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Please, take a plot. I have too many ideas and not enough fingers.

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NOTE: I am currently working on distributing the material for each story that has been claimed. I apologize for the wait and I ask that you be patient because I haven't forgotten about any of you (I don't think) It's just taking me awhile to find and collect all the notes and pieces for every story. I am working on it though. Once again, I apologize.

(You can skip this part if you’ve read it before… it doesn’t change… ever. Just read the bolds because I bold everything important)

I have a proposition for you people of Ficwad.

So I have this problem with my mind where it just will not shut up. Ever.
Recently it has taken to spewing out a thousand story ideas at once. Some elaborate and others, well not so much. Either way I know for a fact that there will never be enough time in my life for me to write full stories to all of the plot lines my mind has come up with. I find this a shame because I would really like to see these stories written. This is where you people come in.

See I was thinking I could post a summary type thing of each story/plotline/idea I have and then if one of you out there finds it interesting I would send them whatever material I have on that story. For some stories I do have a couple main scenes written and entire plotlines filled out, for others I maybe have just a short scene and that is all. Although just because I have something already written or thought out that doesn’t mean you have to use them or follow them. I guess it would be a colab of sorts but not really because I would just hand everything over and be like ‘Good luck, it’s up to you now.’ But if someone did want more help and ideas on any one of the stories I would definitely be there to assist. I think what I am trying to say is that if you wanted to take the story into your own direction then I wouldn’t mind, but if you wanted to stick to the original and did want it to be more colab-ish then that would also be fine. I just want to give you a seed, it’s your decision on how you let it grow… if that even makes sense.

Oh, and so you know I do have a variety of P!ATD MCR and a couple Gabe/William stories. And maybe one original, can’t remember. (I have them all written down somewhere.) They range from one-shots to some that I can be seeing well over novel length.

You must,must, must, EMAIL ME if you would like to write a story.
DO NOT REVIEW unless you leave an email address for me to contact you through.
My email :

If you leave a review stating you would like to write a story and leave no way for me to contact you then your claim on the story is invalid.

Also, even if none of these interest you feel free to email me with random questions or statements. I love to talk/type/converse with people.

Just so everyone is aware, this will be updated regularly with new ideas and I will be taking the ones that have been claimed down. I have a couple more story ideas that I will put up as time goes by so keep an eye out for this.



Chaptered Stories: My Chemical Romance:

BL/ind. (Danger Days: Strangers in a Strange Land)
Part I - The world has just been corrupted by BL/ind. Four scared and lost boys manage to escape from the inner city and suburbs, finding sanctuary in the barren desert that surrounds it all. While wandering aimlessly they manage to find each other, trying to decide what action to take next. It’s a forced type of trust as they try to survive in an unforgiving land. During the journey they all must deal with the shock of reality as it hits them at various times, each trying to handle it in different ways. They are all barely holding on and the war has just begun.
(Violence, swearing, no pairings.)
AN: Kind of like the making of the Killjoys. Has a second and third part if wanted since I have that planned out also. Be warned that this thing could very well be LONG AS FUCK. No joke, some heavy commitment is needed for this. We're talking a year to write, at least.

Hold on Tonight (Helena)
Frank just wanted to escape the house he had been forced to call home. His mother had gone on another slurred rant about how it was his entire fault. It was always his fault. Gerard was running away from the emotions he didn’t feel, but knew he should. They were there, towered up above his head and ready to collapse down on him at any moment. He’d been driving since the funeral. Neither one could see clearly through the tears, their own and the skies. Neither noticed the other before it was too late. The hit is clean, straight on bumper to bumper. Everything should have been alright. Both of them should have been able to leave the scene without too much damage. The only problem being that Frank hadn’t worn his seatbelt.
(Minor violence, swearing, alcohol consumption, dark themes, Gerard/Frank)

Chaptered Stories: Panic! At The Disco:

