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[A/N] – My last update before I go to Spain :D I’ve decided that sometimes this fic upsets me, sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes it makes me feel relieved to let all my feelings out. If I re-read a chapter and decide it’s too personal for me to update, I won’t update it. So anyway, here we go!:)

Who knew six simple words could send so many different emotions through your body? It was one night after school. It was a Thursday, late night shopping, so Mom had agreed to take Gerard up town to buy some new clothes for his birthday which was a couple of months away. Gerard smirked at me and walked into the dining room. I raised my eye-brows at him and asked “Where’s Mel?”

“At home talking to her Mom probably.” Gerard replied with a small smile, edging closer to me.

I rolled my eyes “What do you want? You’re bugging me out.”

Gerard smiled that stupid, dopey smile at me and said “You’re going to be an auntie.”

Six simple words. I didn’t know how to feel so my re-action was pretty lame “Oh god…” I mumbled, not sounding too pleased with the news.

A few weeks later I heard my Mom say that was only pretending to be happy for Mel and Gerard’s sake “It’s far too soon.” Mom explained down the phone to whoever she was talking to “They’re still living with Mel’s Mom, Mel will have to quit work and Gerard is pretty hopeless. Honestly, I feel sorry for them.”

I still didn’t know how to feel. I tried to remember how I felt when Jasmine got pregnant but this was different and I knew it. When Jasmine got pregnant, no matter how hard I tried, I knew her baby would never truly be my niece or nephew. Two years later and I still don’t feel that way even though Kyle is the sweetest baby boy in the entire world.

Once I’d said oh god, Gerard asked if I was excited and I shrugged my shoulders before saying “I’m already an auntie to Kyle.”

Gerard frowned and said “Yeah but not a real auntie.”

For that split second I felt empty. I’d tried so hard to feel like a part of that family and never did. With another six simple words, Gerard had torn down all hope of me being an official part of that family.

I was also worried. Children take a lot of hard work. Something that Gerard was simply not used to.

[A/N] – I know it’s short, I’m sorry! :(
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