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Because Band, that's why

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New Idea I just had. Can I get some feedback?

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Do you guys know what I do when I write? I write about serial killers and child abuse.
So I've decided to just do something hilarious.
Yeah, Homestuck again. Can't get rid of that thing. It's basically the comic book equivalent of crack.

But, however, I'm going to combine it with band. Not cool band, like the Arctic Monkeys
or The Hives or whatnot. Oh, no. Jazz band. Specifically, Jazz Band and Choir.
Even more specific, a jazz band and choir trip.

If you've ever been on a Jazz band/Choir trip, you will know several things, one of
which being that they're actually insanely fun, you never sleep on the carpet,
and you will have no idea why the second trombone player is in your bed.

Basically, just something fun. I'd greatly appreciate something that appeals to a
very specific fandom type that nobody probably knows about. Why? Because Band, that's why.
Band is awesome. You get horrible uniforms. You get horrible music. You get a horrible
musician behind you who has no other goal in life than to burst your eardrums with their
screeching brass line. But you put up with it, because you get that trip
at the end of the year.

I'm going to be writing this for my friend's birthday next month. Hopefully it will
be done by then. I'm going to be away for the next week and hopefully I'll start working on it then.

End Note.
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