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no plot, not an actual story... just my late night attempt at description.

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/*This is one of the things I've written while on holiday, I managed to get the laptop for a while longer. I will hopefully continue to write while in Florida, instead of go in the sun and burn my face off (literally)
So that's it for now, enjoy the... writing because this isn't really a story i guess xD*/

I feel the adrenaline rush through my system. My body is alert as I can see, hear, smell and even taste the mass of sweaty bodies just a few feet away in the darkness. I know it’s just a matter of minutes, maybe seconds before I get to throw myself in front of them, hear them scream for me and my band mates. Standing on a big stage with three of the best guys I could ask for and making people all over the world happy makes this the best job I could ever imagine.
Franks occasionally dangerous antics, Ray’s calm concentration and the support of my brother Mikey is the first thing I love about playing a set. The next is the crowd. They jump, scream, wave and sing on command. The reaction from them is what pushes me to give my best all the time. It’s the reason we have been successful after 10 years and why we’re still going.
I see the lights dim on stage in preparation for our arrival. The two bands that went on before us are friends and have the crowd warmed up and anticipating our show. I buzz with energy as I take my place centre stage.
All in the same second, Ray starts playing and lights flash up. The lights are so bright, they’re almost blinding. We start with `Nanana…’ and I sing the words with the same feeling and passion as when I wrote them. When the song’s over I welcome everyone and tell them to look after each other. Our fans can get pretty wild at shows and I’d hate for someone to get hurt.
I feel myself start to tire as the end nears. But the mass of people before me are still bouncing with energy and screaming along with me as I sing. I find more energy from them and use it to finish the set. When we leave the stage, I am completely drained. I feel as if I could sleep forever and almost everyone agrees with me. Frank however is bouncing and bounding around with the energy of a thousand skittles. We take some time to meet the fans (which are always so happy to see up, which makes us happy) before we retire to the bus for the journey to tomorrows destination.

t kinda sucked... I'm not too keen on this, but I guess it could be worse right?
Please rate and review and let me know what I need to improve on please :)

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