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Remember FicWad? Yeah, it was a WRITING site.

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Have you all forgotten the point of FicWad?

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Right, so I'm meant to be on holiday right now. Y'know, relaxing. Having fun. Seeing friends I won't be able to for the next year.

And then this morning, I so stupidly decided to check FicWad on my friend's computer.

I'm not in the mood to rant or make this long or whatever, but seriously, have you guys actually forgotten what this site is for? FicWad used to be a writing. As in, people posting their stories and songs and poems for others to read, as a kind of escape from real life. It was brilliant. I'm not sure I'd still be here if it hadn't been for FicWad, and I'm honestly not just saying that. It gave me a reason to keep going.

Now, maybe I'm just being unreasonable, but tell me if this is right; someone posts something about trolls, it gets over ten reviews and goes green, as have several other troll-related posts. Someone posts a story, and it gets nothing. Zero. Zilch. Not a single rate or review. The author probably wonders what the point in posting it was- they could have posted something about trolls and gotten so much more feedback.

Guys. Where are your priorities? I understand how annoying trolls are and obviously you're upset, but, no offence, they haven't posted anywhere near as many posts as you guys have. If you ignore them, they'll eventually fade out of the picture- but it all depends on what you want. Bitchy drama or creative writing? I'm probably being really ratty here, but after nearly three years on FicWad, I'm utterly sick of all this drama. I mean, are the trolls really that interesting?

I don't blame you guys for being mad, I really, really don't- but is it really worth all of FicWad going to war again? I'm so sick of all this. I don't want to lose anymore authors- like AdnarimSmada last time. I'm sorry the trolls have hurt you all, but please, for the love of Gerard/Mikey/Ray/Frank whoever holy, stop giving so much attention to the trolling and start giving some attention to the stories. It's really the only way forward if you miss the old FicWad.

Personally, if this shit continues, I'm not sure how much longer I can stay. I can't bear watching this site, which has been like my safe haven for the past two years, go to something like this. I'll finish TTETI and ToB, but if things are still like this, I'm quitting. I love all my readers to bits and it'd break my heart to stop posting on here, but really, I just can't take it anymore.

I'll delete this when I get back from Wales. This is directed at no one in particular, and I really don't mean to offend anyone; it's simply the opinion of someone at the end of their tether.

Lucy X_O
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