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Love at first sight.

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After the final battle, what will happen when it all ends with Link and Zelda? *Twilight Princess*

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Hello, umm its a little cliche, but meh sorry about that its very late and I am tired, its the end of Twilight Princess but with a twist. (SPOILERS!!) :3

A simple sword slash was all that was to it.
Ganondorf lied onto the cold grass around him surrounded by none other than the rest of Hyrule Field. The wind blew around them whilst Link went for the final blow to the stomach. silence was filled until a scream blasted around the air as Ganondorf led there with the Master Sword plunged inside of him. He stands hesitantly, griping his feet until he stands up right.

"Do not think this ends here. The history of light and shadow will be written in blood."

The Trifoce on his hand fails to co-operate with shining and vanishes. for a moment Ganondorf sees Zant stood there, for that one moment Zant clicks his neck to the side which makes Ganondorf's eyes go as pale at the moon. No longer is Ganondorf alive.

Link stands and stares for a moment until all of the spirits of light appear in the distance at the top of the hill which makes link spin around in amazement.

They dis-aper, leaving a strange figure led on the ground in the distance. Link sees who it is and runs like he has never ran before, assuming its Midna, he believes she didn't survive the last fight with Ganondorf, is she alive?

He stops, peering at the sight on the figure led on the ground, a black dress is covering the figure so you cannot see.

The figure slowly but steadily picks herself up. She turns around elegantly to reveal Minda, not the Imp but the Twilight Princess. Link has never seen this side of her before, more beautiful than he ever imagined.

"What? say something." Link stares at her in astonishment. "Am I so beautiful you've no words left?" Link stares but then his glare turns into a smile, a simple smile.


At the mirror of twilight, Midna has to go home, back to her people and rule all of the Twili.
Link has had such an amazing time with Midna, he doesn't want her to go back, the amount of time he has had with her, has made a huge impact on his life.

"Well... I guess this is fair well huh?" Midna speaks so elegantly. "Light and shadow can mix, as we all know... But never forget that there is a world bound to this one."

"Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin." Zelda says whilst her locks silently float around her face. "One cannot exist without the other. I know now, the reason the goddesses left the Mirror of Twilight in this world. They left it because it was their design that we should meet. Yes that is what I believe."

Midna lifts her head up to speak to Zelda. "Zelda, your word is kind and your heart is true. it in all of Hyrule are like you. Then maybe you'll do all right." Midna turns away to face the Mirror of Twilight and Zelda stares at her through tainted eyes. Her locks again flow through the wind. The light of the stairs appear in a flash.

"Thank you." Minda says.

"Well, the princess spoke truly, as long as the mirror is around we can meet again."

"Link.." a golden tear slithers down the Twilight Princess's blue face gently. whilst the tear falls down slowly, Midna pushes it across the way to the Mirror of Twilight.

"I- See you later." the tear forms bigger and bigger until it reaches the Mirror of Twilight and forms into the middle. The mirror cracks and Midna runs up the stairs surprising Link and Zelda.
Midna turns around and smiles whilst link stares at her, Link tries to stop her by running to her but that does no good, she knows that he wants her to stay but she must rule her world. The mirror reflects making Midna slowly transform into tiny little specks of dust and moving into the Twilight Realm. Her feet go first and as it gradually gets to her head she smiles at link.

She is gone, The mirror breaks with a smash and the Mirror of Twilight is broken, only the true ruler of Twili can completely destroy the mirror, which is Midna, Link now knows he can never see Midna again.

"Lets go back to Hyrule castle and you can stay if you want?" Zelda looks shy and bashful but still elegant as a princess.

"Sure." Link states. He hasn't spoke in a while, he has been lost for words since Midna returned.

They walk to back to Palace hand in hand and talk about what shall happen now that the kingdom is safe.

They get out of Gerudo desert and Link calls for Epona on the device that Ilia gave him and what do you know, Epona rushes to link from a distance. Link and Zelda climb on.. Zelda holding onto link quite closely and they get to the castle.

as soon as they step inside everyone crowds around Link and Zelda cheering and being happy, the castle town folks obviously have known what has happened and who have saved the kingdom. Link and Zelda are thrilled and they join in with the celebration. Meeting little children, eating foods that the baker has offered, sitting by the fountain talking and then having the final dance of the night in the town square, it was nice.

Link couldn't stop looking at Zelda, her long brownie blonde hair moving along with her footsteps gracefully, Link was glad to be held onto her whilst dancing.

"I think I should get going, go back to Ordon village and see everyone." Link has a sad expression on his face.

"Oh no, please stay for one night? you can go back tomorrow." Link perks up.

