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Baa! I'ma Sheep!

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SMUT! Three Days Grace slash. Adam's drunk, Barry needs to know why.

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"Baaaa, I'ma sheeeeppp" Adam says drunkenly, falling heavily onto my shoulder. Who in the nine hells gave him alcohol? And he's not normally a happy drunk......

"Who the hell gave Adam alcohol?" I yell into the crowd. Everybody but him was drinking tonight. Well, at least that's how he planned it.

"Nobody, Adam said straight up he wasn't gonna drink." Neil calls back.

"I loooooovvvvve you Baaarryyy." Adam slurs. Wait, he just said.......And happy drunks are honest drunks........

"Come on Adam, let's go somewhere quieter." I mumble as I pick him up, as he's obviously to drunk to walk. I carry him upstairs, towards one of the guest rooms. Setting him on the bed gently, I sit down beside him, feet hanging over the edge.

"Baaaaaaarrrrrryyyy......" He whines, getting up close and leaning into my shoulder again, black hair falling over his face.


"Fuck you! I don't need help!" Adam screams at us, his light brown hair starting to fall into his red, angered face. He's already drunk again. Can't he see that we just want to help him? Of course he can't, he's too damn drunk and fucking stoned all the time.

"Adam, please, we're just trying to help you. You need to quit." Brad begs. His pleading voice doesn't even seem to faze the man he's adressing.

"I don't need any fucking help! I can quit when I want to! Just piss off!" Adam's still yelling. He's a very violent drunk. It'd probably be best for us to get out now.

Adam throws the almost empty bottle of booze at us.

"Fine we'll go. Come on guys." I say softly, dragging Neil and Brad's stunned asses out the door. All I can think about though, is his eyes, somehow pleading for help through the drunken haze. His beautiful blue eyes, so filled with horrid agony, begging for someone to ignore all his protests......

I jerk from the memory with the soft touch of lips against mine. Adam has move away from behind me, leaning on my shoulder. He's now straddling my lap, lips fierce against mine. I push him away, he's drunk, not thinking straight. I refuse to take advantage of him like this.

"Adam, no, you're drunk." I say as a way of explanation.

"No I'm not Barry. I can't believe you fell for that. It was just to get us alone." He says, climbing up to straddle my legs again.

I start to push him off again, saying "You're just saying that. Stop." But he stops me this time.

"I'm not being all violent, am I? I know I'm not a happy drunk, Barry. That's why it amazes me that you fell for it." He says. His icey blue eyes find my olive ones. They are perfectly clear of the fog that rolls across them while he's drunk. Instead they are sparkling with mischief.

His lips find mine again, pushing harder than before. His kiss is desperate, needy. I start to kiss back hesitantly. My hands wind their way up to clench in his hair. He moans at the slight pull.


"I'm SO sorry. I'm gonna clean up, I promise. I just need some help." Adam manages out from between the guilty sobs. I can't help but feel bad, he was sober for once, and we had all ganged up on him. We were the ones yelling for once, while Adam listened with wide eyes. About halfway through they had started to fill with tears.

"Damn right you're gonna clean up, Adam! I'm sick of the fucking shit you've been doing! To this band and to yourself! And we've already decided that you are definitely not gonna quit on your own, you'll cheat. We're sending you to CAMH. That's final." Neil starts off yelling, but then quiets down to just an angry tone. I flinch a bit throughout his speech, he's being really hard on Adam.

I can see that Brad agrees with me on that Neil was being harsher than he needed to. It kills me to see Adam crying like that. He's already said he'd quit, Neil didn't have to be so harsh.

"What's wrong?" Adam asks softly, breaking off the kiss. Well, I guess I kinda broke it, seeing as I stopped kissing him back.

"Old memories." I respond quietly before kissing him again.

"Oh." He mumbles against my lips.

His mouth opens slightly, allowing my tongue access. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, before he can get his into mine. I practically shove my tongue down his throat, and he moans yet again. His hands finally move from the outsides of my thighs up to my hair, currently out of it's usual mohawk. His long fingers wrap themselves tightly into it, causing me to moan.

