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Drowning Lessons

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Frerard... the title kind of says it all...

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Frank POV

They grabbed me by my arms and legs harshly, not caring that I was already bruised, and threw me into the pool.
"Hope you drown!!!" They screamed as they ran back to their car.
Nobody stopped them because nobody was around to see it, the pool was closed until 1pm and the last time i checked it was only 11. Why would they do it now? They know i cant swim, do they want me to die?
My nose and lungs started to burn as the water filled them, i was thrashing around trying to signal someone to help me even though no one was around. The next thing i knew the sun went black, and i was floating under the water, waiting to die.

Gerard POV

"What are you doing!" I yelled at the person in the pool, i just put chlorine in it and the pool doesnt open till 1. They didnt answer so i walked over and yelled again, "Hello? The pool isnt open!" When they didnt answer the second time i realized what was going on, they were drowning, or dead, hopefully only drowning. I jumped in the pool not bothering to take any clothes off. I picked them up throwing them over my shoulder, and i swam to the edge. Once i got them up onto the concrete i flipped them over, and discovered it was a boy about my age. He wasnt breathing and his lips were turning a light shade of bluish gray, he had a pulse so i started to do upper abdominal compressions to try and get the water out. I tipped back his head, and started to press on his stomach, to the beat of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. After about 7 compressions he still wasnt breathing so i checked to see if his pulse was still there, after i confirmed the pulse i continued with another set of compressions. Just as i was about to finish the second set, some of the water started to bubble up from his mouth, and he finally started to cough, spewing the water down the front of his shirt. I helped him sit up as he continued to cough and gasp for air.
"What the fuck man!!" I said as he was getting his breath back, "I thought you were a goner for sure!" I ran a shaky hand through my wet hair, trying to calm my nerves, damn i need a cigarette.
"I-I'm s-sorry." The boy choked out.
"No, no, dont be, you just scared the living shit outta me! C'mon lets get dried off." I stood up, and put out a hand for him so that i can help him up, he grabbed my hand and i pulled him up. As soon as he stood up he fell forward throwing his arms around my neck and shoulders almost bringing me down. I put my arm around his waist and helped him walk to the employee locker room. Once we got in there i led him over to the bench so he could sit down. I went to the shelf and grabbed two towels wrapping one of them around the boy's shoulders, i sat down next to him and toweled off my hair.
"So whats your name?" I asked
"Frank," He whispered, "Frank Iero."
"Nice to meet you, im Gerard Way." he didnt say anything back just sort of shrugged his shoulders and grunted a bit. "So, what happened?"
"Some kids from my school that dont like me threw me in knowing i cant swim, and ditched me."
"Oh my God.." I mumbled, why would anyone do something like that to such a beautiful person.
"Thank you!" He said as he turned around and hugged me with what strength he had, he was still pretty weak from having drowned. His hug sent butterflies through my stomach, and made me blush even though it was an innocent "thank you for saving my life hug". I can help it, i Think Frank is cute, "cute" doesn't even describe him, he is beautiful.

Frank POV

"You cant swim huh?" Gerard asked me. I could feel my face going bright red, a 17 year old that can't swim, how embarrassing. I just nodded my head confirming his question.
"I could teach you!" Gerard perked up with a smile on his face, "I teach a group of kindergartners on Monday mornings, and then im free with rest of the day because the pool is closed after lessons, or we could do them at night if you prefer..."
"At night would be better, i dont want to be seen getting swimming lessons, no offence." i said looking at him for the first time since he saved me, i saw his face when he pulled me out of the water, but my eyes were too full of water to see clearly. He had angelic features, a perfect little pointed nose, and long black hair that fell around his perfect hazel eyes that had smudges of black eyeliner around them.
"None taken," He said with a smile, snapping me out of my day dreaming about his eyes.
"I should get going," I said standing up a little wobbly yet, Gerard stoop up with me and put his hand on the small of my back to steady me. "I'll drive you," he said "I dont want you to walk wherever you need to be alone, in case those guys are still out there."
"Thanks Gee... i hope you dont mind if i call you that?"
"No, its great." Gerard said with a bright smile.
The ride to my house was quiet, but it was a nice quiet, not an awkward silence that needs to be filled with useless small talk. When he pulled up to my house i thanked him again with another hug. "Remember Frankie, we start lessons tomorrow, i'll give you a call or something." I smiled and shut the car door.
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