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Chapter One; The New Kid

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I sat in class on a chilly October afternoon at Belleville High, waiting for the bell to ring. It was finally the last period of the day, thank God, and I couldn't wait to get away from these insensitive, judgmental pricks that I'm forced to call classmates. None of them like me and honestly, I'm not too fond of them either. The only people I enjoy being around in this hellhole we call school were my younger brother Mikey, his girlfriend Gianise Bolmer, my best friends Bob Bryar and Ray Toro, and Ray's girlfriend Liz Ply and Bob's girlfriend Amberly Jameson. And Mrs. Jackson, can't forget her. She teaches my favourite subject, art. Oh, and I'm Gerard Way, seventeen and the only homosexual out of all my friends, and in the whole school as far as I know. My friends, my family, and Mrs. Jackson don't mind, they're awesome, but everyone else seems to. I'm constantly harassed, whether it's for my sexuality, my style, or the kind of music I listen to, which is mostly Iron Maiden, Green Day, Black Flag, Smashing Pumpkins, and Thursday, but I like some other bands, too. All the teachers turn a blind eye to the bullying, except for Mrs. Jackson, even though they constantly preach to us in an assembly held at least once a month about how bad bullying is, how there are serious consequences to bullying someone else, how they're "cracking down" on bullies, blah, blah, blah. In reality, they don't give a shit; they don't do anything about it. They're such hypocrites. The only one that even tries to stop the bullying at all is Mrs. Jackson, who I'm very grateful for. She's the only nice adult in this whole school.

Anyway, back to reality. Right before the bell rang to dismiss us, Mr. Rowland, my math teacher whose class I was currently in, said that he had an announcement to make and that it was very important. Surprisingly, the whole class shut up from their chatter and looked right at him.

"On Monday, we're gonna have a new student, in this grade, and he will most likely be in some of your classes since he seems to be on the same level as most of you," he announced. "Gerard," he said with obvious disgust, "you two seem to have a lot in common from what I've heard and it looks like you two have all of your classes together, so you'll be his guide for the week.”

Everybody turned around and stared at me as I nodded to the teacher. The bell rang a few seconds later, breaking the awkward silence of everyone in the class just sitting there staring at me, and we all exited the classroom, making our way towards our lockers to collect our belongings and then eventually heading out of the school building. As I was getting my backpack and the rest of my belongings out of my locker, Mikey passed by and asked if I wanted a ride home. He just turned sixteen last month and for his birthday, September 10th, he’d gotten a new car from Mom and Dad that ran perfectly. Lucky bastard. My car was currently in the shop because I've been having some brake trouble, so Mikey's been giving me rides for the past couple days. I kindly declined his offer, since today was one of those days where I just wanted to be by myself and think.

I got everything I needed out of my locker and finally made my way out of the school building. ‘Goodbye, Belleville High, hello, wonderful weekend,’ I thought as I started making my way home. While I was walking, I just thought about things that have been racing through my head. The main thing I’ve been thinking about has been the new kid; I couldn’t stop thinking about him ever since Mr. Rowland made his announcement. Was he tall or short? What colour was his hair? His eyes? Did he just move to Belleville or was he just switching schools? What was it that we had in common? Mr. Rowland did say we seemed to have a lot in common, “from what he’d heard.” But the way he’d said it, it was like how he’d said my name when he addressed me, as if he were utterly disgusted. Maybe the kid wasn’t heterosexual like everyone else in the school was; maybe he was bisexual or maybe even homosexual. Or we could just have similar music tastes and styles. After all, Mr. Rowland was one of the most judgmental adults in the school, but he was also one of the most homophobic, so either one would make sense. Agh, there are so many thoughts and possibilities bouncing around in my head right now, and so little time to contemplate them.

Before I knew it, I’d finally finished my seven block trek from school and was walking up my driveway. I walked in to find the guys lounging on the couches in the living room, watching TV. We exchanged greetings and then I went down to my cave of a bedroom in the basement. Mom and Dad weren’t gonna be home from work until late tonight, as they are every Friday, so we teenagers had the house to ourselves for quite a while. Oh God, this should be interesting. Those teenagers really scare the living shit out of me sometimes; they can get so crazy sometimes it’s not even funny. For example, we always need someone to watch Mikey when it’s breakfast time and the toaster and the forks are out. Don’t ask. Oh, and we have to hide the space heaters when he has to shower. I suggest you don’t ask about that either. Let’s just say…there was water EVERYWHERE. And Ray? Oh, Ray, he’s a cupcake murderer. Yup, you read that right. A cupcake murderer. You don’t wanna know. The point is, my friends can get pretty crazy when there aren’t any adults around. I love them just the same, though. Hey, they wouldn’t be themselves if they weren’t crazy. And who wants BORING friends? I sure don’t. I just was so tired from the horrid school week, so that’s why I wasn’t being as social as usual today. They understand for I do this every Friday; I just go down to my room, rest, think, draw, whatever. As long as I’m alone, I’m good. I guess you could say Friday’s my “Alone Day”. Most kids I know want to be out with their friends as soon as they get out of school and are embraced by the welcoming arms of the weekend, but not me. Friday has always been, and always will be, the day that I spend all by myself and nothing and no one can change that.

