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chapter 3

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HE listens to his life. Then they ditch Science and everything goes ... Right?

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This man is heavenly

Were passing our last night when the bell rings.
We get up and head to Science.

"Fuck it, wanna derp out?" He smiles as he asks.
"Derp? and sure"
"Follow me young fellow"

People stare as they hear him talk.
Apparently he never talkes unless to Mikey.

We head to a park close the school.
We are sitting next to one another when he starts telling me about him.
Then its my turn.
I dont speak.
Simply raise my sleeve to show the scars.
He gasps and raises his sleeve.

We get into our depression.
He was an alcholic.
He was a drugy.
He was a use-to-be ME.

"Is there anything different about us?" He smiles.
I havent told him the big secret.
Hoping hes not Homophopic.
"Yes." I look down rubbing my heels together.
"Is the floor suddenly more interesting then me?" he smiles lifting my head.
His touch is gentle.
"Ha, No"
"then spill, whats different between us?"
"Ugh. Im Gay"
"Yes!" He shouts and grabs my hand.
He drops my hand and looks awkward.
"Yes? Your happy about that?"
"Well SHA!! Im gay too dude, why do you think I get shoved into lockers and get my ass beat everyday?"
I smile and he looks awkward again.

"Have you ever kissed a guy?"
OK random
"Nah, You?"
"Ever wanted to?"
"Well yah" he answers looking into my eyes.
I move closer as he does the same.
We bump hips and he grabs my face.
I close me eyes as he leans in closer.

We kiss.
nothing else exsists.

He pulls away and moves back.
"Am I that bad?" I frown.
"What. No Frank not that"
"Well what then?"
"im really attracted to you"
"Thats bad?"
He laughs.
"Well, how does this work"
"Well. We kissed. I like you, you like me"
"Right! So what now were dating?"
"That was fast"
"Apparently so"

He kissed me again.
I felt his tongue move around my teeth.
I opened my mouth and I let his tongue explore my mouth.
It ended as a tongue battle.
He smiled as he kissed my neck.
I moaned and he kissed my lips again.
I explore his mouth this time.
His small teeth were perfect.
He nibbled my bottom lip and smiled.
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