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Gabe likes it when Mikey dreams. GABEKEY drabble.

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Gabe loves watching Mikey sleep.


He loves watching Mikey dream. He looks so peaceful, so innocent, so sweet, so… Unlike Gabe’s sure he does when he dreams. Largely because he only ever has filthily dirty dreams. Hot dreams. Sweltering dreams that make everything inside him melt into gloopiness.

Dreams about a certain Michael James Way.

Mikey looks so unlike Gabe that it makes the older man realise something quite startling; he is far from the perfect little angel his parents bought him up to be. But that’s okay.

Because he’s holding a perfect little angel in his arms.

A/N: One hundred words of Gabekey fluff as part of a request for Gabekey from a friend on deviantART. Hope it's alright and please let me know what you think! :)
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