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Soaring Away

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Steven describes the experience of being the frontman.

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I'd just like to say, sorry for not finishing like, ANY of my stories. I promise they'll get done soon if anyone is interested. Oh yeah, this is fiction; I don't own Aerosmith nor do I claim to be Steven Tyler.

Do you know me? Millions of people do, I won't deny that. When I was a few days away from nineteen, I met the local police in my hometown with a report of posession of marijuana. I've met the band Queen and a few actual queens. I met Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton when they wanted me to join their band. I met my destiny many times and we've talked over coffee.

I'm Steven Tyler. If you're younger than twelve, you probably only recognize me from my Burger King commercial and American Idol. If you're older than twelve, you remember what the press has conviently 'forgotten', that I am and always will be., first and foremost the frontman of Aerosmith.

Kids, the term frontman is a male lead singer. Usually for a rock band.

The ride's been wild and it still continues to be. I don't plan on taking a pit stop anytime soon. Me and the boys are still fucking together, and it's been forty damn years! I get a sense of pride from that, but I still want to strive on. Make a better album, tour someplace different, improve!

Aerosmith's fans play an imense role in this. Not only do they buy our shit, they give Aerosmith a reason to play; a reminder that someone's listening. Well, we would've kept playing without a huge fanbase, and our music is just rock 'n roll, doesn't really have a message except get off your lazy ass and have a good time 'cause life ain't gonna last!"

I know a true fan when I see one. I can pick them out on stage; they're the ones that are always trying to pull Joe Perry into the crowd. I know the aspiring musicians, becajse they're constanty asking for lessons. The groupies make out backstage and the papparazzi who disguise themselves as fans are peppering us with questions.

We love all fans with the same fever, but just this last show I saw a very special girl.

We were in the middle of Mama Kin and this girl had front row seats, as close as you can get to the catwalk. Everyone else was cheering and screaming alongside me and the band, but this girl. She was simply gazing at me with shining grey-blue eyes, a crooked smile on her lips and tears falling down her face. She wasn't saying a word or moving; she was taking in the fact that she was with us, Aerosmith. I crouched down, staring back at her while singing. Immediately, the crowd around her roared up, all scrabbling to touch me. I only had eyes for one person and the girl responded, shyly extending a hand. I took it firmly, gazing at her and trying to convey my gratitude of her honor of us. She blinked, her expression glowing at me. Knowing I had to leave her to get on with the rest of the show, I kissed her hand and rose, polishing off the song.

It's funny; if you're a celebrity and you give something that doesn't really matter to you away, the rest of the world would pay two million for it.

Anyways, seeing a fan like that girl humbles me. Our music isn't that legendary; it only is to the people who take the time to understand it and cherish it. Though the fans are essential and a grea part of my life, I don't spend every waking moment cranking out hit singles. Me and the rest of the band have lives. I hate to break it to you fans, but that means I can't marry you. And I won't.
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