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All This Time That You Still Owe

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Frank and Gerard have finally grown up and are in an old folks home. Now its a year after Jamia died and Frank's feeling depressed. -Frerard oneshot-

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Frank Iero gazed out of the window sadly, watching the orangey-brown leaves drift down from the trees. It was exactly one year since his wife Jamia died aged 64, leaving him stuck in a care home. His children Cherry, Lily and Miles didn't visit him that often, for they were off living their own lives. They were all married, Cherry and Miles had children and Lily was happily living it up running a successful modelling agency.

Frank wished he could be young again.

He sighed as he watched several more leaves fall. He heard someone come into the room, but didn't turn round until he heard the rocking chair creaking. Only one resident in the care home risked sitting on that splintery old thing (which the staff really should have got rid of years ago) - Gerard!

Frank turned round and was met by the smiling, wrinkled face of Gerard Way. He had aged lots since the days of My Chemical Romance. Back in those days it seemed that he would never grow up. Today most people looked at him and saw wrinkles, grey hair and knitted jumpers; just your usual old man, well into his sixties. However when Frank looked at him he still saw the sparky red haired man from thirty years ago. The man who survived drink, drugs and depression before going on to inspire millions of kids all over the world to believe in themselves and not to take anyones shit. The man who pranced about stages, singing in front of millions, kissing his rhythm guitarist and wearing feather boas in an array of colours. The man who was always changing his hairstyle and hair colour. The man who fought imaginary battles while singing 'Na na na na na na na na na na na....'... You get the idea.

Mind you; Frank was the guy that was convinced he was still able to dance around stages like a madman while strumming away at his guitar, even though arthritis meant that he couldn't play a guitar properly anymore. Perhaps that was why he still saw his friends the way they were when they were in their thirties.

"You miss her, hm?" Gerard says sympathetically.
"More than you can ever imagine," Frank sighs.
"I guess you feel pretty lonely, right? I know I did for years after Lindsey passed."
Frank nods slightly and sighs again. "I know we'd all been expecting Jamia's death - she was sick and there was nothing anyone could do. But it's just... All the things she wanted to do, the places she wanted to see but she couldn't.... Sometimes I feel like that was my fault; I was away touring with MCR so much. What if she had a rubbish life and it was my fault?!" his face falls and a few tears prick in his eyes.
"Frankie! Frank, don't talk such piss - Jamia loved you, right up to the end. If she'd had a shitty time being with you she'd have left you. She loved you, Frank!"
"Look, come here," said Gerard, opening his arms for a hug. Frank shuffled over from his spot by the window and into Gerard's arms. He sat on Gerard's lap, his thin legs dangling from either side of the rocking chair. Suddenly it was almost as if they were teenagers again; whenever Frank was picked on or beaten up, Gerard would always be there to hug him and calm him and remind him that he loved him. Frank honestly adored and appreciated Gerard in those moments.

Frank adored and appreciated him now too.

"What're you thinking about, Frankie?" Gerard wonders.
"Just... Us," Frank shrugs and Gerard smiles.
"Me too," he says and he leans in and pecks Frank on the lips. Then he smiles again.
"Jamia loved you, Frank," he says, "And so do I."
Authors Note: This sounded a lot better in my head if I'm honest with you. :-/. Its probably piss:L. R&&R

-Millie xo
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