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Let down your hair

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A very quick frerard one shot. Just a silly twist on Rapunzel, with some fluff.

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Oh God, I don’t even know what to say about this.
I just felt like writing something real quick so it’s just a stupid cliché drabble of a one shot. Hope you enjoy anyway :’)

“I’m not wearing a dress.”

“Don’t be such a spoil sport. You’ll look fabulous.”

“You’re the girl in this relationship, you wear it.”

“It was your girls’ idea.”

“I have to be a role model for Miles.”

“Implying you want to teach him it’s not okay for men to wear dresses?”

“Well... He’s only three, I’m not about to tell him it is okay.”

“So you’ll tell him it’s not okay?”

“No I’ll be impartial.”

“So wear the dress.”

You wear the dress.”

“It’s your size.”

“I’m sure your fat ass will fit.”

“Oh now you’re getting mean.” Gerard’s grin was annoyingly playful as Frank scowled deeply at him. Both men were stood in their underwear, the product of their lover’s tiff lying between them. A soft, rose pink silk dress.

“I’m not wearing it Gerard.” Frank insisted, eyeing the offending garment with a look of slight fear. “I know I’m gay but this is taking it too far.”

“But Frank, Cherry and Lilly are so excited to see their daddy as a princess.” Gerard smirked, holding the dress up against Frank’s body, dodging the hand that came to swat him round the head.

“It’s Bandit’s birthday, you should wear it.” He snapped, Gerard giggling as he stepped forward and quickly pecked Frank’s lips, unable to dodge the second slap. Frank’s hand collided sharply with the side of Gerard’s head, but the older man only laughed at his younger lover.

“Look, we’re not having this argument.” He chuckled, tossing the dress onto the bed. “Wear the dress and I’ll reward you later.” Gerard winked at Frank as he strut past him to pick up his own costume and make his way into the bathroom to change. Frank crossed his arms tight across his chest, giving Gerard the meanest death glare he could muster.

“Is that supposed to tempt me?” He demanded, Gerard ignoring him as he shut the bathroom door and left Frank fuming in the bedroom. The younger man scowled to himself for a moment before he growled and turned to kick the bed, hissing in pain and hopping around the room clutching his foot immediately after.

Gerard and Frank had been together for just a year now, after going through separate divorces. Both were still good friends with their ex wives and they took care of the kids every weekend. They never had real arguments, but they often bickered like this. Frank considered himself the alpha male, but outside of the bedroom so did Gerard. It meant anything that might indicate one of them as being the ‘girl’ they had to battle it out. Today though, it was becoming increasingly clear that Gerard had won.

Outside in the backyard Mikey was in charge of making sure none of the kids escaped as they sat on picnic blankets and scoffed down mini sandwiches and birthday cake. Bandit was running around with a large ‘five today’ badge pinned to her princess dress, chased by Miles who had come as a superhero despite the Disney princess theme.

A few adults were dotted about, chatting and laughing but the garden was mostly dominated by Bandits friends. Cherry and Lilly were sat quietly together, plaiting each other’s hair and whining about how long it was taking for the play to start. It had been their idea that their daddy and Uncle Gerard should re-enact a fairy tale. The men had laughed it off at first, but Mikey, ever the traitor, had promised the children the play would go ahead and forced the lovers to provide.

Gerard was the first to come into the garden, smirking at the laughs he gained from his prince outfit consisting of white tunic, red cape and golden tights. He felt like an idiot for sure, but he knew his outfit would soon be forgotten when Frank appeared.

The princess of the scene took much longer in showing her face. Frank hesitating at the top of the stairs almost ten times before he finally forced himself to man up and walk downstairs. He had dressed in drag plenty of times before, but that was when he was a teenager going on drunken nights out with his friends to costume parties. This was not a costume party. Well... Not for the adults at any rate, though Ray had come wearing a Cinderella tiara.

Frank reluctantly walked out into the garden with a scowl on his face, holding the hem of his dress off the floor a few inches so he didn’t trip over it. He was wearing a blonde wig that he had wrapped in a bun at the back, so that the children wouldn’t immediately guess what the play would be. Though if they hadn’t already caught on from the sight of the cardboard castle front they had taped to the front of the tree house then Frank would be surprised.

When Frank came into the garden the reaction was predictable but still amusing to everyone but Frank who stood and scowled through the laughter. He snapped sarcastic replies to every joke thrown his way and stormed over to Gerard, jabbing him in the chest with his finger.

“You. Owe. Me.” He hissed, Gerard chuckling softly and leaning down to his peck his lips.

“I know.” He whispered, smiling gently to try and make Frank feel better as he stomped his way to the tree house.

“Alright, let’s get this over and done with.” He snapped, climbing up the ladder as Gerard helped Mikey and Alicia usher the children to all sit nicely on the blankets ready to watch the play. The excitement radiating off them made everything worth it as far as Gerard was concerned and he planted a bright kiss on Bandit, Cherry, Lilly and Miles’ foreheads before he rushed to take his place on the grass.

The narrator for their story was Mikey, and he grinned as he sat on a garden chair and leant forward towards the children, beaming as he began to tell the tale of Rapunzel. He gestured with his hands and spoke dramatically about the princess who was kidnapped by a wicked witch (played by Ray and a plastic baby doll) and left in a tower where she would never see the world. Ray tossed the baby doll into the tree house, Mikey slapping his forehead as a few children gasped at the treatment of the supposed baby, but oblivious to his mistake, Ray flounced off as Gerard stood with the adults, trying to suppress his laughter.