For the whole rest of that Friday, I just sat at my cluttered desk in my bedroom and drew pictures of superheroes that I made up. I love to draw; it’s definitely my favourite hobby. Well, next to reading comic books and listening to music, of course. Those three are definitely tied for first place in my book. That’s also what I did for the rest of the week; read my never-ending collection of comic books, listen to music, and draw. Mikey was sick, the girls all had family over, Ray went camping with his family (why in Hell they decided to do that in early October, I had no clue), and Bob was in Chicago to visit family for the weekend. So I had nobody to hang out with this weekend. I helped Mom and Dad take care of Mikes, so I got to see him a bit, but we were all letting him rest as much as possible. Poor kid, I felt so bad for him. He was really sick. He was throwing up at least once every hour, he had a 103˚F fever, and his asthma was acting up. Gi also came over once or twice for a while whenever she was able to get some time away from her family to help take care of him. She was so good to him, as he was to her, and I could definitely see them spending the rest of their lives together, they were perfect for each other. That Saturday was their one year anniversary and they were supposed to spend the day together, but instead, Mikey’s immune system decided to pretty much shut down and Gianise’s family decided to come up from Miami, Florida for a surprise visit, so they’re gonna celebrate it next weekend.

Anyway, now it’s finally Monday, everybody’s home, families went back to their own humble abodes, and everybody’s healthy. I can’t wait to get to school, but only so I can finally meet the new kid. I couldn’t stop thinking about him all weekend, even though I haven’t even met him yet. I’m even surprised about the fact that I actually want to meet someone new for once; I’m quite possibly the most anti-social person in all of Belleville, possibly in all of New Jersey. This feeling isn’t right, at all, but I’ll deal with it for now and maybe something good will actually come of it.

I got a ride with Mikey and Gi to school on Monday morning; I wanted to get to school ASAP. As I was exiting Mikey’s car and walking through the student parking lot to get to the school building, I spotted Mr. Rowland stalking through the parking lot with an annoyed look on his face, like he was looking for someone he wasn’t particularly fond of. I figured he was looking for me, but he wasn’t too fond of my friends either, but he especially didn’t like me, and I’d figured it was because of my sexuality since, like I said before, he’s one of the most homophobic teachers at this school. Whatever, I honestly don’t care, but it just pisses me off that people can be so hard-headed.

“Gerard,” he shouted, running over to me, “that kid’s here, you need to go to the front office to meet him.”

I nodded and headed towards the front office. I walked through the double doors to the front office and didn’t see anyone other than the usual people there, so I walked up to the clerk.

“Excuse me,” I said politely, “do you know if the new student’s here today? I’m supposed to be his guide for the week and I don’t know where he is, though I was told he’s here, but it doesn’t seem like it.”

She looked up and nodded, a polite smile forming on her pink stained lips.

“Yes, dear, he just stepped out for a second. He seems,” she leaned in towards me conspiratorially, “like a fag,” she whispered loudly, a wave of her overly sweet perfume hitting me violently.

I must’ve looked shocked and a bit offended, because she laughed nervously and went back to whatever paperwork she was filling out and I went and sat down in one of the many chairs opposite the desk. That’s when he walked in.

He sauntered through the double doors of the front office wearing a black Green Day t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and black Converse with his black backpack with a white skull design slung lazily over one shoulder. He had a bit of a side fringe that hung in his eyes, but the rest of his black hair was short. And his eyes, oh those eyes. They were a gorgeous smouldering bright hazel and he’d smudged some black eyeliner around them like I usually do, which made them look even brighter, though it never had an effect on my hazel eyes. I was actually a bit jealous. He looked a bit young to be a senior, but that’s alright. Not everyone looked their age. He saw me, and a slight smile formed on his perfect, light pink lips. He walked up to me, extending his hand.

“Hey, I’m Frank Iero, and you’re Gerard Way, right? I was told that someone with that name and kinda your physical description was gonna be here to meet me and be my guide for the week,” he said as I shook his hand.

“Yup that’s me, the one and only Gerard Way, as far as I know,” I replied and stood up.

