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The Tragic Tales Of A Teenager In Love

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-Temporary Title- welcome to the tragic life of ruby, who seems to attract bad luck, this does not help when she falls hard for a very very attractive boy who has a very dark secret.

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welcome to the tragic life of ruby, who seems to attract bad luck, this does not help when she falls hard for a very very attractive boy who has a very dark secret.
this gets better it has a twist, hint (it involves vampires;)

My life was a joke.

okay slight understatement, iam not really homeless starving and abused, but bad luck seems to LOVE me.

you see iam clumsy, prone to falling over everything, iam that person that would be wating in que for hours to see her idol and just before i get to the front, they have to pack up and leave, the girl that ALWAYS has to read the complicated words in english, who only last week lost a scratch-card that i won $60 on, that girl, getting the drift, yeah..

'RUBY' my mother yelled, so very very loud

trailing downstairs, to my doom i was met by her looking very..nice?

'yes' i smiled

'go get ready, we're going to dinner'

'do you even know where to go' i asked, seen as this was our third day in a new town, New Jersey, we moved cos my parents split and my grandma lives in NJ i wont bore you with a boring sob story.

'Yes, there is a lovely italian diner on the corner, you're grandma told me about it' she said getting my little sisters shoes on.

I sighed inwardly, i didnt really like social situations..

Running upstaris and shoving some old band shirt and jeans on and putting my brown boring hair into a messy ponytail then putting on makeup i was basically ready.

I ran downstairs, feet stomping got the the third step and triped on my shoelase, i went flying down the stairs headfirst screaming all the way, great, just awesome, WHY ME?

And my mother and 4 year old sister libby helped me so much by standing and laughing at me, laied looking like a dead seal at the bottom of the stairs. ow fucking ow.

'thanks for the help mother' i mumbled, brushing myself of, and standing up shaikly.

she just walked off AND LAUGHED MORE! seriously, in the back of my mind i hope i got brain damage or somthing, so she would feel guilty.

after more laughing (on my mother behalf) we headed for the italian diner, ON FOOT. my mom made us walk because it was 'only up the street' PFFFT i swear we walked about 4 god damn miles.

when we got there i had to admit the place was cute and small, very italian, it was colour coded red and oak wood, and was dimly lit by the candles dripping wax from each table, and every worker was clad in red polo shirts and black trouses.

'hello, can i get you a seat' an over exited busty blonde girl who looked about my age (17) asked, she was so happy it made me cringe away.

we got sent to a little booth in the back, i ordered my usual spagetti knowing full well i would leave this place with it spilled down my clothes, I DONT CARE!

'Ruby, darling, are you sure you want that, you always make such a mess' my mom sighed looking at the menu.

'Yes, mother iam fully capable to eat, thankyou'

i was amusing myself by colouring a childrens picture, my stomach was groaning at me, i was just about to complain when our server came, he was about my age, maybe older? shabby black hair that hung lose around his jaw line, he had very pale skin almost see-through, his eyes where dark and troubled lined with eyeliner and a sturdy posture, jackpot!

'hello, he said in monotone, my name is gerard, ill be your server for this evening, he tried to crack a fake smile but ended looking like he was in pain i almost laughed, but then stoped myself, because that would be weird..

my mom ordered for us, and he walked away to get our drinks, i was blissfully aware i was staring like a madman, he most likely had a girlfriend, oh well, no harm in looking

in my state of daydreaming i didnt realise libby was eating my crayons and my picture of a happy mexican, wasnt fully coloured in.

'LIBBY DONT EAT MY CRAYONS I HAVENT DONE'! I yelled, maybe a little to loud.

as always i timed it right as Gerard, the hot server was walking up with our drinks.

He coughed slightly..

'Would you like some more crayons miss' he asked a slight grin on his face.

I went to reply but my fork tipped and a forkful of spagetti landed on my breast area, this made my mother my sister and the hot waiter burst out laughing and me to blush a very very bright red.

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