understood what she was doing. “He and Sally are just friends.”

“I didn’t ask that.” Holly frowned.

Mikey laughed, “But you wondered.”

“Okay, maybe." She grinned.

“Just like Gee maybe was wondering about you and Bob.”

Holly looked surprised. “He knows Bob and I have always been good friends.”

“Yeah, but believe me he wondered when you moved in with Bryar.”

“Good morning.” Alicia breezed into the kitchen.

“Hey." Holly smiled.

“So what should we have for breakfast?” She asked making her way towards the coffee pot.

“Well, M’s not up yet.” Mikey said.

“She was pretty exhausted from the trip.” Holly said, “But I’m sure she’ll be up soon.”

Alicia took her coffee then grabbed a seat at the table. “Okay, so now I can ask…what’s the story with David?”

Holly blinked in surprise, “What?”

“Well when you were talking about him I thought I heard something in your voice.”

Holly laughed, “Oh Good Lord. Alicia, David is almost eighty years old. But yeah, I suppose you did hear something in my voice. He became almost like a father to me.”

Mikey rolled his eyes, “You see my wife hasn’t changed at all. She still just blurts out any question that pops in her head.”

“And that’s one of the things I love about her.” Holly said smiling at her friend.

Alicia leaned over and hugged her. “I love you too, Holly. God, I’ve missed you.”

There was a light knock on the back door that caused the women to part.

“Gosh wonder who that could be?” Alicia said rolling her eyes as Mikey got up to open the door for his brother.

Gerard walked in, “Okay, this time I really did come by for my sunglasses.”

Holly giggled, “Morning, Gee.”

“Good morning, Holly.’ He answered. “Sleep well?"

She nodded.

Gerard walked into the living room then returned holding his sunglasses. “See?” He laughed holding them up.

“Yeah, yeah.” Alicia laughed. “You really left them here.”

Gerard looked around, “Molly’s not up yet?”

Holly smiled, “Not yet but I think we’re gonna start breakfast. Do you want to wake her?”

“Should I?” He really did want to see his daughter but wasn’t sure.

“Sure.” Holly nodded, “Tell her we’re making breakfast. That will get her up.”

“Gee, hold up a minute.” Mikey said softly looking over at Alicia who nodded sadly.

Immediately Holly knew something was wrong by the looks on their faces.

“Uh, Holly, we have to tell you something.” Alicia said softly reaching to hold her hand. She and Mikey had discussed this last night after Holly had gone to bed. But now looking into Holly’s eyes she couldn’t find the words.

With a heavy heart, Gerard understood what was going on. He pulled out a chair at the table.

“What is it?” Holly asked in confusion.

It was Mikey who answered. “Holly, Hal died a few months after you left.”

“Oh.” Holly’s eyes filled with tears.

Alicia squeezed her hand. “We thought it best not to tell you with everything that was going on. You were in Chicago…”

“I understand.” Holly whispered. “But what happened?”

“He died in his sleep.” Alicia explained sadly. “It was hard….” Now her eyes filled with tears. “I’m the one that found him. I don’t know if you remember but before you left I told you that Molly and I had been visiting him almost everyday. Well after you guys left I still went over there.” A tear ran down her cheek. “He was such a sweet old man. We’d share a cup of coffee and just talk, you know? But one morning I went over and I knew right away something was wrong. Hal always had the coffee ready and the back door open for me. But the door wasn’t open so I knocked. When he didn’t answer I tried the door, it was unlocked which worried me. I was going to remind him how he needed to remember.” Again she paused, “Anyway, I found him.”

By this time Holly was crying.

Mikey spoke softly. “Holly, it’s good he passed in his sleep.”

She nodded.

Alicia wiped her eyes. “The weird thing is I think he knew, I mean a few days before he’d given me a box and told me it was for you. I remember asking him why he just didn’t keep it for you but he just said he wanted me to keep it until you came back.”

“Oh.” Holly grabbed a napkin to wipe her eyes.

Gerard spoke in a soft voice. “Dad was here for the funeral. Mikey and me couldn’t make it because of the tour.”

