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My Chemical Bucket List

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Hey bros and broitas (female bros)
I have one goal for my time on ficwad; I want ONE at least one of my story's to go green, which is random but I am sitting here thinking about that :P

So I was thinking, and listing off things I would love to do that is related to MCR, which gave me the idea
Bucket Lists; yep you submit them, I put 'em up (only changes would be spelling of words; unless you don't want me to)

Here's mine
-Be able to tell Mikey how he has inspired me
-Stand by Frank and feel tall
-Dye my hair with Gee
-Tell Bob how I miss him in the band
-Fight a bee with Bob
-Fight a brick wall and shove a fork in a toaster with Mikey
-Buy Gerard a hamster for his hamster cage (MCR secret Santa)
-Get a tattoo/piercing with Frank
-Put something in the FRO (it's pretty amazing)
-Get coffee with the Way brothers
-Play Famous Last Words flawlessly on bass
-Have MCR tell me to stay strong (personally tell me)
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