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Leave Britney Alone

by Datdatdat 12 reviews

The fuq? If I'm a bitch okay then, but I don't think I've been a bitch *omg this is old news, just changed the title #nohate*

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What is wrong with you people? I've never done anything to you yet you hate on me because I support someone you don't like? That hardly seems fair. I have never purposely or personally attacked anyone on this site.

You call me a troll? I've never trolled on anything, it's (in my opinion) not cool. So I support TiffanyRose for speaking the truth(to an extent, she has an opinion and she speaks it. I like that.) Why does that give you permission to gang up on me? You guys are a community of trolls that think it's cool to gang up on people that have no one on their team. What is wrong with you guys? I came on here to write. So let me do that.... WITHOUT being called a troll or a bitch for no apparent reason. Also you have to at least give props to Tif for speaking her mind.
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