“So, Rapunzel grew up in the tower,” Mikey continued, scowling at the guitarist and rolling his eyes before he looked back to the children. “And every day the wicked witch would leave to collect ingredients for her spells, and when she returned to the tower she would call out to Rapunzel –”

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” Ray cried in a deep baritone, the children laughing loudly at this bizarre choice for a witch and even Mikey couldn’t help but laugh as Ray blushed.

“And so, Rapunzel would let down her hair and the witch would climb the tower.” Mikey added through a laugh, Ray sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “This continued for eighteen years,” Mikey smirked, shaking his head fondly. “Until one day a Prince was riding through the forest.”

At this cue Gerard stepped away from the adults and pretended to ride a horse, gaining some laughter at his strange half skip half run until he came to a halt outside the tree house.

“The prince saw the witch call out to Rapunzel, and then climb her golden hair into the tower.” Mikey spoke, Gerard pretending to watch something with amazement. “Curious to know more, the prince stayed in the trees until the next day when the witch left again and a beautiful girl appeared in the window. It was Rapunzel, looking outside and singing.”

A few squeals resonated from the kids as Frank finally appeared, leaning out the window and singing a song with a soft smile on his face. He looked as if he had never been annoyed about having to play the princess, and he even flashed Gerard a quick grin before he hid from view again as he finished his song. Gerard felt a smile tug on his lips and his heart melted as Mikey started to speak again.

“When the prince heard Rapunzel’s song he found it so beautiful that he fell in love, and he knew he had to see the princess. He walked to the tower and called up to the beautiful girl,”

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel!” Gerard called, looking up at tree house with his arms outspread. “Let down your hair!”

Inside the tree house Frank unwound his bun and threw the fake hair out of the window. The wig was almost three feet longer than he was and it spilt out the window like a golden ray of light. He grinned to himself as he heard the loud gasps from the kids outside, they clearly hadn’t realised his wig was so long and he chuckled quietly as Gerard pretended to climb the hair.

Once he’d reached the top of the ladder Gerard stood on the little balcony outside the door and Frank too came out to join him. The children all gazing up with large eyes.

“Oh! A man!” Frank gasped in a high pitched voice, pretending to be shocked as he jumped back .”How did you find me!?”

“Rapunzel, I came through the woods and heard your sweet song. I am a prince and I have seen the witch that keeps you captive. Please allow me to save you. I love you Rapunzel.” Gerard spoke dramatically, grabbing Frank’s hands and holding them to his chest as he dropped to one knee. “Marry me?”

The children gasped again, a few of the girls squeaking in excitement and Frank had to bite back his laughter as he nodded.

“Oh! You’re the Prince that I dreamt about, come to save me! I love you too, yes, yes I will marry you!” He cried, his face suddenly falling serious when Gerard slid a real ring onto his finger and got to his feet. Frank looked at him in shock but Gerard only smirked and pulled him into his arms.

“Then let us leave, quick before the witch returns.” He grinned, Frank’s head spinning uncertainly as he nodded from instinct and followed Gerard down from the tree house. Once they reached the grass he tugged Gerard across the garden to a secluded corner whilst Ray stepped forward to act out the moment the witch finds Rapunzel gone.

Gerard felt his heart race as he walked down the garden a few metres away from every one, Frank whirling round to face him. Everyone else was focussing on the play so Frank got speaking quick before they were watched.

“What is this?” He hissed quietly, holding up his hand where the silver band was round his finger. “Is this real silver?”

“White gold...” Gerard mumbled quietly, biting his lip as Frank gawped at him.

“I... I thought... Where’s the plastic ring?”

“I didn’t think it was good enough for a proposal.” Gerard said softly, gazing into Frank’s eyes with a hopeful smile. “I promised I’d make it up to you for making you wear the dress...” He mewled, Frank’s eyes growing wider.

“I... What are you saying? Is this real? I... You want me to marry you?” He squeaked, his heart missing a beat as Gerard smiled.

“I was too afraid to ask you properly.” He confessed, running a hand through his hair. “This way I knew you’d say yes, even if you change your mind now.” He chuckled nervously, Frank staring at him in shock for a long moment before he beamed and flung his arms around Gerard’s neck.

“Oh Gee... You idiot! I can’t believe you couldn’t ask me properly.” He laughed, burying his face into Gerard’s neck. “Yes! Yes Gee I will marry you, for real.” He beamed, Gerard sighing with relief and squeezing Frank tight before Mikey yelled at them to pay attention.

The two men chuckled and quickly hurried back to finish the play, standing opposite one another and holding hands as Ray played a vicar and pretended to marry them. Frank’s eyes sparkled, his grin as huge as Gerard’s as their hearts raced.

“And the prince and princess lived happily ever after. The end.” Mikey chuckled, his own eyes sparkling as he watched Gerard and Frank embrace each other tightly and share a quick kiss. He had suggested the proposing being real in the play when Gerard sought his advice, confessing his nerves for proposing to Frankie and how the past month he had been trying to do it and kept losing his courage. Now though it was clear he had finally managed to secure the hand of his beloved.

The children clapped and cheered along with the adults before they all began to run around the garden again. Gerard laughed fondly, used to the fact that no kid sits still for very long, but he was content to let Ray and Mikey chase them about as he stood gazing at Frank in his pink dress and blonde wig.

“By the way, you look beautiful.” He purred, Frank smirking at him and gently hitting his chest.

“Shut up fat ass. Now kiss me.” He beamed, flinging his arms tighter round Gerard’s neck and kissing him deeply as Gerard hugged him close. A prince and his drag queen princess.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.
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