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A typical Aerosmith fangirl visiting Steven in her dreams. (Cussing; fiction.)

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I was dead freaking tired. All I wanted to do was go home and stand in the shower blasting "Road Runner". Yet the assistant coach kept us going, doing pull-back dribbling drills. My mind was in a totally different universe, sitting on beach towels with Steven Tyler besides me on the sandy shores of Maui...

That's Erin Brady, Megan.

Wincing, I was brought back to my sweaty situation. An outsider with no sexy rock star in reach. Sure, the pull-backs were easy enough, but after you've done them fifty times, your muscles start burning. Doesn't matter if you work out every day of your life. I fixed my eyes on the wall in front of me, forcing my arms to keep up the same motion.

Besides, Steven was only hot during the '70s, '80s and early '90s.... right?

I did not want to be attracted to what he was now. Unfortunately, I was. Hey, how old was he in the early '90s? It didn't matter; whenever I heard his wild laugh and mischievious glint in his dark eyes, age flew out the window and into Lake Sunapee. And his confusingly deep comments...

The basketball slipped from my grip and I started, rushing after it.

"On your toes!" Jordan, the assistant coach barked at me when I ran past him and I cringed, scrabbling back to my place in line.

Another question that was going through my mind; if celebrities are people, why aren't we all treated with such reverance? I'm such a hypocrite when it comes to Aerosmith in that regard.

"Through your legs!" Jordan yelled and demonstrated another ball handling technique which already seemed to be burning my legs even though I hadn't attempted it yet.


"Love gives!" I sang far too high-pitched as I strolled into the house. I must sing Aerosmith to keep myself on my feet, and Love Lives is like my romantic theme song. Mama Kin is my life theme song. Wheeww... you didn't need to know that.

I continued my off-tune ballad singing as I dragged myself down the hallway. The hallway seemed like a mile long trek to paradise. Groaning, I wrenched open my bedroom door, took two steps and quite literally fell into my bed, my face buried in the pillow.

"Megan, you're getting your sheets all sweaty!" The usual harried voice of my mom whied against my eardrums.

"OKAY, Mom." I pushed myself up with trembling arms, and then dramatically crashed back down. "Good lord, may I meet Joe Perry when I get to heaven? If." I gasped. "I'm pretty sure I'm close if I nearly passed out and 'saw' Tom Hamilton walking around in a purple tux."

However, I did convince myself to get up and take a shower after awhile-- working on memorizing Janie's Got a Gun throughout the whole thirty minutes I was cooped underneath the steaming showerhead.

"Ah, bless you Steven Tyler," I told myself affectionately halfway through the difficult process of throwing together an outfit to sleep in. "You are the only man who can make me take to you like you can hear me. Not even Joe can do that." Sometimes I relished in my insanity.

Hopefully this is my totally exhausted and sugar-deprived brain talking.
I got in bed and repetitively kept trying to fall asleep, but my mom was very insistant that I had to drink water or I would pass out or something. So I got up and louched to the kitchen, sticking my head under the faucet and turning on the water. Who needs glasses? No one who has a sink! Once I had obeyed my mother's tedious command of intaking far too much liquid, I pulled myself, and the new three pounds I had gained from chugging that water, back to my room.

To distract myself from reading for the next two ours, I pluged in my earbuds and cranked up the power ballads. Fly Away From Here, Amazing, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Seasons of Wither... even Dream On and Jaded, since Dream On makes me all emotional and Jaded just kind of lulls me to sleep, I dunno why. As soon as Joe played the first note, I felt my body relax into the mattress, breathing slowing down. The ultimate magic of Aerosmith.

Gotta find a way,
Yeah, I can't wait another day.
Ain't nothing gonna change,
If we stay 'round here...

Fly Away From Here was truly a work of the masters. Empowering, enchanting vocals with the perfect music to lift it up. My throat choked up in a sudden display of emotion and I rolled onto my side, imagining Steven singing it to a loved one.... oh how many groupies and fans have wished they were his loved one. For his looks maybe? Or for his style, his dirty jokes... the many fine qualities of a truly special man. Yes, the dirty jokes can be included-- if you want them to be.

Laying back and almost floating into sleep, one last faint thought crossed my mind.

If only I could show him my love is different, but I'd never get a chance...


"Hey mom, where are we going?" I looked out my window curiously at the trees flashing by.

"Tacoma." She answered curtly, obviously very pissed about where we were headed.

"Mom, you know Aerosmith plays in Tacoma tomorrow..." It was the first thing that popped into my mind, and of course I started getting all excited. I just want to see my idols just once. Please-please-please-please-please!

"I know. Your father entered a contest online and now you both have backstages passes. Though Dennis didn't think it through, because he's away for work this whole week." My mom sounded so disappointed.

Meanwhile, I was wrapped out in my own little freak-out spaz. "YES! YES! OH YEAH! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! AAAAHHHHH!!" If I wasn't in the backseat of the car right now, I would've started dancing. What will I say to them? How long will I get to see them? Am I expected too much? I mean, I don't know how long they have and I don't want to seem desperate-- which I am -- or miss meeting them altogether. What will I wear? Not my Aerosmith t-shirt I secretly brought. That would be way too cheesy. Gosh, why was I freaking out about this? They're just people. I didn't think of my biggest fear; that I would freeze up and/or burst into tears.

It seemed like a thousand years flew by when we pulled into the Tacoma Dome parking lot.

"I'm not going in there." My mom informed me, taking out one of her Christian historical fiction novels-- probably about Amish people --and set down to reading.

At first I took the tickets and charged, yelling a cry of pure, absolute, joy. Then I realized I didn't even know where I was going. I honest-to-God didn't even know where I was supposed to go to watch me Idols, so I tentatively struck up a conversation with a person at a desk.
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