Circus City
Ryan Ross could be described as thin and pale. He moved in and out of people’s lives swiftly; they barely noticed as he faded with nothing left to show that he was there. You could say he was like smoke in that way. But Ryan Ross had never smoked a cigarette before, never been drunk or tried anything stronger than Aspirin. For his entire life Ryan Ross had been sober. He remembered every moment, every name and every face. Ryan Ross made a very good drug dealer.
When a new drug is released into the underground world things in Ryan's life become complicated as the two very different sides of his life start to collide violently.
(Alcohol and drug abuse, sex, violence, character death)

Addictive Misery
Spencer and Jon had an ugly sort of love. One that was desperate and destructive; it tore them down piece by piece. Neither were in the right state of mind to handle something so strong. They are both battling their own inner demons and make things work but things are starting to falter. Everything comes to an end when Jon is hit by a car, dead as soon as he hits the ground. Spencer’s world literally stops. He doesn’t move from where he’s sunk down to the ground after hearing the news, the phone cast away to the side. At some point the electricity is cut off and time melds away until the waiting is all that’s left. Spencer’s waiting for Jon to come through the door, or for his heart to stop; whichever comes first. What Spencer doesn’t know is that Jon’s sitting across the room, his own back resting against the wall as he is forced to hear Spencer’s thoughts as he slowly disintegrates in front of him. It’s a cruel form of Hell.
(Suicidal thoughts, character death)

Jon Walker was a good cop. He was never late for work, always made his quota of speeding tickets and never complained about the lack of excitement in his day-to-day life like the majority of rookies. The moment things started to go downhill for Jon can be pinpointed to the exact second his eyes took in the sight of Ryan Ross.
(Mentions of sex, NO PAIRINGS, includes drug dealing, violence, swearing/vulgar language)
AN: The one where Ryan’s a prostitute, Spencer’s in a gang and Brendon is just some university kid desperate for money

X On the Calendar
It was on the night of July 19th, a Wednesday, that for the most part mirrored every other summer night. That is until Brendon dies in a drive by shooting while trying to protect Ryan. As Ryan holds his limp body Brendon promises that this isn’t the end. He bleeds to death on the way to the hospital. In a hazy blur Brendon makes a deal with a shaded figure, one that gives him a second chance to relive that day. He wakes up that Wednesday morning as though nothing happened, Ryan being oblivious to it all. Things proceed and while he tries to prevent any harm coming to either Ryan or himself he ends up dead by nightfall. Every time he dies he wakes up once again in his bed the same morning. Day after day and night after night Brendon tries but fails to survive, and soon it’s as though he’s in some sort of hell. Not to mention the patronising figure that seems to loom around him isn’t helping.
(Character death, violence, swearing, Brendon/Ryan)
AN: Sort of like Ground Hog day if you have ever seen that movie. As things proceed there’s talk about fate and destiny and all that so beware if you aren’t into that stuff.

The 1920’s were full of hard liquor, easy girls and flowing cash; the parties never ended. Mr. Ross is a well-known and wanted aristocrat bachelor that had made a name for himself by throwing the most decadent parties that were truly something to remember. The key to an invite to a Ross party was being seen in the right places at the right time with the right people every day of the year; few were able to attend consecutively, even fewer were given the right to bring a plus one. It’s during one of his memorable parties that Ryan Ross finds himself inexplicably drawn to a pair of blue eyes filled with disinterest. Ryan finds himself unable to think of anything other than this man who seems to be the only person in Vegas that wants nothing to do with him.
(Ryan/Spencer, alcohol and drug use, swearing and mentions of sex, minor violence.)
AN: Based on the song ‘Crave You’ by Flight Facilities and the trailer for ‘The Great Gatsby’