“He didn’t have any family, did he?” Holly whispered.

Alicia answered, “No, and later we found out he was about to lose his house. He owed a lot of back taxes.”

“But it was a nice funeral?" Holly asked through her tears.

“We made sure it was.” Mikey nodded.

“You paid for it?"

Mikey nodded, “Yeah, Gerard and I did.”

“Holly, Hal and dad had become good friends.” Gerard wanted her to understand what had happened when she’d been in the hospital. “After your attack when dad came here he and Hal spent a lot of time together.”

“I didn’t know.” She whispered.

“Yeah, well they did.”

“I’m glad." Holly said slowly. “I’m glad about that. So who was actually at the funeral?”

Alicia sighed, “Me, Don, and Christa.”

“Gee and I really wished we could be there too.” Mikey added.

Holly wiped at her tears again. “I’d like to visit the grave.”

Mikey nodded, “Sure, of course. Hal is buried next to his wife and daughter.”

The room grew silent. Finally Holly spoke. “I’m glad he wasn’t alone, that he had friends.”

Alicia hugged her than sat back. “Holly, if it hadn’t been for you he would have died alone, without friends. You’re the one who made us see that Hal was just a lonely old man. Shit, I still feel guilty about how Mikey and me used to think about him.”

“What happened to all his things?” Holly asked.

“The state took the house and contents because of the owed back taxes.” Mikey answered sadly. “The house is still empty, no ones bought it.”

“Do you want to see what he left you?” Alicia asked.

Holly nodded, “Yes, please.”

Mikey went to grab the box they’d stored in the garage. A moment later he was back. “Uh, we didn’t know if we should send it to you in Chicago or what.”

“Did Bob know?” Holly asked as her eyes fell on the box.

Gerard answered. “Yeah, I told him but he and I both decided not to tell you.”

“Before I left Bob told me he knew I could handle anything I encountered out here, guess this was part of it.” Holly sighed.

“And he was right.” Gerard said giving her a sad smile.

Slowly Holly stood. Mikey produced a knife and quickly cut the cord that was binding the box. Slowly she lifted off the lid.

“Oh.” Fresh tears came to her eyes as she lifted out the first item. “This is for Molly.” She said lovingly lifting out the doll. “It belonged to his daughter.”

“She’s beautiful.” Alicia said looking at the doll.

“Molly loved playing with her.” Holly whispered.

“Yeah, she did.” Alicia nodded.

The next item was the photo album Hal had shown Holly. As she flipped it open she saw a letter. Sitting back down Holly read it. Again tears fell from her eyes. “He wanted me to have this." She explained, “He said he knew I was the kind of woman who could treasure others memories.”

Alicia looked over at the album. “I never saw this. Is that his wife and daughter?” She asked pointing to one of the photos.”

Holly nodded, “Yeah.” She sniffed, “I’m so glad this is here. When you said the contents of the house had been taken I was afraid this was gone. The memories of his life are here.”

Gerard stood to walk around the table. Gently he placed his hand on Holly’s shoulder to give her comfort. “Hal knew you’d keep these memories for him.”

Holly nodded unable to speak.

Mikey looked down into the box. “There is something else.” He lifted out a smaller box.

Holly’s hand shook as she took it from him. Opening it she was shocked. “Oh.”

“Wow.” Alicia said as her eyes fell on the box full of jewelry. “That must have been his wife’s.”

Gently Holly lifted out a pair of diamond earrings.

“Now I understand why he gave me the box to keep.” Alicia whispered.

Holly looked over at her.

“There is a small fortune in there.” Alicia explained. “That’s real stuff not costume jewelry. Hal knew his stuff would be seized by the state and he didn’t want that. He wanted you to have it.”

Holly was overwhelmed. “But…”

Gerard squeezed her shoulder. “No but, that’s the way he wanted it.”

“I don’t know what to say." Holly whispered.

“There is nothing to say. A good friend left you this.” Mikey said.

“And someday I’ll give it to Molly.”

Alicia sighed, “Holly, that’s a lot of money in there.”

