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I need to know

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What's a beta? Gunna delete this after camp (my 5 days away from home)

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So I am considering getting a beta
But what the fuck is it
What do they do
And why do people use em (Ryro my second Voice and sane version of me: Makes your writing better)
Oh okay, but (when) I figure out a beta thing is, would you guys help me out?
Yes, no (oh and one would be a Panic! FIC by the Gee and Miket Way (damn bad joke, sorry)
So yea,for mah readers
-Leaving for camp today (need to finish packing)
-Expect no updates until at least Friday night (my time)
-I will update though
Bye guys wish me luck (it's raining today, supposed to be raining the full time D:)
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