Without breaking the kiss, I pull us into a lying position in the center of the bed, me on top.

-Adam's POV-

He pulls us into the center of the bed, flipping us around so that he's on top of me in a laying down position. I have a moment of temporary panic, I've never bottomed with a guy before. I calm after a second of continuous kissing.

What amazes me to no end is that he never once broke off the on-going kiss. Talented show off much? Not that I'm complaining.

His incredibly long tongue is still far down my throat, forcing me to breathe through my nose. His long fingers dance their way up under my black t-shirt, stroking along my sides. His long beard and pointed lip ring rub against my chin, the wiry, rough feeling is like heaven, once I got used to it.

I open my eyes slightly, to find him staring into them. He smiles slightly against my lips, and then closes his eyes. I close mine again.

I run my fingers up under his grey muscle shirt, running them in circles over his back. His knee climbs up between my legs ever so slowly before getting to my crotch, rubbing against my erection through my jeans. I groan loudly at gloriously pleasureful contact. Yet another small smile crosses his lips, which are still pressed firmly against my own.

Barry pulls up, a harsh gasp for air coming from both our throats. I can't help but to moan from the loss. As he sits up, I moan again. His sitting up had pushed his knee harder to my groin. He grins naughtily at me.

He leans down and attaches himself to my collarbone. Eliciting another breathless gasp from me as his tongue sweeps into the dip of my throat. A bite lands right on my adams apple. (A/N Hehe, I said adams apple.) And he quickly moves to nip at the sides of my neck. His delicious little licks and bites to my throat cause my erection to press painfully against my jeans.

"Someones eager." He chuckles, feeling my hardness against his knee, which is still pressed up to my crotch, not moving anymore.

"Don't pretend you're not hard too." I shoot back at him. He just snickers at my words.

His hands grip the hem of my shirt, and start to pull it over my head. I wiggle my arms a bit to help him. He moves so his face is right at where my pants begin, moving his knee away from my erection. Slowly, very very slowly, he starts to lick from the waistband of my pants up my quickly fluttering chest. I moan loudly again, twisting my fingers into the bedspread. His tongue makes it's way up to my throat, where it dips into the hollow there, yet again. Finally he pulls back and presses another kiss to my lips.

As he whips his shirt off, I try to catch my breath. I want to give him some pleasure now, but he still has me pinned, straddling my legs. As he throws his shirt to the other side of the room, I try to think of a way to give him some pleasure.

As he leans back down, fingers stroking a line of fire to my crotch, I shift my body onto my elbows. He just laughs and pushes me back down gently.

"Nope, I'm officially not letting you pleasure me right now." He teases softly. Shit, how did he know what I was doing?

He leans down and latches his mouth onto my left nipple, eliciting yet another gasp of pleasure from my throat. My heart is most definitly going a million miles an hour beneath his mouth. Another gasp escapes my lips as he gently rakes his teeth across it. His tongue dances over it, making the most impossible pleasure come from that area. He moves over to my other nipple, causing me to gasp yet again.

"Fuck.....You're gonna make me......" I fight out breathlessly. I'm about to come. He suddenly stops and pulls away, right before I come. He grins at me.

He spends a good 10 minutes letting me calm down. After, however, his lips find their way to mine, pressing hard. Long fingers begin to dance over my stomach again, only this time, I'm so much more sensitive due to the orgasm I was so cruelly denied.






I groan again, his fingers had grazed my growing erection. He smiles a bit, before pulling his fingers away. I'm about to protest when I feel them hooking into my waistband. With agonizing slowness, he pulls my pants down. His fingers flutter over my buldge, nearly sending me over the edge right there. Right as he gets my jeans to my ankles, he realizes that we had never taken our shoes off. Quickly pulling my boots, and my socks as well, off my feet, he pulls my pants fully off me.

His hands run up my thighs, being very careful not to touch my crotch. I moan a little at the feather light feeling. Slowly, he begins to nip at the insides of my thighs, causing me to moan each time.

He pulls back again, causing me to groan annoyedly. He waits another 15 - 20 minutes, waiting for my cock to go soft.

