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Any day everything can change

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This is the story of the girl Abbie from England and how she meets her true love. Life was already pretty great. She had no idea how much better it was about to get.

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A/N: I wrote this little one shot for the wonderful, one and only, MissAbbieHudson. We did this challenge so she did the same for me but this is for her. A story about Abbie and her chance meeting with the adorable Frank Iero. The character description is all I got to work with and I'm quite proud =) Please read and let me know what you thought. Enjoy!

A little character profile so you get the image =)

Name: Abbie-Marie Hudson
Age: 19
-Hair- Waist-Length Black
-Eyes- Hazely-Orange
-Height- 5'6"
-Weight- 9st 8lbs
-Tattoo's/Piercings- Lip ring(left side), eyebrow bar(right side), ears pierced 5 times(two in each lobe and top left) and tattoo of a butterfly on her left wrist that has 'Young and Unemployable, Lonely, Drunk and Beautiful' written underneath, and on her right wrist she has '13' written with a pair of cat eyes underneath.
-Make-up- Thick black eye-liner and red lipstick.
Clothes: tight black high-waisted skinny jeans , tight red vest top, Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie and Black converse.
Anything else: Has an English accent and is practically attached to her iPod.
Celebrity: Frank Iero :3
3 words: Coffee, Park, Accident.
Story: Meeting and falling for Frankie

Sometimes in life these weird things happen and you can't explain it but it's exactly what you needed at the time. Exactly what you wanted only you had no idea until it actually happened. I had this happen to me a while back and as hard as I try, I still can't quite understand how lucky I was or how amazing it was that it happened the way it did. I feel like the luckiest person alive right now and I'm still trying to process that something like this happened to someone like me.

So I figured I would get it all out and try to analyze the event in detail. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not some horrible looking person or some awful bitch that doesn't deserve good things. Some people actually call me pretty with my long black hair (dyed of course, someone as pale as me doesn't actually have black hair) and hazel eyes. My mom keeps insisting that they're orange but hazel is easier to explain. I like the way I look most of the time but for something like this to happen I must be really fucking special. I just don't see it. Not that I'm complaining..

Ok I'm rambeling as always so let me just get to the story. So here we go, this is the story of how an ordinary Saturday turned into the day I met my one true love. Spoiler alert =P I know. But I'm in love and I don't care.. The story is still a good one so pay attention ;)

It was a normal Saturday. I have this routine that I've stuck with every Saturday since the day I moved out of my parents place. It's kind of this independent thing that makes me feel insanely liberated. So just like any other Saturday, I sleep in late before I finally get out of bed (usually after staying up late on Friday night) and get some simple clothes on. I grab my iPod and favorite hoodie before leaving the small apartment and heading over to the park. I put on my favorite playlist and just exhale slowly. Now this is freedom.

I have nothing that I must do or be in time for. I can just walk around the park for as long as I want, breathing in the crisp September air. I have the music on full blast in my ears as I walk slowly around looking at the other people in the park, enjoying the rare sun and their day off. Children playing on the playground and people sitting on the grass with their coffee or soda or water. People are running and walking and playing with their dogs. But most importantly people are smiling and having a good time. Saturday is definitely my favorite day. I keep walking down the path along the grass with a smile on my face until I reach the coffee shop near the duck pond.

I order a big latte with a smile as the autumn sun is warming my face. I pay and gratefully accept the steaming cup of the sweet drink that completes my Saturday. Now to find an empty bench to sit and people watch for a while as I enjoy my wonderful drink. To outside people I may look anti-social with loud music in my ears but it has nothing to do with that. I just have a hard time not listening to music. It's such a huge part of my life. I don't complain when people breathe so I expect to be left alone with my music. Everything is just like it always is on this amazing Saturday until I turn to cross the path and find a bench. Before I can even blink someone runs full force into me, sending me into the ground and my coffee into the pond. Luckily not the other way around I suppose.

