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What just happened?

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Just a little note about the torture fics.

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I think we all know what happened last night on here. Tiffanyrose came back from the dead, and we all went nuts. Understandable, seeing as what she did last time.
I mean the messages that say “LEAVE! DON’T STAY HERE! GO AWAY! RAWR!” those are fine, I don’t really want her here either.

But then it just got worse. People started writing torture fics, and I read a few, and they just made me sick.
Don’t you guys get it? You can say Tiffanyrose threw the first punch, which she did, but to react that badly....Jesus. That ain’t good. Writing torture fics is something I never really approve of in general, but to write about torturing a real person? You can get arrested for that sort of shit.

Now I know y’all are gonna say, “C’mon, Lizzie, it didn’t mean anything, it was just a bit of fun, was all!” Because really, how dare I, how dare I interrupt your fun of pretending to kill a girl who’s probably only twelve or something, right? Some twelve year olds are idiots! They have no idea what they're doing! That doesn't mean we kill them for it, it just means they get put in essential math in high school!
Besides, the "Fun" excuse? That's no better than when somebody gets bullied to death with just a “Whoops! Sorry! Just supposed to be fun, but I took it too far!”
Jesus Christ, you guys.

The next thing is probably, “Lizzie, what happened? Are you on the dark side now, I thought you hated trolls, what the hell? What’re you doing? What’re you doing? Whose side are you on?”
I am not on the dark side and I know I’ll probably get a loss of cred points when people see this.
Bottom line, I do think that Tiffanyrose is an immature moron. So she apologized then pulled the rug out? Who cares? Let her be stupid and juvenile.
I do hate trolls. I hate trolls that push people into leaving something they love to do. If Tiffanyrose ever sees this, I do still hate you. We are in the same place we were before. This changes nothing whatsoever.

The only reason I got so mad at Tiffanyrose during Vol. 1 of the fight sequence was that her I'ma-take-over-Ficwad shit was actually working. Now, in Vol. 2, people are like, “Nuh uh! You can’t push us around! We’re staying!”
And I was like Okay, this is good. This is good. We’re sticking up for what we believe.
“Now let’s torture and gang rape her!”

....Well, shit.
Torture and gang rape are never okay in any circumstance. I don’t care how annoying that is, you do not post that online.

I’m happy that you all banded together and fought Tiffanyrose. I just think that you took it a bit too far. Just to clarify, I’m never supporting Tiffanyrose’s takeover regime. I’ll oppose her as hard as I can, her and her army. I’m just not one to torture and rape her. I am not a troll, this isn’t mean to stick up for Tiffanyrose, at all, it’s just a little note against the fics flying around. Yeah, sorry. I’m not switching over today.
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