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Holiday In a lifetime

by Graciee 1 review

Love story, kinda in Ibiza

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Holiday In A Lifetime-(One)
Gracie’s P.O.V
Me, Paige, Gemmaa, Tia, Becky, Jess and Soraya Were off to Ibiza for the summer, and since we’re all eighteen it will be amazing! Drunk every night? HELL YEAH!!! And to make it better our amazingly close friends THE FREAKIN’ MIDNIGHT BEAST were playing there, and to make it EVEN better, Me and Tia were Stef’s best friends! (Ahh...) Kieran was Dru’s best friend and Paige was Ash’s, yeah, us guys are so close!!! And we’re surprising Gemmaa, Becky, Jess and Soraya ‘cuz they don’t know those guys are playing there, and they haven’t met them many times!

Anyway, it should be epic!!! Getting on the plane now, AHH!

YAY! We’re in Ibiza, and I can say it’s definately more sunny than London! We got to our hotel, OMG it was amazing! There was an indoor and outdoor pool, flumes and it was a minute away from the beach. I got a phone call, when I saw Stef pop up I walked back in to take it.

~Phone Call~
Stef: Hey Gracie, we’re outside the hotel!
Me: Hey, okay I’ll bring Tia, Paige and Kieran down, we’ll surprise them then.
Stef: Okay, see you in a min.
Me: Okay byee!
~End of phone call~

I ran over to Tia, Paige and Kieran, and whispered in their ears; “Come on, they’re waiting!” And dragged them downstairs without the others knowing. “HEY!” I shouted, running towards them. They all turned back, arms open for a hug, me and Tia ran to Stef, Paige to Ash and Kieran (Man hug, clearly.) to Dru. We took them upstairs as their room was next to our’s and went into the room, Paige asked Ash were Amelia (His little sis, btw.) was and he said she already ran off with her mates, but she’d be at the opening concert.

So I went into our room and shouted them “ HEY SEXY BEAST’S IN THE BUILDING.” And they turned round, knowing who I was on about, they ran up to me, “WHAT?? HERE?!” I nodded and took them next door, They screamed and Stef, Ash and Dru were just likem “ Hi lol.” Then Stef went over to Gemmaa, Ash to Soraya, and Dru to Jess, I could tell there was gonna be some romance here~
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