"What the fuck!" I groan as I try to sit up on the hard ground. Feeling my body start to ache. It was a hard fall and my head is spinning a little bit as I try to focus on what the hell happened.

"Oh my God! I am so sorry." A guy yells as he flies to my side. I turn to meet his eyes, ready to start screaming and throwing a fit, but our eyes meet and I stop dead in my tracks and just stare at him. That's the first thing I noticed about him. Have you ever seen a pair of eyes so green that it doesn't even look natural anymore? It's ridiculous. Then he moves away a bit and my eyes widened in shock at the inprobability of who I am seeing in front of me. My mouth falls open and he moves a bit closer again.

"Ssshh please.. don't scream or anything." He says nervously in almost a whisper and I snap back to reality a little bit. I'm in the park.. the park I go to every Saturday. London is far away and it's kind of a small town. I try to think logical and explain the situation but I can't. How is he here?

"How hard did I hit my head?" I ask him with a shocked laugh and a small smile plays on his lips. He pulls his hat down a bit further and his eyes dart around subtly.

"Not that hard I think.. I really am sorry." He says as he stands up and holds out his hand. I hesitate for a second, worried I'm hallucinating and he's not actually there. But I grab his hand and he helps me up. I brush off a bit before looking up at him again. He's shorter than I thought he would be but still taller than me. I now notice two other guys standing behind him, biting back laughs as the guy with the green eyes shifts nervously from foot to foot.

"Are you okay?" He asks quietly and I nod.

"I think so. No intense pain or anything.. oh and for the record, I wouldn't scream." I tell him with a crooked smile and he smiles back.

"Good to know. Again I'm sorry.. How about you let me buy you another coffee." He says nicely as we both regain our composure and my head clears up. A part of me still thinks I'm unconcious and this is a dream but I might as well go with it, right?

"Sure. I would very much like a new coffee.. I was looking forward to drinking that." I tease as I point to the pond, making him feel a bit bad again as he gets this guilty look on his face.

"No but really, it's ok. I should have looked where I was going." I tell him, shuffeling my feet a bit and looking away. I feel awkward around him..

"No it was all my fault. Come on, I'll get you that coffee. I need a break anyways." The guys he's with gives him weird looks and pulls him away for a bit. The three of them talk in hushed tones, his friends sounding angry and worried at the same time. I feel awkward as I'm just standing there. Maybe I should leave or go get the coffee myself but before I have time to make my decision he pulls away from his friends and sends me a smile. I don't know what is wrong with me. He's doing something to me for sure. I'm acting all shy and awkward. Super annoying.

"Let's go." He says with a soft smile and we walk over to the coffee stand where I just bought coffee minutes ago. The cashier gives us a look but shrugs it off. I order my big latte and he orders a large black coffee as we walk over to the bench by the pond, slowly and carefully this time.

"Are you sure you're not hurt?" He asks seriously as we sit down. I giggle at his adorable concern and sip my sweet drink before nodding.

"I'm fine. A bit sore but I did fall so.." I smile teasingly at him and he laughs softly, looking at his feet. That cute giggle almost sends a shiver down my spine. I'm still having a hard time understanding this situation I'm in. I look around subtly and notice his friends seem to have left. They're probably lurking somewhere, keeping their eye on us. I turned and stared at him for a bit before laughing and turning away. Wow I'm so awkward.

"I'm sorry.. I just. What are you even doing here?" I ask him baffled and then bite my tongue. That came out way ruder than I planned but.. seriously! I need answers.

"We have a show in London." He tells me with a smile like that just explains everything and I laugh and sip my coffee again. He needs to stop smiling already, it's killing me.

"I know that.. I tried to get tickets. I meant more like, what are you doing here?" I ask again, gesturing around the park with my free hand and he just looks at me for a while. His green eyes focused on me so intensely it made me all light headed for a minute. You know that nice tingly feeling when you hear a perfect song or... when your crush is staring at you?? Yeah that feeling. His eyes are so freaking green. I thought he had hazel eyes.. Ok I need to stop obsessing over his eyes. This is so unreal.

