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Personalized One Shot for XCherrikidXD

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Something's never change. But when change happens, except it, not all change is bad

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Personalized one shot for XCherrikidXD

AN: I know it's waaayyy late. My mom sent me to a camp. I'd rather not talk about it. Let's just say, it wasn't a happy fun summer camp deal.,
Lucy's POV

I was excited. I smiled brightly bearing all teeth. My first day of art school. I graduate college early and decided art would be a cool new and interesting venture. 20 years old, living in New York, all by myself. Then of course, I get a call from my best friend. Gerard. That poor poor boy, I've known him my whole life. I'd do anything for Gee, as I'm sure he would for me.  

Anyways, on my seemingly average day Gee calls me out the blue and says 'You're coming on tour with us'. No explanation, no nothing. I didn't even know what he mean by that. I didn't even know about the band at that time. It was months ago. So I've been on tour with them, well kind of just a long for the ride. Their set just ended, after an amazing show. The crowd went wild with all the -fan deemed- Frerard moments that happened tonight. Gerard walked back stage drenched with sweat. His long black locks sticking to his forehead, make-up running and smearing. He looks paler then usual, but that may or not be the make up. I can never be sure. He hugged me first thing. "Great show Gee!" I smiled. "Thanks", he smelled a tad, but I lived on a bus with these guys. I've seen all of them at their worse.  "Hey extra weight," Frank greeted me, walking towards us. "I'm extra weight?" I asked, bemused. "We have to carry you around the whole county, even though it's unnecessary. So yeah, extra weight, dead weight, useless paperweight." Frank explained. "Really? Because, we already have a guitar player and you couldn't even help lift the coffin for you video shoot last month. Whose dead weight?" I retorted.  "Whatever Lu. Gerard, we thought we'd all go out for a bit. You comin'?" Frank asked, bringing my attention back to Gerard's existence. I realized he still was holding on to me. He didn't let go of me, simply told Frank he's gonna chill at the bus. Frank nodded and went off somewhere. 

Gerard and I walked over to the bus in silense. The cold night was dark, no stars covered the sky. The lot smelled like beer, sweat, weed and teen spirit. When we finally reached the bus it was completely empty.  I guess where ever he went Ray, Mikey, Bob and our driver went too. Gerard at this point still hasn't let go of me. His face buried in my neck. Not that I'm complaining. It's strange, but best friends lean on each other all the time. "You okay Gee?" I asked worriedly. "I'm not okay." He shook his head, looking at the ground and detaching himself from me. "Honestly or do you just like using your own song titles?" I smiled slightly, unsure of what to do. Not that it made a difference, he wouldn't look at me. "Tell me you feel it too?" He asked suddenly, starring into my eyes like the answer was there. "That's not your song." He chuckled slightly at that but his face turned serious again. "Okay, I'll bite. What's up?" I bit my lip, afraid it was some detrimental. "These pass few months... You're my best friend. You KNOW that. But something's changed. I'm not sure if it's just me, but..." He wandered off, not finishing what he's saying. I think I have the picture. But I don't want to be wrong and screw things up. That could've meant anything. 

I do feel something's changed. We're closer, yes. But it's something other than that. Plenty is changed, like the fact that I live on a bus with 5 crazy boys. Four of which hog the bathroom. Then the three that love to prank me to no end. Then you have those two devils that still my bras.. I will not get into that. But besides that. Gerard and I, I feel butterflies when he's near me now. Before I knew I could tell him anything, but now I WANT to tell him everything. Gerard just stared into my eyes and I his. We did that for awhile, not saying anything just understanding. He smiled and I smiled back. "I love you Lucy." He kissed me. Gerard Way - Best Friend, is now Gerard Way / Boyfriend. Funny how fast things change. I deepened the kiss and we just kissed and kissed. Again and again. Gerard's lips moved to me neck. Nipping and biting, I was new to it but it wasn't bad. "Lucy and Gerard sitting in a bus, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Mikey appeared from the door, Bob, Ray, and Frank right behind him starring at the scene in awe. Gerard, detached himself from my neck and threw the nearest thing around him at Mikey (a plastic spoon, scary. All beware of plastic spoons!). "Don't throw things at my boyfriend!" Frank said over dramatically jumping on Gerard. "Don't attack my annoying brother, he's MINE to attack!" Mikey yelled. Throwing Frank to the ground. Gerard stood up, trying to make a sly exit, making me giggle. "He's getting away!" Frank and Mikey said in unison, chasing Gerard off the bus. "So... Just us then?" Bob rocked on his heals awkwardly, re-shutting the door. "Yep." I replied. "Scrabble?" Ray suggested. "Sure." Bob agreed. 

7 minutes into our scrabble game our drive (Max) came back. "Just asking, but did I just see Frank and Mikey chasing around a half naked Gerard?" He asked, sort of freaked out expression on his face. "Yep. I don't know when he got half naked though. Bob your word" I replied. "Should we be worried?" Max asked pushing that we should. "Nope." We all said in unison. All of a sudden, a fully naked Gerard emerged onto the bus. Locking the door behind him, breathing heavily. Okay, I'm not gonna lie, it's hot. "Me and meh boyfriend are going to go have hot sex in his bunk now." I stated. Walking over to Gerard and instantly attaching my lips to his. Our tongues moving together perfectly. I stumbled backwards towards the bunking area.  Change is fucking awesome. 

I'm sorry it sucked. I'm sorry it's late. I'm sorry it's short. You probably act nothing like this and I'm sorry. I'll go cry now.

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