Chaptered Stories: Gabe Saporta and William Beckett

Gabriel Saporta is an attractive man; no one can deny this no matter their gender or age. Gabriel Saporta is also a cunning bastard who has gotten away with sleeping with the better half of the NYC nightlife scene, including both women and men. He quickly takes an interest in the boy he found drinking alone; such a beauty like that should not be left unattended. William is the new kid on the scene, still blue eyed and socially acceptable. Seeing the grace and style that William holds Gabe wastes no time taking the kid under his wing, showing him how things are in the underground world of alcohol, sex, drugs and heavy bass. William is easily corrupted, but he’s not as naïve as some may think. He can see the way people look at him now, he knows what people want from him and he knows exactly what he wants from them. He’s going to make them all beg for it, even Gabe. Especially Gabe.
AN: In case that didn’t make sense - Gabe takes a respectable William and turns him into a sexy beast. Then William becomes the biggest tease anyone’s ever seen.
(Sex, alcohol and drug abuse, swearing)

One-Shot Stories: Panic! at the Disco:

The four friends can easily be divided into the four seasons and really, it's the only way people know how to describe them. The most obvious would have to be Brendon who could only be summer. He has a bright smile, charming and warm personality that everyone loves and was without a doubt handsome. With his laid back attitude and the fact that he changed quietly and beautifully Jon was autumn. Ryan was withdrawn, cold and harsh with strangers and only understood by friends, making him winter. And then of course was Spencer, constantly busy and full of life. He might be a bit frosty in the beginning, but he would warm up eventually.
AN: Just a descriptive OS idea that might be good to do just for practice or experimentation with a new style of writing that you've always wanted to try or something. I dunno.

Parting Glass
Ryan is a knight who has lived through more than he should have. He’s grown throughout the years and reflects on how he has done well for himself as he walks around his deserted estate. He had come from struggle and poverty into riches and knighthood by fighting fierce and persevering even when things were against the odds. But now once again he is being called into battle, a battle that everyone knows no one will be returning from. He must now part with his old comrades and sweethearts. He had held one last dinner with the few closest people in his life and he doesn’t have the heart to tell them. He knows it is cruel and selfish not to let them know of his fate but he can’t face their reactions. In the grand scheme he is glad that he is going; glad it was him chosen and not anyone else for he wouldn’t wish this upon an enemy.
(Heavy/serious topic, a reflection piece)
AN: Based on the Irish folk song ‘Parting Glass’

Alright so let’s all keep in mind that I suck at summarizing almost as much as I suck at writing. I do realize that there is no way I can stop anyone from steeling the story ideas without letting me know but it would be nice if you did because for most of them I have left out a few vital things that just make them (in my mind) all around more epic. Each one has at least a small twist and two sides of the story, like a beginning and end (I suck at middles) except of course the one-shots. I do have a few more but I am not ready to let them go yet D:

Also if there are two people who want the story I will check out some of your previous works and give it my stuff to the one I think will write the story better. This doesn’t mean you have to be all grammatically correct (although that is a plus) I will base it off the style of writing and the moods of your previous stories to see if I think it would fit you. This does not necessarily mean you can’t write the story. Like I stated previously there is physically nothing I can do to stop anyone from using these ideas, I would just prefer you didn’t without informing me. I am just trying to be careful too because I don’t want a thousand stories based off of the same idea which is why I will only give my material to one person.

BUT if I send my stuff to someone and they decide they no longer want to do it I will rebound it off onto someone else. So if there are two people wanting the same one and after a few chapters the one I gave it to quits (pleasedon’tquit) then I will give to the other person and they can decide whether or not to use the chapters already done or start from scratch.

Also please note that if you do take on a story please be dedicated to it. I don’t care if it takes you a month to produce a chapter but just don’t decide you are done with the story half way through. I want someone who will be dedicated and you should all be fully aware that it may take almost a year maybe more (even if you update regularly) to finish some of these all the way through. I know it’s a huge commitment but just think about it.

Thank you all for listening/reading and I am seriously sorry if this was just a huge waste of time for you. Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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