"We just like to stay at hotels far away from the venue. Kind of throw everybody off. I'm sorry for staring, I'm just trying to figure you out.. Ok that came out weird. You're just not acting like a fan but I know that you know me." He blurts out before he sighs and sips his hot coffee, my mood kind of sinks a bit. He's just being nice so I won't freak out or go around telling everyone they're here. I knew this was too good to be true.

"Well I tend not to freak out or be like those fans. I won't tell anyone. Thanks for the coffee, Frank." I say before starting to get up and ready to walk away. But he grabs my free arm and pulls me back down next to him.

"That was not what I meant. I'm not doing damage control or anything.. I believe you. I just.. it's throwing me off a bit.. in a good way." He smiles a big smile and I think my heart actually stops for a milli-second. Like I said, he needs to stop smiling before I collapse or something.

He smiles his goofy, big smile again and I roll my eyes in amusement before returning the smile as we sip our drinks. I look around, trying to see if anyone else recognises him but he has his cap low and most people here probably don't know of him, let alone expect him to be here. He's being nice and I just don't want him to get scared off.

"I'm sorry you can't see us in London." He says suddenly and I shrug.

"It's life.. I would have loved to go but I didn't have enough money when the tickets got out and they sold in like... what, 6 hours?" I say, trying to make a joke about it but I'm actually really bummed about not going.

"4 hours." He mumbles with a smirk and I giggle.

"Whatever." I scoff, making it seem like I don't care. He bumps my shoulder lightly, comfortingly and I try to hide a smile. Damn it, why is she so cute and sweet? How is he here? Not feeling so bummed about the concert anymore because.. well I'm here on a bench with Frank. Now that really is a once in a lifetime moment.

"I like your hoodie." He says after looking me over from head to toe. I try not to blush as I avoid his eyes.

"Thank you. I like your music." I say, mustering up some bravery and he laughs.

"Thank you. I figured." He says smugly, kicking my shoe lightly where I've written MCR in large letters over the white rubber on the converse's front. I giggle lightly and look away. Since when did I giggle and blush this much? Doesn't feel like me at all. He has me all awkward and self-concious.

"Yeah well I like loads of bands. But you're definitely in the top 5." I smirk, trying to gain back a sense of who I really am around him. I really don't wanna come off as some giggeling fangirl. But it's hard to relax around him.. I'm still not sure this is real though. Maybe I'm laying in a hospital right now, in a coma. There's no way for me to know. Ok I'm being silly now.. It feels pretty damn real.

"Oh thanks. I appreciate it." He smiles before finishing his coffee and sitting up straighter. "So what's your name? It's not fair that you know mine and I don't know yours." He says as an argument and I nod.

"Fair enough. I'm Abbie." I smile and he shakes my hand.

"Very nice to meet you, Abbie. I'm sorry I almost had you killed. I'm glad you're ok." He smirks and if I didn't know better I would think he was flirting with me. But I do know better and there's no way, is there? No...

"Me too." I laugh and finish my coffee as well. The sun is beating on us since the clouds are completely gone now and it's unusually warm for a September day. I roll up my hoodie sleaves and lean back. Franks eyes widen aa he smiles.

"Wow I love this." he says amazed as he carefully grabs my hand in his soft one and examines my right wrist with focused eyes. "The cat eyes are amazing. They look almost real." He says stroking a finger over my skin and the lightheaded feeling is back full force. I try to stop myself from getting goose bumps but it's a pretty involuntary effect. "Why 13?" he asks, looking up into my eyes. We're sitting really close now and as our eyes meet I feel an electric jolt go through my body. I see a flash in his eyes before he pulls away and clears his throat.

"Sorry. Um.. Just curious." He says, almost blushing and I'm baffled by his reaction.

"Ooh no it's ok. 13 is just my lucky number.. Just personal stuff." I tell him and he nods.

