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Um Well Yeah

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A break from drama on our amazing (sarcasm) site

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So yeah you see how people are leaving here right?
And how everyone is reacting to the trolls (I know I have no right to speak, I reveiw like a bitch, wrote something about fucking killing people like her) and such.
Straight off and to the point; I'm taking a break, not because of the trolls, but the reactions.
"ZOMG WTF" kind of thing, not all your fault (not to sound rude but some where amusing and should be carried on more as a joke)
So yeah, when the drama dies down, I'll update (who said I wasn't writing, I'll still make new stories, work on old ones all that.)
So um bye?

P.S, are there stories withfucking gang rape? Against a troll? EW
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