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Personalized one shot, hope it's good enough for you:3

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I really hope that you enjoy this, i've never really wrote about anything like this before, and i also hope it lives up to your expectations. I came up with the name for your older sister because i know a person who fits the character too well at my old school -_- Without further ado, begin reading, and please leave feedback! x

-----3rd Pov-----
"Let me introduce the newlyweds, Mr and Mrs Iero!" Gerard laughed into the microphone. "And to think, Frank the elf is the only one of us whose had the balls to get married yet! You put us all to shame my friend."
Frank and Penina took his place at the mic stand, Frank jokily shoving Gerard out of the way, he recieved a half hearted punch back. Penina rolled her eyes at their childish antics and joked "Should i really have been the one to marry him? Him and Gerard seem to be getting real cosy over there!" A few people in the congretation wolf whistled and Frank grasped at his chest as though he was wounded and moaned "Woah, insulted my man pride for a second there." She laughed, and he took the microphone from her and sheepishly said "Hey, so apparently we're supposed to dance now so..." The couple moved onto the now- cleared dancefloor, and began their first dance as a married couple as the opening notes of Demolition Lovers kicked in from the worn speakers in the corner of the room.
-----Time jump a couple of months, Penina's Pov-----
I was stood backstage, with my older sister Katie, Christa and Alicia. From the sidelines we had a full view of the stage where we could see all of our boys. Gerard was busying himself by prancing around the stage with a feather boa that a teenage girl had thrown up to him in a bid to get noticed by him, Mikey was stood rimrod still, plucking at his bass without a care in the world, the way he was so relaxed you wouldn't even believe they were in the middle of performing to millions of people. Ray was simply stood on the far side of the stage, headbanging the night away and looking 'fly, and then Frank. He was currently thrashing around on the floor like he was having a seizure, sweat clinging to him like a second skin and blood dripping from his forehead from an 'amp accident.'
Suddenly i was forced to bend nearly doubled over as the all too familiat wave of nausea swept over me, making me break out in a cold sweat. I mumbled an apology to the girls and ran to the bathroom, where all the items i had consumed that day decided to make a reappearence into the toilet bowl. Afterwards i felt so drained i didn't even think i could make the small walk to the dressing room, so i simply lay on the floor, drifting in and out of a exhaustion induced sleep.
What seemed like hours later, i felt myself being carried through the hotel room myself and Frank had been staying in on this leg of the tour, and being softly placed onto a bed, even though i had no recollection of even moving off the bedroom floor. A body slid under the sheets and slung an arm gently over my waist pulling me close. I then heard Frank mumble into my hair "Aw baby, how're you feeling?" I began to make up an excuse in my mind, tried to make an excuse as to why i always ended up throwing up most days, but after a few moments of trying to conceal the truth, i saw no reason to do so. "Frank, i'm pregnant." He froze, then sat up a moment, not sure of what to say. I lay back down onto my pillow, shaking with fear what if he didn't want it? I mean, we'd discussed having children, but never planned for one, not yet, so early into the bands new tour. All of a sudden he asked "You're sure?" I nodded feebly, then gasped in shock as he picked me up into a rib cracking hug, excitedly musing "I've always wanted to be a dad."
-----Around 6 and a half months later-----
I gaze into the mirror, my own reflection glaring back with just enough frustration as i felt. I was eight and a half months pregnant, my long chesnut brown hair was hanging in my face as though it had a life of it's own, i couldn't tie my shoes, and my waters had just broke. One frantic phone call and five minutes later, and my sister Katie was here, successfully tying said shoes, packing me an overnight bag, and driving me to Newark hospital.
After they had finally ushered me into a room and i was settled, Katie attempted to get a hold of Frank, but his voicemail kept picking up instead of him. Katie threw her phone down onto the bed grumbling "GAH. Why the fuck isn't he answering?!" I cast my mind back to this morning and "SHIT."
(Earlier this morning.)
I had just risen from yet another night of tossing and turning sleeplessly, so i had barely even nodded when Frank practically bounced into the kitchen, chirpily kissing my hair and saying "Ohmygosh Penny, I'm so freaking excited! First day of tracking for the next album! If you need anything, you can just go ahead and call Katie cause you know my phone screws up the techno shizz." I hadn't even achknowledged his presence fully before his gone, and i returned to my exhausted, zombie like state.
(Present time.)
Katie echoed my earlier "Shit." Only with less remourse, she was here and all, but only because she really didn't have anything else to do. She had recently got engaged to Gerard, and so for the past few weeks whether i liked it or not, she has chewed my ear off about how excited she was.
(A few hours later...)
I love Katie, i really do. It's just that sometimes, my patience wears thin with her. Like now, for instance, when i feel as though i am about to give birth any second, Frank still isn't picking up his phone, and yet all she is concerned about is her wedding to Gerard. Which i may add, is three fricking years away, and i could be giving birth in three seconds. Hence my annoyance. I let out a half strangled scream as a particularily painful contraction hits me and she barely even batted an eyelid, i hit the roof. I screamed "What the fuck?! I'm led here practically dying, and you can't even try to find out where my husband is and go get him to suffer too?" She stopped in mid-rant about how 'hot' Gerard is, then grabbed her keys and left the room, supposedly to go track Frank down.
-----Frank Pov-----
I frowned "Na Na Na? We're not in a fruit commencial for preschoolers Gee." Gerard pouted, "C'mon Frankieee, it'll be super awesome, i'll make us cool costumes and we'll run around the desert, pleaaseeeeee?!" He was interrupted by Katie bursting through the door, much to the annoyance of our manager wheezing "Frank. Pen's gone into labour, you didn't answer your phone, she's freaking out, i seriously think she's gonna castrate you if you don't get there right now." I jump off my chair, throwing my guitar to the floor in the process, and promptly begin to pace, hyperventilating "Oh my god, baby, labour, penny, gonna kill me....." Ray quickly stood up, slapped me accross the face and yelled "Dude focus, hospital go!" I nod, "gotcha." then run full pelt, with Katie on my heels, to the car where be begin to speed to the hospital.
As we neered the hospital, i gulped, nervously tapping my knee " is she?" Katie didn't take her eyes off the road, and replied emotionlessly "Pissed." I sat back in the car seat and counted down the seconds i had to wait until i knew if my Penina was okay.
As soon as we got to the hospital, i ran as fast as was physically possible toward the birthing unit until a nurse stopped me "Name?" I gasp for breath, wheezing, god i need to stop smoking "Iero." The nurse smiles brightly "Ah. Follow me Mr Iero." I nervously follow her away from the birthing unit to a small room, she leaves me at the door and motions for me to go in.
Inside, sat up on the bed is Penny, who even though she has obviously just been in labour, looks absolutly beautiful. And in her arms, was the newest addition to the Iero family. She looked up as i came into the room and grinned "Who said childbirth wasn't painful? It hurt like a bittcchh." I laughed, then felt instantly terrible as i remembered i wasn't there to comfort her, i began to apoligize "Sorry i wasn't there for you to break my hand babe, it's just that we were-" She soon stopped me with a shake of her head, saying "It's fine sweetheart, i'm sure i didn't look like a beauty queen at the time, at least you're here now right?" She gestured for me to join her sitting on the bed, and then placed the baby into my arms, saying "Meet Kara Iero, your daughter."
Life was perfect.

Well there you have it. Like i said, i hope you enjoyed it, i even sacrificed a shower to finish it;'D R&R, it'd mean a lot!
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