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The Radio Interview

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Jennifer's brothers come for a visit. What will happen. *ONE SHOT*

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First Panic! story/ one-shot. Jennifer is a fictional character owned by me. Brendon is owned by Brendon. ENJOY!!!!!

The Radio Interview

Jennifer parked her car on the street and walked into her apartment in New York City. It wasn't fancy, as most would think, but it was ok, and it had 2 bedrooms. It was a pretty good bargain, especially when she fixed it up. It was a suitable home for her, and had room for her boyfriend, when he came to visit her.Her boyfriend was Brendon Urie, as you may or may not have guessed, and having room for him was great. She adored his every move, and he adored her every breath. He worshiped the very ground she walked on, and whenever he wasn't on tour, he spent all of his time with her in her apartment in New York. Luckily, his interview was in New York, in a radio station close by, so she could drop him off. As she walked from her car to her home, she saw an all too familiar figure.

"What the...?" she muttered.

She adjusted her glasses to make sure she was seeing correctly.


She hadn't seen her mom in about 4 years, since she didn't have much time, and now, she was here, at her apartment. She moved out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan, dropped all contact with her mother, and never let her mother know where she was. And her mother didn't know...until now. So many thoughts ran through Jennifer's head. What would she say? Her mother never approved of rock music, which Jennifer loved, and Jennifer's comics, another love of hers. That's why she moved out, kept her dream of being in a band, and lost her mother as a contact. Now she was here. As she approached, she realized that her mother wasn't alone, no. Standing there, was her two older, and might I mention, protective, brothers. They were the reason she had to sneak around with Brendon since they were 15. Yes, they would've slaughtered him.

"Jen!" they all exclaimed.

"Hey..." she said awkwardly.

She didn't know what she would say to her mom. She couldn't tell her to leave. After all of these years, she was STILL scared of that 4'11, small, brown woman. Jennifer soon realized Brendon's interview would start any minute now.

"Crap!" she said.

She got out her keys and quickly unlocked her apartment door and rushed in. Her family quickly followed.

"Are you ok,Jen?" her mother said.

"I'm fine" Jennifer replied,as she fumbled with the knobs on her radio.

She soon heard Brendon's greeting to the interviewer.

"Oh thank god" she said, sighing in relief, grateful she hadn't missed much.

"Who is that, Jennifer?" her brothers and mom asked all together. Jennifer couldn't lie anymore.

"My boyfriend..."

They all gasped.

"Since when?" her mother asked.

"Since I was 15" she replied. Her brothers looked angry and shocked.

"Why haven't you told us?" her eldest brother, Derrick, asked.

"Because you would've killed him!" she almost shouted. Derrick was about to reply when her other brother,Adam, stopped him.

"She's right, dude. We would've" Adam said.

"We still will" Derrick said, with a smug look.

Jennifer was about to respond when she heard something that cursed her luck that day. On the radio, loud and clear, everyone in that room, Jennifer, her mom, Derrick, and Adam all heard something that would scar them all.

"So where do you get the inspiration for your songs? Some of them are sex related. What's that about?" the interviewer asked.

"Well, some of my songs I get from really weird experiences that I mold into a song, but the sex related songs are pretty much all about my girlfriend! The first time we had sex,you know, stuff like that. So most of the sex related songs are about her".

Her brothers looked angry, her mother looked shocked, and Jennifer was busy staring at the radio in horror. She wouldn't have minded hearing that from him in an interview, in fact, she would've thought of it as romantic and sweet. But her family was there. Her over protective brothers and her religious, Mexican mom. She was PISSED! She ran outside of the door, with her brothers close behind. She wasn't running to blow off steam. She was running to the radio station.


Jennifer ran as fast as she could to the radio station. It was a miracle she didn't get hit by a bus. In fact, she dodged a few buses. She ran and ran. She finally made it to the radio station. Her brothers were far behind, because they were pissed, but NOT suicidal. That would buy her at least 5 minutes so she could kill Brendon herself. She walked right into the station, her face visibly red, even for her brown complexion, from running and being pissed. She walked right into the room that the interview was being held in. In fact, she was right on time. the interview had just finished. She spotted Brendon,across the room, getting ready to leave. She walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up and smiled when he saw it was his beloved Jennifer. The one who couldn't do anything wrong, the one who could do anything, the one that couldn't possibly hurt him, right? Wrong.

"Oh, hey baby! Did you hear the- OW!!!" he exclaimed, after being cut off by a kick to the shin. "What was that for?!"

"Do you remember why we had to sneak around in high school and do all of that STUFF we did when my family wasn't home?" she asked, feeling a tad bit guilty for kicking him, but still angry.

"Yes, because of your bro-OH! Don't tell me that they-"

"Dropped in for a visit and heard everything you said about me being your sex song inspiration when we were 16 and up? Yes! They did!"

Brendon looked at her in horror.

"Are they still overprotective?" he said quietly.

"Yep." she said, feeling very guilty. It wasn't his fault they decided to drop in.

"Are they headed over here?" he asked.

"Yep." She said, running her hand through her black hair. Now she REALLY felt bad. She gave him a hug and a very passionate kiss.

"I'm so sorry! It's not your fault, ok? I love you!" she said.
He smiled.

"I love you,too"

She was extremely happy. They walked out of the studio, arm in arm. She then remembered about her brothers.

"Brendon! My brothers are pissed and overprotective and they are headed over here right now!" Brendon seemed much more calm.

"Don't worry. I can take them"

Her brothers arrived within seconds. They had red faces, too.

"Is this Brendon?" Adam asked, pointing at Brendon.

"Yep! That's me!" Brendon said, not intimidated at all.

Adam punched Brendon, and Brendon punched back.

All Jennifer wanted to do was stop them, but she knew that once they got started, they weren't going to stop. Brendon could really fight, even if he was fighting two guys at once. Jennifer knew that they would kill each other. There was only one way to stop this, at least for a minute or two.

"I'M PREGNANT!" she shouted.

The three men stopped.

"What?!" they all said.

"I'm pregnant. I have been for two months. Remember, Brendon? When you came back from the tour we..."


They were all silent.
Derrick was the first one to shout "YOU KNOCKED UP MY BABY SISTER!"

He was about to punch Brendon when Jennifer finally shouted


They were all startled by the shouts of the usually calm girl.

"Fine. I'm Derrick, this is Adam. We're her brothers. I have to admit though, you put up a good fight."

Brendon laughed.

"Thanks. But there is one thing I want to address. Why didn't you tell me, Jennifer?" he asked.

"I was busy with the comic book store and the band. I was going to tell you tonight." she said.

He got down on his knees and put his hands on her stomach. He kissed it.

"This is ours!" he said happily.

"Yes it is!" she said.

"Well then, its time I man up and do this." He got out a ring.

"I bought this about 2 weeks into dating you. Even though we were 15, I knew you were the one. Jennifer, I love you. Will you marry me?"

Jennifer was crying at this point.

"Did you even have to ask to know my answer? Yes!"

Her brothers were happy for her, and all of the anger faded away.


They got back home, where Jennifer cleaned her brothers and fiance, and was interrogated by her mother about her band, who was already taking off, and her latest comic book series she planned on publishing. They interrogated Brendon, and even though he was a rockstar, he was accepted. From then on, her life wasn't perfect,it had a few bumps, but it came damn close,and it was sure as hell their happily ever after.

And from then on, they laughed, joked and reminisced on how the day of the radio interview changed their lives.

A/N: That's it! I hope you liked it! Its not perfect, but its my first. Remember, this was entirely fictional! I don NOT own Brendon Urie in any way! Like I said, every aspect is fictional! Review please! Thanks!
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