“She won’t sell any of it.” Gerard said softly knowing he was right.

Holly lifted out a Tiffany necklace. “No, I couldn’t.”

“And the decision is yours to make." Gerard said. “But I think Hal wanted you to have this because of its value. So you and Molly would have some security.”

“He was such a sweet man.” Holly said through her tears. “I really was looking foreword to seeing him again.”

Alicia leaned over and hugged her.

Finally Holly sat up straighter and wiped her eyes. “Well, damn. Just damn.”

Mikey smiled, “Yeah.”

“You okay.” Gerard whispered.

Holly turned to look into his eyes. “Yeah, just sad. I’ll tell Molly later about Hal. But not now.”

He nodded that he understood.

Carefully she placed the items back in the box.

Mikey placed the lid back on it. “Uh, now that I know what’s in it I don’t feel right about putting it back in the garage.”

“Put it in the hall closet.” Alicia suggested.

Holly nodded, “Yes, please. I’ll take the doll out when I tell Molly.”

Gerard glanced at his watch. “Shit I have to be going.”

By now Holly had stopped crying. “Do you want to wake up Molly before you leave?”

He smiled “I’d love to.” He left the kitchen while Alicia and Holly decided to make pancakes.

Slowly Gerard entered the bedroom. When he saw Molly his heart swelled with pride. Her eyes opened as he neared the bed.

“Hey Sleepyhead." He said softly. “Your mom said to tell you they’re making breakfast.”

Molly sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“You hungry?” Gerard asked.

She smiled, “Yep.”

When she slid out of bed he smiled noting her too short PJ’s. Again his heart filled with pride and happiness when she reached out for his hand. Together they walked towards the kitchen.

“You can’t stay for breakfast?” Alicia asked Gerard as they entered the kitchen.

“Can’t.” He sighed, “Got an early appointment.” He turned to Holly, “Uh, I have Bandit for the weekend. I was wondering if you and Molly would like to come to dinner tonight?”

“I want to see Bandit.” Molly cried out before her mother could answer.

Gerard could see Holly’s emotions were still raw and wished he hadn’t asked. “Hey it’s okay we can do it another time.”

“No, it’s okay.” She said slowly. “Dinner sounds nice.”

“Cool.” He nodded, “Uh Mikey will give you directions to my place. Gotta warn you though it’s not close.”

Holly thought a minute, “It’s out near Yucaipa, right?”


“I’ve been there.” Molly piped up. “It’s pretty.”

“You remember my place?” Gerard asked looking down at her.

She nodded, “Yep, I helped you move in.”

“That you did.” Gerard smiled sadly. The look on his face confused Holly.

“Uh Molly did you wash up for breakfast?” She asked.

Molly frowned and shook her head.

“Well, go wash your hands.” Holly said. As soon as she was out of the room Holly turned to Gerard. “What’s wrong?”

He gave her a surprised look, “Wrong?”

“Yeah, I can tell.”

He was touched she could still read his emotions, “Nothing is wrong. It’s just sorta surprising how much Molly’s changed. I mean it’s nice I can understand her much better but I sorta miss her baby talk.”

“Oh.” Holly sighed.

He shrugged, “Hey, I’m not sad.” Glancing at his watch he knew he had to get a move on. “Well anyway, I’ll see you guys about six?”

“Sure.” Holly smiled, “Should I bring anything?”

“Nope I got it covered. Matter of fact I’m a pretty good cook now.”

“Oh really?” She teased.

“Yeah, really.” He grinned. “I think there are a lot of things about me that will surprise you.”

Holly wasn’t sure how to take that comment. He was about to leave when she said, “Oh Gee. Bob told me you’d stored my personal belonging from the trailer?” She missed the strange look on Mikey and Alicia’s faces.

Gerard blinked, “Uh, yeah.”

“Thanks.” Holly smiled, “I’ll pick up our stuff tonight.”

He nodded, “Yeah, sure. Well tell Molly I said goodbye but I really have to go.” As it was he was already going to be late.

“I will.” Holly nodded while wondering why he had looked so strange when she’d mentioned her stuff.
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