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I'm Not Okay

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Mikey is heartbroken and once again, Gerard is there to pick up the pieces.

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I'm Not Okay

Mikey Way curled into a tight ball under his blankets, wishing the nightmares would go away. The dreams had started when Pete left, Pete was his world and when his world left, things had went downhill. He had promised not to hurt himself, but he wasn't exactly keeping to his promise. He wished Gerard would notice, maybe the raven-haired boy he called his brother could be able to help. "G-Gerard? Gerard?" Mikey called out weakly, hoping that maybe his broken voice might travel to the basement, waking his older brother, and bringing a ray of hope into an otherwise dark and dreary existence.
Gerard suddenly awoke from his slumber. He sat up and looked around the dark bedroom. Nothing seemed to have caused his waking. He shrugged and was just about go back to bed when, "Gerard....?" It was his little brother, Mikey, calling out his name from down the hall. He glanced at the digital clock resting on his dresser, revealing the time to be 3:00 AM. He sighed. "Oh no," he thought, quickly getting to his feet and walking towards Mikey's bedroom. He opened the door. "M-Mikey?!" He gasped.
Mikey was curled under the blanket, and for once his arms were not covered by his shirt, they were bare and revealed red gashes across his skin. "G-Gerard.. T-the dreams..." The mousy brown haired boy sobbed, his glasses perched precariously on the end of his pointed nose. Gerard hurried across the room and embraced the younger boy.
"Shhh... Oh, Mikey...." He tightly wrapped his arms around his brother. He had been so worried about him lately, ever since Pete had to be an asshole and leave Mikey completely out of no where. Now his brother was reduced to a sobbing ball of bloody wrists and depression. He hated Pete for that. he just fucking hated him.
"W-w-why did h-he go.. W-what did I do w-wrong?" The younger boy sobbed into Gerard's chest, shaking. He wished that he knew what he had done wrong. He had tried to give Pete all that he had to offer, but it seemed it was never enough. No, nothing was ever enough for Pete Wentz and Mikey resented the fact that he couldn't have been better. "I-I gave him all I could," Mikey continued, still clutching his older brother.
Gerard stroked Mikey's hair. "You didn't do anything... It's not your fault. You know how he was.... I told you he was bad news..." He sighed, thinking back to all the shitty things Pete had done. Once, he had gone so far as to hit poor Mikey. You better believe when the news got around to Gerard, Pete had a black eye and bloody nose to show for it.
"I-I-I tried so hard..." Mikey cried, wincing when he remembered all the relentless punches Pete had thrown at him when his lips couldn't move fast enough.
"I know you did... You were so good to him... He didn't deserve you. You're perfect, Mikes. I promise." Gerard felt tears welling in his eyes. He hated seeing Mikey like this, it made him so sad. He hated knowing that someone was heartless enough to just throw away someone so sweet. Mikey was probably the nicest person he knew. He just didn't get it.
"I-I-I tried so hard, and all I ever got back was h-hurt," Mikey whimpered, nuzzling his face into his brother's shirt. He hated seeing Pete at school, arm wrapped round some other girl's waist, tongue down her throat.
"All Pete wanted was sex, Mikey. You knew that..." Pete was notorious for playing with people's feelings, only to toss them aside after he had gotten his fill. Who knows how many people were before Mikey? Since he had left, he'd been with four different people already. It made Gerard sick. He wanted to throw up just at the sight of the fucker's lowly face. "I-I-I knew that after he left... I-I thought he loved me.." Mikey bit his lip when he remembered all the things Pete had said to make him feel worthless.
"He lead you on, like he did to everyone else..." Gerard pulled away from Mikey to look him in the eyes, "Mikey, I love you. I'm your brother, and no matter how many guys or girls there are to break your heart, I'll be here for you, to listen, and to help get you through it." Gerard managed a sad smile, and wiped the tears from Mikey's eyes.
"T-thanks Gee... I-It's nice knowing that you're there.. But what about if you leave? What will I do then? Or what if you get a boyfriend or girlfriend and forget about me?" Mikey returned Gerard's sad smile. He knew that a short punk kid in Gerard's class, Frank, had the most massive crush on his older brother.
"I promise I won't. I won't ever forget about you no matter who else is in my life. I'll ALWAYS be here for you. I promise." Gerard knew he meant it. He thought about Frank, a cute guy from school. Frank definitely seemed like a nice guy. He'd understand if Gerard needed time for his brother.
"Frank likes you," Mikey blurted out, gigging a little. Frank was a friend, and he had told Mikey that he liked Gerard. He was meant to keep it a secret but the one thing that was key to his own happiness was Gerard being happy. He would feel a million times better once Gerard was smiling and laughing and ranting about Glen Danzig again.
Gerard's eyes widened. Frank LIKED him? He knew he was flirting, at least a little! Gerard grinned. "REALLY?! He likes me as in... LIKES me?" He felt like a schoolgirl, but whatever, this was important stuff. Mikey nodded, giggling. "Yep!" Frank was SO going to kill him once he found out that Gerard knew. "He told me a week ago. He likes your eyes."

Author's Note- This is an Omegle RP I did.
Cute, eh?
Sad, though.
Rates and reviews make me smile, and-
Thank you, everyone that helped me get there.
Seriously, I cried when I saw that.
-C xoxo
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