“Ah,” he said, looking me up and down, “well they’re description sure didn’t do ya any justice, my friend. You seem like a totally different person than what Mr. Rowland said. You should’ve heard the shit he was talking about you.”

“Oh, he’s like that with everyone that’s any different than those idiotic popular jerks, like my brother, my friends, and me. Especially me, though, but I think that’s because of my sexuality. I’m gay and he’s one of the most homophobic people in the whole entire school, so that’s not really too good of a mix, if you ask me,” I replied, “but honestly, I don’t care what they all think, except for Mrs. Jackson, my friends, and my brother; because I am who I am and that’s not gonna change any time soon.”

“Oh, I see,” he said, “I got the same shit at my old school since I’m gay, too. Glad I’m not alone here. I switched here from my old school because they kicked me out when they found out I was gay, since it was one of the Catholic schools around here. I forgot what it was called; I hated it so much that I didn’t even bother to memorize the name. I was totally shunned there because of my sexuality and I didn’t really have any friends, except for maybe one or two kids. But that’s alright; I was fine on my own. The bullying was a total bitch, though, who knew the supposed goody-goody Catholic school kids could be so mean.”

Right after he’d finished speaking, the bell rang.

“Oh, we’d better get to class. We have English first,” I told him, beginning to exit the office but holding the door open for him as he followed.

“Okay, let’s go,” he replied happily, skipping down the hallway ahead of me.

We blew through our first three periods, sitting together of course, and then it was time for lunch. Frank and his cheery self skipped along beside me as we walked through the halls on our way to the lunch room.

“Soooooooooo,” Frank began, “you said you have friends, right? Can I meet them?”

I nodded, “Yep, we’re actually gonna be meeting them at lunch now.”

We finally got to the lunchroom, without any confrontations with the school jocks, thank God, and I took Frank to get our food. Afterwards, we scouted the lunchroom for my friends, who would soon be Frank’s, and as usual, they were sitting at our usual humongous table in the corner of the lunchroom. I waved to them as we walked up, and they looked very surprised to see Frank walk up beside me and sit himself down right next to me.

“Guys,” I started, “this is Frank, the new kid. Frank, this is my brother Mikey, his girlfriend Jenna, Bob, his girlfriend Amberly, Ray, and his girlfriend Liz.”

I pointed to each of them as I listed their names. Frank waved and said a shy “hello,” and then we all got to eating our lunches. While we were eating, Frank got the usual “Did you just move to Belleville? Where did you go to school before Belleville High? How old are you?” types of questions, and I was actually kinda shocked when he said he was only fifteen.

“But don’t worry,” he said quickly, “I turn sixteen on the thirty-first.”

“How are you a junior then?” I asked him slowly. It turned out that he’d skipped the seventh grade because he was more advanced than the other kids. No wonder he was in all of my advanced classes now. For the whole rest of lunch, we all got to know Frank better, and he got to know us better as well. Also, Frank shared some hilarious jokes while we were eating that almost caused us to choke on our disgusting school lunches. We found out some pretty interesting facts about him; he’s a vegetarian, his parents are divorced, he’s an only child, he lives with his mom, his full name is Frank Anthony Iero Jr., he’s lactose intolerant, his family is Italian, and he plays rhythm guitar.

Lunch was soon over, so Frank and I made our way to our next three classes very smoothly. For once, none of the jocks or any of the other bullies said a word to me. Huh. Shocking. Anyways, after school, I declined a ride from Mikey yet again because I’d wanted to walk home with Frank, ya know, just to make sure that none of the other kids bothered him. With my luck, they would’ve seen me with him throughout the day and beat him up when he was left alone or something, which definitely wouldn’t be a great way for him to remember his first day at this new school. As we were walking home, we talked about music and movies that we liked. It turned out that he liked all the same bands and movies as me, which I was pretty happy about. He’d even seemed to be happy about it, too. We finished the seven block trek to my street, and then to my surprise he started walking up the driveway to the house right across from mine.

“Hey, you live there?” I asked, pointing to the house.

“Nah, man, I just like to walk up to random people’s houses and invite myself in, ya know, make myself at home,” he replied sarcastically, with that playful smirk of his playing at his lips. “Of course I live here!”

I mentally slapped myself; I definitely needed to get out more. “Alright, see ya tomorrow,” I called as I started walking up my driveway, waving him a goodbye.

“Until tomorrow, Gee!” He said and waved back.

I smiled at the newfound nickname and walked through my front door, setting myself and my backpack down on the couch and thinking about today’s events. Cute, nice, gay, funny, and has a good taste in music? That kid is amazing. Oh, God, I think I’m developing a crush. I have a crush. I have a crush on the one and only Frank Anthony Iero, and I’ve only known him for a day. Oh, how cliché.
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