"I understand. They really do look great. He stares at my left wrist intently and read the words before smiling. "Well you're definitely beautiful." he says and now it's my turn to blush and look away. Now I'm almost certain this isn't reality but it feels so real. Either way I don't want this to end. He stares at me again for a while before smiling and grabbing my hand.

"Come on." He says excitedly before pulling me with him along the water of the big pond. We find a nice, secluded place on the grass by the water and he sits down first before gesturing for me to sit down next to him. I sit down slowly and look at him as he leans back on his elbows and enjoys the sun on his face. He's being so sweet and cool, I can't believe this is happening. Stuff like this just doesn't happen to me.

"Tell me about yourself." He says with his eyes still closed. It's not a question, it's a request. I think for a minute before laying down on the grass and looking up at the clear blue sky.

"I'm 19, I live alone finally, I listen to music as much as I can, I have a few good friends.. Umm." I think for a while as I fiddle with my lip piercing abcentmindedly. I do that a lot and the clinking sometimes drives my friends crazy. I bite my lip and decide to be a bit bold. I reach over and take off his cap before saying "And I'm a sucker for green eyes." I smile and he turns, looking down at me with focused eyes. It's like he's trying to read my mind, my heart.

"You're different." He says in a low voice as he brushes a piece of hair from my face.

"In a bad way?" I ask him sweetly and he laughs and shakes his head.

"In a very good way." He says, locking eyes with me again and he keeps playing with my hair long after it's out of my face.

So we spend the rest of the day there by the pond with each other. I learn to relax and we talk about everything. He asks me about my life which is boring and ordinary compared to his stories about touring and the band. I learn so many things that I would have never guessed about him, like that he actually gets the most nervous before shows and that he's terrified of thunder because of the stories his dad used to tell him when he was younger. It was the best day ever for me and I always get so amazed now, thinking back on it.

We bonded extremely well that day and started something that makes me so happy. This day changed my life forever and even now after analyzing it I still find it so mind blowing. There are a lot of 'what if's about that day. What If I slept a bit later that day, what if I bought my coffe right when I arrived or later, what if Frank would have gotten delayed somewhere or looked where he was going. Everything about that day was so lucky and amazing. But I'm done questioning it because I'm the luckiest girl alive and I wouldn't want to change a single second of it.

Now it's 6 months later, Mars of 2006, and I'm in a house in New Jersey with my true love. It's late at night and the only thing lighting up our bedroom is my laptop and a small, orange lamp by the bed. Our bed.. It's all gone so fast but everything just feels so right, so perfect. This was ment to happen for both of us and I think I knew that even by the first night when we sat by the pond as the sun was setting. After that day Frank and I didn't spend a single day apart and we knew right away.. This is it.

I feel two arms wrap around my waist as I type away on the laptop infront of me. I smile brightly and lean back slightly as I keep typing slowly.

"Almost finished." I mumble as I feel a pair of cool lips cottecting with my neck. I don't care that he sees, he knows I wanted to write this. No one will believe it anyways.

"It's late, baby. Come to bed." He whisper, his hot breath sending shivers through my body. I write the last sentence and click publish on my long tumblr post before closing the laptop and leaning back into his warm, strong arms. I look around the house I now call home with a smile and sigh happily. This is exactly where I belong.

"Ok let's go to bed." I smile and close the laptop, leaving the room in a soft, cozy orange glow. He grabs my hand and we walk over to the bed and crawl into bed. As always he pulls me close but this time he looks into my eyes and strokes a piece of my hair behind my ear.

"I was lucky too. Finding you.. it was the luckiest day of my life. I love you." He says with his dark, serious voice and I stroke his bangs out of his eyes.

"I love you too. This is where I was always supposed to be." I whisper back and our lips meet in a soft kiss before he wraps his arms around me and holds me close to his chest. He turns off the light and I slowly fall asleep with his strong arms wrapped around me and his heartbeat against my ear. I'm happy now.. truly happy.
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