As soon as he comfirms that it has gone soft, he hooks his fingers into my boxer-briefs, pulling them down quickly. Now completely naked, I feel a little awkard. I mean, the only thing he has taken off so far is his shirt. Not to mention the fact that this is Brad's house.

I feel his hand wrap slowly around my cock, pumping it ever so lightly. I moan at the contact. With 2 almost orgasms, I'm so sensitive that my cock immediatly perks up at the touch. He laughs slightly as I start to thrust into his hand. He quickly pulls away the contact, causing me to groan in disappointment.

"Don't be groaning just yet this time, Adam." Barry teases with a grin.

He sits down on the side of the bed, and starts to pull his boots off. Soon after come socks, pants, and a pair of boxers. I gasp a bit when I see his length, he is fucking huge! At least 10 inches long and 3 around. No fucking way that is gonna fit in me. No fucking way.

Barry looks over at me, and sees that my eyes are wide.

"What's wrong?" He asks, frowning suddenly.

"There is NO fucking WAY that is gonna fit inside me!" I say nervously, my voice putting a lot of stress on no and way.

"Adam, calm down. It's not like I'm not gonna prepare you or not use any lube. I'm not mean in bed." Barry tries to comfort me. But it's gonna be really hard to do that, I have never bottomed, so that huge thing is NOT gonna fit.

"Says the person who denied me three orgasms." I shoot back. I'm getting defensive, like I always do when someone suggests something new in bed. I was only prepared to try this because it was Barry.

"Correction, I'm a tease in bed, but I'm not a sadist." Okay, he was a fucking tease, and he isn't going to try to hurt me......

"Fine......" My voice trails off nervously. I didn't really know that I wanted to do this.

"Adam, I promise, it'll be fine. I'll use plently of lube and prepare you really well." He says softly, before leaning back to press a light, comforting kiss onto my lips. He opens a drawer in the side-table, pulling out a fairly big bottle of lube. I bite my lip and force myself not to squirm. He doesn't know I haven't bottomed.

Barry sqeezes a fair amount of lube into his palm. Quickly rubbing his fingers against his palm, he dips back down between my legs. I jump when I feel the cold lube against my hole. He ignores it, and continues to make sure my entrance is covered with the slimy liquid.

What I really don't expect right then is the well lubed finger pushing into me. I squirm immediatly, and I pray he doesn't notice. He does.

He pulls up, keeping the finger inside my ass. "You've never bottomed before, have you?"

-Barry's POV-

"You've never bottomed before, have you?" I'm not mad at him, just a little annoyed that he didn't tell me. Guess it kinda explains 'It's not gonna fit' problems.

"Ummmm, noooo......" He trails off, blushing furiously. It's kinda cute.

"I'm not mad, but that's something you should've told me." I reply simply. I twist the finger that I already have inside his ass around, stretching it as best as possible. Before I duck back down between his legs, I kiss his lips softly. He is just so beautiful sometimes.

Back between his legs, I pull the finger I have inside of him out. I quickly lube my fingers back up, before pushing two into him. He squirms a bit harder than he did with just one going in.

"Flip onto your back, it'll make it a little easier to take." I tell him. I pull my fingers out, and he flips over, resting his face on his arms.

I push the same two fingers back into him, and he squirms a little less. I push them in and out slightly, mimicking a fucking motion.

"This might hurt a little." I warn him before I scissor my fingers. He whimpers softly. "I'm sorry." I mumble. I really am, I don't like that I'm hurting him. I scissor him three more times, earning a whimper each time. I echo each whimper with an "I'm sorry."

I pull my fingers out again and add more lube. This time I push in three fingers, earning yet another whimper. "I'm so sorry." I tell him again. I move my fingers around, trying to find his prostate. I prod with my fingers for a bit, and then he gasps. I hit the spot I had just hit again. Another gasp rips its way from his throat. Yup, I have definitely found it.

"What the hell are you doing? Whatever it is, don't fucking stop!" I laugh a bit, he has obviously never had someone do this.

"This," I press the area again, causing him to moan, "is your prostate. It's like the g-spot on a girl." I press it again, a bit harder this time. He moans loudly, much to my pleasure.

