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A Certian Kind of Pirate

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(One of my all time favorite Hetalia pairings. P!EnglandXAmerica ONESHOT) America realizes a bit too late that England still has the pirate in him

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Inspiration!! Can't actually link it though. On with the smexy times!!

"Hey England! Ha ha, dude you must feel at home huh?" America laughed, his "Nantucket" bouncing as they walked.

"I have no idea what you mean. As usual." England sighed as he pushed through the dense tree limbs.

"We're on a tiny little island with no economic growth!" America burst it laughing.

England was far too shocked to reply. That was...witty. "You actually sounded smart."

"I'm not an idiot." America murmured, crossing his arms behind his head. "If I was, how much if a hero could I be?" Her muttered something under his breath.

"What was that?" England looked over his shoulder at America.

"I've saved your ass enough." America sighed. "And nit even a thanks."

England whirled, the branch whacking his back as he let it go. It forced him forward into America, who caught him easily.

"You act like I never helped you." England ground out, his anger boiling. "Like I didn't protect you when you were still little and weak!" He shoved the taller off.

For the first time in years, England felt like his old strong, brave pirate self. "Dude?" America whimpered.

As an answer, England fisted his shirt and shoved him against the tree at his back. "Shut up."

The growl came a second before he smashed his lips to America's. He made noses if shock and pleasure as his hands found England's waist.

"Nope." England smirked, curling his leg behind America's and shoved him to the side. America gasped as he fell into the thick brush.

He stared at England as he whipped his belt off. Before he could react, his wrists were bound by the thick leather.

"Poor little America." England smirked and stood over him. "Still so weak." He took America's hands by the wrists. "Yet." He ducked his head as he laughed darkly. "You're the only one who brings out my pirate side."

America's eyes bugged as England sat on his stomach and pushed his arms up over his head. "I-" he was cut off by England's hand over his mouth.

"I said shut up." He growled, griping America's chin tightly. "Do you really want to make me madder?" America shook his head the best he could. "Good boy." He rewarded America with a kiss from his sinfully skilled mouth.

America melted into him with a quiet moan.

He whined in the back of his throat when England pulled back. His breath hitched when he realized Inland was undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.

England smirked as he saw his affects on the boy as he bared his chest. Without warning, he attacked America's neck and shoulder, earning gasps and groans.

America twisted his wrists, loosening the belt enough so he could use his hands. He hung them around England's neck and twisted his fingers in his hair.

He gasped loudly as England sucked on his skin roughly, sure to leave a mark. His fingers tightened, making England chuckle.

Without leaving the soft skin, England reached up and reclaimed his belt, America's wrists holding the contours of the shape. He muttered something before biting down hard.

America bit down on his fist, holding back a scream. "W-what did you say?" He stuttered, his whole frame shaking.

"So weak." England laughed and slipped away like smoke. "And I said thirteen colonies indeed." He laughed darkly and walked away.

"Wait, what?!" America got off his back and flinched. "Ow." He hissed, buttoning his shirt up.

He tried - and failed - to retie his tie. "England! I need your help!"

"Wanker!" England laughed and flipped him off.

"I don't even know what that is!" America laughed back. "And maybe later." He licked England's finger in a suggestive manner.

"Why later?" England smirked, grabbing America by his hips.

"Oh." America smiled. "Well then."

Love that pair!!!!!! I'm sure every USUK fan is in love with me now, and the other Hetalians are freaking out.

Gotta do dishes again now. Of course. ~ sigh ~ Whatever.

Oh well.

Hugs and Floss,
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