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Not about MCR, but it's really important. READ IF YOU LOVE HETALIA!!!!

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Okay! I know I'm not the only Hetalian in here, and I promised I'd do this for a couple other cosplay groups on Youtube. Being in a new cosplay group, I know it's hard to get people to notice us outside of our city's cosplay community.

The groups I'm promoting here are really funny and I know they want to be taken seriously as groups. Well, actually every cosplay group does, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, one of the groups is VandettACosplay. They're AMAZING. One of my favorites out of all I've seen on Youtube. They mostly do CMVs and bloopers. They focus on Hetalia, which I love.

One of the others is CrimsonHourCosplay. They do CMVs too. My favorite of them is Don't Mess With England. I like their newest one too. Not too crazy about the song choice though.

Cosplayduo are great too. The one with Scotland and England is funny as hell.

There's a bunch of other groups, but I don't remember their names as well. I'll go on after this and look them up.

I'll put thier names in another chapter X3

Hugs and Hoops,
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