I pull my fingers out, and he whimpers, I have a feeling it's more from loss than pain this time. I put a large amount of lube into my hand and rub it over my length, especially on the head. I tell him to flip over again.

Lining myself up with his entrance, I bite down on my lip and say softly "This is probably going to hurt a fair bit more than the rest." I feel him tense up beneath me, "Adam, tensing up in going to make this one hell of a lot harder, and a hell of a lot more painful for you. Take a deep breath." He inhales nervously, shaking pretty hard. "Exhale." He starts to exhale, relaxing his body. In his mid-exhale, I start to press in.

When my head finally pops in, Adam gasps loudly, tears filling his eyes. I lean down next to his ear and whisper softly, "Do you want me to stop?" His shake of his head is barely noticeable.

I push in slowly, watching him bite down on his lip. I'm biting my own lip for both the fact that I hate that I'm hurting him, and his tightness feels just amazing so I have to keep myself from moaning. Once I'm fully inside I stop, letting him get used to the feeling. He's breathing hard, eyes still watering.

"Tell me when you want me to keep going." I whisper into his ear.

He waits another minute before responding breathlessly, "Okay."

I start to thrust slowly, earning a small whimper from him. Tears are still in his eyes, whelming up with each thrust. I angle my thrusts, trying to find the spot that had given him so much pleasure before. It's a lot harder to find it this way.

Suddenly he gasps, and I think I have hit the spot. I thrust in the same way, earning yet another gasp from black haired beauty beneath me. I continue to angle my thrusts that way, eliciting gasp after gasp from the singer, speeding up as I go.

"Faster." He mumbles, a blush creeping along his cheeks with this request. Awww, he's embarrassed to be wanting more. I speed up a little bit more, still hitting that spot with each thrust.

An incredibly loud gasp pierces his throat after a few more thrusts, and I can just barely here him whisper "Fuck! I'm.....Gonna...." right before he comes all over our stomachs. I laugh a little at the bright red that finds it's way across his cheeks. He clenches a little around my cock and I moan from the friction. I can feel my thrusts getting harder without my meaning too. I'm about to cum and I know it.

I shove in as far I can get and let loose. Adam looks a bit shocked, but relaxes when he realizes what happened. I pull out and lay on the bed next to him.

He cuddles up against me and looks up with worried eyes. "Please tell me you're clean." I laugh a bit, he's worried about that? Now of all times?

"Of course I'm clean, you moron! If I wasn't I would've used a condom!" I joke with him.

He smiles up at me, "I am not a moron!" He laughs, and I get what he's doing.

"Great Portal reference, but did you really have to do it right then?" I manage to get out between my laughter.

"Yup." God he's adorable.Suddenly I start laughing really loud. "What?" Is his answer to my laughs.

"One, how long have we been up here? Two, Brad owes Neil money. Three, you're just plain adorable." I respond, still laughing. I look at the clock on the night stand. 2:30 AM. Damn, we've been up here for an hour and a half.

"Why does Brad owe Neil money?" He focuses on that part, seeming to ignore the rest.

"They had a bet on which one of us was going to tell the other first. Brad's money was on me." I tell him, still laughing. "Now let's get our butts in the shower, we've been up here for an hour and a half. They are probably wondering where we've gone."


I'm going to spare you the details of our shower.

As we head downstairs, I have to lean on him because I can barely walk. That's just how sore I am. We start to head towards the door, but right before we get there, Barry calls out, "Brad, you owe Neil money, and I'm taking Adam home, I'll bring him to pick his car up in the morning." And we walk out the door.

Barry sees that I'm having trouble walking and just picks me up instead. He carries me to his car and sets me down in the passenger seat. I wince a bit as I put pressure on my ass. He climbs into the drivers seat, and we leave.

"I'm just taking you back to my place for now. We can come back to pick your car up in the morning." He says simply.

"Mmkay." I mumble back to him, suddenly very tired.

"Tired?" He asks simply.


We get to his secluded house. He carries me inside and upstairs, and plops me onto his bed. He drops himself next to me and wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me to him. I fall asleep in his arms.
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