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Its been a while since i held auditions for a story :)This is the sequel to Skype Messenger

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Clearly you have clicked on this interested in being part of one o my stories.

The reason i am making a new story is because i have nothing to do. All it has done is rain.


The story is the sequel to my Skype Messenger story.

It is going to be completly different to what the other one was.

I need at least 4 girls.

And i would love 2 guys :'D

Basically what i need is the following

Name :

Skype Messenger name :

Gender :

Looks :

Age (15 - 17 ) :

Are you self conscious ? :

What was your childhood like? (BE ORIGINAL) :

If it was a bad childhood which MCR guy knows about it or does anyone know about it? :

One favourite band :

Band you hate alot :

Talents :

Anything else :

Thanks and i hope some of you shall audition. The character in the other story Sarc-kastic Revenge is not going to be in it. My character will but with a different user name xD

I shall post results later on if i get enough :3
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