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(Tom POV) Same warnings as before. Not completed.

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Aerosmith down for the count?

In one dramatic phone call, Joe Perry of Aerosmith informs lead singer Steven Tyler to 'not come back.' Our reporters say Joe was angry that Steven had not told the rest of the band that he was accepting a job as one of the judges on Idol. (See page 53) None of the other band members have any comment on the Toxic Twins latest feud, all claiming 'everything is unclear at the moment.'

As we all know, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have a history of serious arguements, including one that ended with Perry leaving the band for five years. He was very successful in comparison to Aerosmith, and has been quoted as saying, "Let's face it, Aerosmith wrote one good song-- Lightning Strikes -- and I managed to create how many?" Does Perry want Tyler out of the picture to redeem his own status as 'official songwriter of Aerosmith?'

Aerosmith fans can all agree that Tyler and Perry are practically brothers, so no doubt that not confiding in Perry would hurt Tyler's relationship with his now ex-lead guitarist.

"Do they really feel the need to mess around with our shit?" Joe complained when Tom paused in his reading of the newest public update on the band's lives.

"They shouldn't have to worry about what we're doing unless it starts affecting our music."

"It does." Tom pointed out, moving the magazine out of Joe's reach as an extra precaution. "We're looking for a new lead singer."

"We're not looking. It's not gonna be some corny audition for a talent show. If we consider them, we call them, after we know they can sing."

"So, basically," Joey twisted his head around to look at Joe. "We're calling them up and asking to talk to us if they want the gig."

"Exactly. And if we like them," Joe slapped the palms of his hands against his legs. "They're our new frontman."

"Or frontwoman. Er, lead singer." Tom added, correcting himself awkwardly and snatching a buiscuit from the basket on the unkept counter tops. It was one of those rare times nowadays that Aerosmith wasn't staying the the most chic, five star hotel around. After he had gotten a few hours to build on his anger, Joe had thrown everything in the limo, screamed at everyone to get inside while calling them choice names and he had told the driver to stop here. The most inconspicious housing on earth.

"LG, just shut up." Joey sighed and Brad laughed over in his chair.

"LG? What?" Tom exclaimed indignantly, not sure about what LG meant, but he felt pretty sure he was ging to be offended.

"Me and Brad were surfing the internet for Aerosmith interviews in our youth and we found this hilarious one, where I give you all nicknames. Your's was LG or Low Gear." Joey explaied, grinning slyly.
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