"Okay." he smiles at Zelda and they make their way into the palace.

They head on into Zelda's room, there is not a lot to take in to consideration, but Link has Zelda to talk to and that is all he needs.

Link sits down onto the bed.

I remember the first time I saw Zelda, beautiful locks folding around her face, her skin was as white as snow and she was scared, scared about everything that was happening around her, the Twilight King Zant had taken over Hyrule, leaving the world into Twilight. I was a wolf with Midna at the time and I had just broken out of the prison cell hoping to find Zelda to tell me what to do. We snuck into her room and she took off her hood, of course I couldn't say anything at the time, I was a wolf, but she was the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my life. I have loved her ever since but I don't know the way to tell her.

I remember when I first saw Link, he was a wolf after he escaped from the prison cell with Midna needing my help, so I told them where to go of course, I didn't think anything of him at the time, he was meant to be a beast but when I saw him at Hyrule castle when I was awoken after Ganondorf transported into my body, I thought it was love at first sight. He is so handsome, his hair flops over the side of his face, his bright blue gorgeous eyes shimmer in the twilight and he is so heroic I have loved him ever since I saw him, but I don't know the way to tell him.


"So? what do you do when you get into your room? Princess things?" Link asks.

"I usually stare out of the window because I have the perfect view of Hyrule field and castle town, so I normally watch the world go by, and do my Princess duties of course."

"Oh, so where am I sleeping tonight?"

"Well, my bed is a double, and you don't even have to be near me, I do not want it being strange for you, unless you wish to sleep on the floor?" Zelda smirks.

"Oh no, the bed is fine, the floor is stone cold." Link brushes his feet to suggest that the floor is like ice to him.

"Okay. I usually get into bed now anyway so I need to get into my pyjamas." Link smirks.

"Don't give me that look, I am getting changed in the bathroom."

Link frowns on the inside.

Zelda comes back after about 10 minutes of being out of the room and Link is already dressed and in bed laying down.

"Comfy?" Zelda says holding onto the door.

"I can't help it you know. Being tired after saving the world and all." Link winks at Zelda funnily.

"Oh, hero." Zelda rolls her eyes as if its not a big deal.

Zelda pops into bed but moves as far away from Link as possible, she doesn't want to scare him if she gets very close.

(hour later)


Link is asleep and I am still awake and bored, I can't sleep too many things are on my mind of the events that took place today, but also I keep staring at link, he is so peaceful when he sleeps. I have evidently moved closer to him by a little but not a lot.

"Z-zeldaaa" Link stirs in his sleep.

I look at him in astonishment, he is asleep but why is he dreaming about me?

"Z-Zeldaa I- I love- y-" My eyes widen and I stare at him, does he really love me? I want him to feel the same way but, I didn't think it would really happen.

"I love you to Link" I whisper to him hoping he didn't listen.

He smiles at me, still asleep though which is good, that would have been embarrassing if he was awake.

I wonder..

No Zelda he is a asleep don't even try it.

But he is so beautiful I have to try I just want to know what it is like.

Zelda this is a mistake.

Oh whatever, if it gets me into trouble that's my fault.

With that, I gently placed my chapped lips upon his silky smooth ones, hoping he doesn't wake up. I just wanted to see if anything would happen, and it did. I saw fireworks behind me and roses as I kissed him. I let go and opened my eyes slowly to see Link led with his head on the pillow and his eyes wide open.

"Oh, I am so sor-"

I was cut of by Link holding my cheek into his hands and passionately kissing me one more time. He let go of me.

"I thought you didn't like me, I was wrong." he smiles at me that pefect smile.

my cheeks blush red with embarrassment but happiness as well.

"I must confess, since I saw you today, I do now believe in love at first sight."

"When I was a wolf and you took of your hood, I fell in love straight away." He kisses my nose.

"But you can't be with me, I am a commoner and you are a Princess." He frowns.

"You are a hero, and hero's can marry Princess's" He beams a light which were his perfect white teeth shining with a smile.


I lay with my head on his chest and him stroking and kissing my head.



"What are we now? Are we together?" I say confused as to what is happening.

"Whatever you want to happen, it will happen." he sounds very reassuring. He snuggles close to me pulling me in tighter.

"I want it to happen." I bury my head into the crook of his neck and he kisses my forehead.

"Link did you know that you talk in your sleep..." I smirk.

"What are you getting at Zelda?" he is sounding worried.

"Well, you basically confessed your love to me."

"Really? now we know the truth, I. love. you. Princess. Zelda."

"I, I love you to Link" we lay there for the rest of the night, him twiddling my hair and kissing my forehead. I never knew I would find love but now I have.

Nice and sweet :')
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