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“Hey! Fucker! What the hell was your faggotty ass doing near my now soiled yard?!”

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This is probably the first chapter I guess. This is the first story I've ever posted online so I'd love any feedback on whether or not I should keep posting. thanks. xox -H.Halo

By Hostile_Halo

2031-Device created to test babies to see if they’ll be hetero or homosexual
2034- A bill passes throughout the US: All babies now must be tested. Homosexual babies will be permanently marked HMO on their upper left shoulder. The treatment is similar to getting a tattoo but used with a laser instead of a needle so it can in no way be removed.
2034- Gerard Way is born
2035-Ray Toro is born
2036-Mikey Way and Frank Iero are born
2037-All HMO babies will be put up for adoption and must be adopted by homosexual parents
2039-Homosexuals are no longer allowed to work the same jobs as any heteros
2043-HMOs are no longer granted an education at any public or private schools in the country and are no longer granted jobs with pay
2045-Another bill passes: protecting, sheltering, aiding, or abetting any homos is illegal. Persons younger than 15 will be given a strict government curfew, must be homeschooled and if ever caught again be sent to a juvenile detention center until adulthood (18 years of age). Persons 15 or older will be sent to juvenile detention center then transferred to prison for a total of thirty years. (If 15-17 years old) Or sentenced to life (18+ years of age)or death in some states.
2052-Present Day

