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A Day In The Life of Mizore

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A Naruto x Rosario Vampire xover. Follow Mizore through her routine as she observes Naruto and make notes of everything he does. A day of Youkai Academy through the eyes of Mizore.

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A Day in the Life of Mizore
Author's Note
For those who haven't figure it out now I'll state two things. These crossover One-shots are Off shots (Separate AU/What if stories) of my Unleashed series. The order of the stories are on my Profile on Some facts in the Offshot like certain character details or background will be canonical in the story there are off-shooted from unless stated otherwise.


Story Start

The clock struck 6 A.M. as one young girl began her daily ritual. This young girl had long purple hair that went down to her shoulders, and dark blue eyes. After showering and getting something to eat she immediately got dressed in an altered version of the school uniform that fit her tastes; A white shirt with dark purple sleeves, a short skirt, and purple stripes leggings. The first thing she did was open the small fridge by the side of the bread and stuck a Watermelon flavor lollipop in her mouth.

This young girl was no ordinary girl, no, she was a Yuki-onna. A snow/ice monster that lived in cold climates and only venture into warmer clients when it was necessary, like hunting for a mate.

Her sights were set on one Uzumaki Naruto, Kitsune and god knows what else Hybrid, seeing as Naruto himself didn't know or could remember half the time. Though the Yuki-onna wasn't alone in this interest. Four other girls also have interests. Which included a Bi-Polar Vampire, A Horny Succubus, A lustful bi-sexual Witch and another kinkier and masochistic Witch.

It seems fate seemed to favor throwing Mizore a curve ball. Like always she had gathered the essentials. Food, suckers, binoculars, writing utensils and her journal. She situated herself up on a tree branch and began her daily ritual.

'At 6:12' Naruto wakes up. He stands and stretches. What a cute butt!'

Yuki-onna were thought a variety of 'tracking' and 'hunting' techniques. Back then humans and even a lot of monsters weren't as docile as they were nowadays meaning the Yuki-onna had to be quite 'persuasive' in 'convincing' their chosen mate to return to village and mate. That was how the legends of Yuki-onna kidnapping unsuspecting men began. Mizore's mother was no different, so enamored in spy culture when she was young went as far as choosing a spy for her mate.

Activating the video surveillance device on her wrist an image of Naruto walking into the shower appeared. This technology was supposed to be used for missions and such, but Mizore found a more 'fun' way to use it.

'6: 15' Naruto takes a shower. I just want to lick cream off those abs.'

Naruto got dressed and left the dorm. Mizore drifted from behind tree to tree as she shadowed Naruto's movements.

'6:40' Naruto meets with Moka. Yet again she sucks blood from him. I throw several ice daggers 'off course of course' to spoke her and to get her to stop treating Naruto like lunch.'

'7:08' In class Shizuka-sensei asks several questions about the human world at which Naruto answers correctly. He's so smart.'

'9:22' Class ends and Kurumu glomps Naruto, almost suffocating with her massive mammarys. Why doesn't Boob girl realize so large breasts are ridiculous. Naruto obviously prefers ones he can cup and caress in his mine.'

'11:15' Naruto receives a 92 in Science class. Pretend to struggle and ask him to tutor me.'

'12:04' 'As Naruto and Yukari are talking I snag one of his shirts from his locker. One more piece for my collection.'

'12:35' Naruto and the others sit down by lunch (I'm behind a pillar observing) as Naruto eats Kurumu's cookies. (Note to self. Learn how to cook.)'

'3:06' A girl from our class ask if Naruto can tutor her.'

'3:12' Throw her in a lake and freezes it.

'3:46' School ends for the day and training begins.

'5:13' Monster of the Week attacks us. Two ogres; whom which Inner Moka and Naruto defeat with ease. Are they even trying anymore?'

'7:23' Training ends and Naruto disbands the group.'

'8:26' After eating dinner Naruto once again hops in the shower. I take out a camera and begin taking pictures. New Photos for the photo collection.

'9: 30' Naruto prepare to turns in for the night. Before he closes his windows he calls out.

''Goodnight Mizore!''

'9: 35' A faint blush appears on my cheek as I also tell him goodnight.

Mizore shimmers down the tree as she made way for her dorm. It was getting late and like always she would have a late dinner and turn in for the night to continue the cycle.
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