I slowly walked across the edge of the street. A strong wind blew my long black hair in front of my face. Not for the first time I wish I could afford warmer clothes, or at least something without the holes. Even though it was dark and past midnight, I was cautious not to walk out where I would draw attention. If someone saw me they might just think I’m some homeless guy, or a kid out way past curfew. One look at the HMO on my shoulder and they’d know. They’d know instantly I’m someone’s who’s different. Someone who deserves nothing. Someone for them to despise.
I walked into an alley looking for something to eat. A rat scurried past me and I considered chasing after it, but I honestly felt to fatigued to do so. Someone had smashed in the window to my side. A big shard of glass of broken glass lay against the building’s wall. I starred at my reflection;two deep hazel eyes sunken into a pale face starred back at me. My skin was tarnished with scratches and bruises, mostly from fights I’d gotten into. Most of them with random Heteros off the street. Of course some of them had involved other HMOs over stupid shit, like last scraps of food in a garbage bin. I wouldn’t exactly consider myself selfish or anything, but I’ve got to eat too.
I turned away from the glass and walked further on down a dark road, trying to find a place to lie for the night. I considered near the back exist of the town’s burger shop. As a bonus they always had leftovers in their dumpster, but it wasn’t very comfortable out there. Besides, I’d spent too much time there. You can’t spend too much time in one place. I was running out of town to roam around in. I actually thought about going to “my” house. Mikey’d be happy to see me, but I can’t say the same about my parents.( Yeah, I mean my real parents not my adoptive ones. I went to an orphanage until I was seven when I finally ran away, and I’ve been on the road ever since.)
When I was eight I had tried to go back once, I was too young to register how much my parents would hate me. It wasn’t too hard to figure out where they lived. When I got there Mikey was outside playing in the backyard. He got real excited to learn he had an older brother, and was fascinated by my HMO mark. Soon though our dad came outside and nearly shot me down on the spot. I doubt he had any idea who I was, but then again the only good HMO is a dead one, right? Mikey and I were pretty good at keeping in touch after that, but I hadn’t seen him in a year or so. He’s got to be what sixteen now? Yeah, that’s right because I’m eighteen in April. I’m going to have to figure out how to get him a birthday present. He’s the only reason I keep coming back to Belleville. I’m lucky no one here has recognized me yet.
I was near the outskirts of town, which is really just a clump of houses and a park or two. I walked along the sidewalk running my fingers quietly across the wood fences that protected the Heteros’ homes. I was looking for an ¥ carved into a post. We left this as a sign to say that house had lots of food in their trash. Or we would etch an Ø. The people at that house would kill any homo they saw. Some had both, so depending how desperate you were you could really take food from anywhere. Of course it was illegal for us to do this, but hell it was illegal for us to about anything around here except breath. Actually, I think Congress is working on that one.
I finally came across a fence post with an ¥ symbol. I looked around to double check that no one was out, and then I hoped the fence. I went straight for the cans on the side of their house. I opened the lid to one and to my delight pulled out a pizza box that still had half a pepperoni pizza in it. I gulfed it down it all within a matter of minutes. I licked my lips and put the lid back on the can. I was halfway across their backyard when their back porch caught my eye. It looked like it could easily fit a body underneath it. I shimmed my way under the porch and was surprised how much room there was. I was able to lie flat on my back and could stretch all the Way out. I felt the damp grass tickle the back of my neck. I let out a content sigh and closed my eyes. Slowly I felt myself drift to sleep.
I was startled awake to the sound of annoying yapping and squeaking above my head. I peeked through the cracks in the porch and made out two little chihuahuas scampering around. A pair of black sneakers danced around them. A teenage boy's voice talked along with them, "Pea! If you bite Peppers one more time! I do not care who started it!" I really hoped the kid realized they weren't actually talking. He knelt down to pet one of them and almost hit my eye.
"Shit!" I said.
Then mentally smacked myself as he called out, "What was that? who's there?"
A Heties stabbed me before and THIS was how I was to be found out? THIS was how i was going to die?Of course this was all my fault. I’m usually a lot better at waking up before any of the heteros do. After a moment of silence, well except for the dogs, I heard a door slam and I exhaled deeply. That could have been a lot worse. I peeked through the cracks one more time to make sure whoever was really gone then squirmed out from under the porch. I was halfway across the lawn when a loud slam made me stop dead in my tracks.
I held my breath just long enough for them to say, “Hey! Who are you?!” before I broke into a full sprint and leaped over their fence. The sound of pounding shoes against the ground confirmed my suspicions that I was be followed. My mind raced quickly as I tried to think of a way to escape. I remembered that only a short ways away was a clump of trees, which I suppose could be classified as a forest. My thoughts swirled around my head in rhythm to the clomp-a-clomp-a my feet made with each step.
Why did this guy insist on following me? But I only shook my head at the thought. It didn’t matter. What did matter is that he had seen me. Now, I had to get out of here. Someone could identify me in this town and that was not good. That could be the death of me. You cannot be an HMO and be known in a town. Not even by one hetero because then they tell their friend and their friend tells their parents and their parents tell their neighbors and their neighbors tell their cousins and their cousins tell the mailman and the mailman tells that woman who opens the door for him and then she sees you on the street runs inside grabs her rifle off the mantle and shoots you down for disturbing her neighborhood.
I finally reached the edge of the forest, but didn’t stop running until I reached the thickest, innermost part of it. I flung my hands down on my knees, bent over panting almost as hard as my heart was beating. Despite the fact that a cool November wind was blowing and I was barefoot I still felt very hot as my damp T-shirt clung to my sweaty back. Only a few seconds later I felt a tap on my back that made me jump a foot in the air. I swiveled around and came face to face with “Mr.Blacksneakers”. I took just a moment to take him in from his choppy black hair, glistening eyes, and lip ring to his black skinnies and striped hoodie. I was sure he was doing the same with me although my tattered white tee and jeans three-sizes-too-small probably didn’t give off as good as an impression. I had to tell myself to calm down. I mean after all there was no way he could really know for sure that I was a homo.
Deep breaths, I reminded myself when at last he spoke, “Hey, umm, what…a…why… I mean what were you doing in my yard?”
Well I suppose this was better than, “Hey! Fucker! What the hell was your faggotty ass doing near my now soiled yard?!” I answered by saying, “I was just…wandering around”.
“This is a small neighborhood” he pointed out, “how come I haven’t noticed you around before?”
“I just got here last night” It wasn’t really a lie. This answer must have satisfied him, because he changed the subject. Though I wish he’d just get off my back.
“Aren’t you cold at all? It’s got to be below freezing out here” he asked. I had to hold back laugh at this question. I can’t even remember the last time someone had a asked me anything like that. Sure, I guess I was cold but I was always cold when the temperature started to drop like it did now. I’d be fine once it started coming up in spring though.
“Uhm, no I’m fine” I finally answered.
He shrugged and let out a cute little laugh that made me smile even though I was trying to keep my face neutral., “ If you say so, I think I’d freeze if I were you…oh I’m Frank by the way .”((Do ya’ll get it? He’s Frank by the Way :3))he stuck out his hand. I shook it firmly realizing that he’d be the first hetero I had ever touched, no including Mikey.
“Gerard” I introduced myself simply, “look I’d stick around but I really should—“
He cut me off, “Why’d you run away in the first place? I’m not that scary looking am I?”
I was surprised to hear myself laugh, this was another first for me that had happened in a long time, “No” I admitted to him, “I just startled me”. I kept reminding myself to focus. I needed to get out of here. Now. “But really…I’ve got to go home” I said. I’m not sure why I said this. Probably because I’m an idiot.
“Where’s that?” he asked curiously. Not that I blamed him I suppose curiosity is normal thing to have when a strange person appears in your yard then runs away for no apparent reason. “Maybe I could give you a ride?”
I shook my head, “I’m okay really”
As I walked away from him I heard him call out to me, “See you in school!”
I chuckled to myself. School. As if.
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