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Chapter 6

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Uhm... Oh, yeah. Training.

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I glanced out the window of the moving car, scanning the layout of the area. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which was very, very good, considering what was about to happen.

Kobra Kid stopped the car and released the wheel slowly. I didn’t know what to do, as Gerard had left earlier to ‘make preparations’, as he had said it. So I sat there, knees touching in the passenger’s seat. “Well?” he asked, nearly snapping at me but keeping his voice quiet. “You have training to do, killjoy, you need to show us what you do.”

I let out a small ‘oh’ and got out of the car slowly, looking around in the early morning light. Gerard and I had spent all night together, me learning faces and him learning random bits of information about me. He told me that I needed to know who the main killjoys were and how to tell others; I told him how I’m a vegetarian and that I’m a Catholic that believes in having many dogs instead of children. Overall, it had been a good night. A tad bit disappointing (my mind was still doing very bad things), but relatively good.

Walking out into the darkness, I sniffed the air. I smelt smoke. There was no fire around here though. I took a deep breath in and trudged forward, shoving my hands in my pockets to keep them warm. It was a cold morning. I was freezing. Thank god for skinny jeans, eh? I rolled my eyes at my mind and pressed on, listening for something, anything. There was no sound, no mo—

I was cut off by a gag going over my mouth and a gun being pressed into my spine. I quickly elbowed the person behind me and grabbed my gun, kicking blindly in the dark but hitting something as a crack sounded and a thump resonated, breaking the sickening crack that was echoing through my head. I felt hands grab my ankles and I jumped up, now shooting at whatever was down there. It had to be one person. Just one. It had to be just one. Hands gripped my chest and began pulling me backwards, dragging my feet on the ground and knocking one shoe off. I threw my head back quickly and knocked the person’s chest, hurting myself in the process but giving me enough time to knock the gun against the person’s crotch. They fell backwards and onto the ground, not trying for my legs like the other one had. I stood up straight and pulled my scarf up my nose, prepared for any other charge coming at me. I felt wind brush past my side and I spun, quickly pulling out my knife and putting myself in my fighting stance. More wind fell in front of me and I stuck my arm out right as a body collided with my fist, thudding harshly against the skin. Hands grabbed my ankles again and tugged my down when I was standing up again, knocking me backwards and causing my gun to fly out of my hand. I still had my knife though. My pants were soon being tugged on relentlessly, and I allowed myself to be tugged closer to the body, in order to stab the body. The hands got to my knees and I lunged forward, cracking my back but hitting the other in the face before plunging the knife in what I thought was their chest. I heard somebody voice ‘sushi’ in a slightly pained voice, and light clicked on in a circle in the area. I was able to see. And I was able to see I had stabbed Party Poison in the thigh.

Ho. Ly. Fuck.

My eyes went wide as I scrambled closer to Gerard, who was pulling the knife out of his leg slowly while wincing. “Ge-Party?” I stuttered nervously, blinking harsh at all the blood on the white cloth. Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit… My mind began muttering as I ripped strips of my shirt to wrap them around Gerard’s leg. Shitshitshitshitshit…

Gerard chuckled and looked up at me, smiling a little cocky smile. “Frankie, pet, you’re talking out loud again”, he said, taking a strip of cloth from my dirty hands. “You need to learn how to avoid that. What if you gave away precious BLI information again?”

I bit my lip and nodded, setting the rest of the strips on my leg and helping Gerard tie the first. “Soo…” I said awkwardly as Jet Star and Kobra Kid walked over, both astounded. “Was that a trial?” I asked, looking up at the two as Gerard took yet another strip and wound it around his leg.

Jet’s eyebrows went up. “You stabbed Poison,” he said, still stunned. Then he raised his hands slowly, and began clapping; a slow, deliberate clap. “Something not yet done by anybody we’ve trained. And we’ve trained a lot. Congrats.”

I looked at Kid, smiling from the praise. He was scowling. Deeply. “Stabbing my brother is fun, I guess, Frank?” he asked sharply, cocking his head to one side. “Did it give you the satisfaction you so desperately want?”

My smile faded and I looked at the ground, my mind going in automatic Battery City mode. “No sir,” I said quietly, my hands folding quickly. “It does not.”

A hand laid itself on my shoulder, and I looked up to see Gerard smirking. “Mannerism. That’s new,” he said, patting my shoulder. He looked up at Kid and smiled, shrugging. “It’s fine, Kob, it’s not like I’m dying or anything. Frankie here just got me, a first.” He chuckled and stood up, using my shoulder as a support. “I’m fine, see?”

Kid glared at Gerard, then me, the back to Gerard. “If you complain about being hur-“

“I won’t complain, Kobra,” he said, opening his arms wide. “I’m fine.”

Kid mumbled something unintelligible and stormed off, into the darkness. Gerard walked to Jet and began conversing with him quietly, involving hands covering the mouth. I looked back and forth between the two before looking at all of Gerard. He looked sexy with the blood, and those pants… Thank god for skinny jeans, my mind repeated, and I didn’t roll my eyes this time. Yes. Indeed. Thank god. He looks absolutely nomable in those things…I don’t think they look better on though… I quickly shook my head, trying to get those thoughts out of my head. No. No undressing the instructor. Maybe later…

Thank god for skinny jeans.

The conversation between the pair ended and they both looked at me, arm folded. “Well?” Jet said, shrugging. “So you can fight. Good enough to stab Poison in the leg. But can you run?”

My eyes went wide. Sure, I could walk, what with the growth hormones I received in Battery City, but I wasn’t told I could run on my legs. I’m a Hunter; Hunters have bikes to ride. “Oh, no no no no,” I said quickly, standing up and waving my arms by my chest. “I can’t run. Not right now. Not with my legs. They haven’t completely healed yet.”

Gerard gave a shrug. “So? You fought perfectly. What makes you think you can’t run?” he asked, turning to Jet and smiling. “Star, I think it’s time to release the hounds.” He shared a sick grin with Star before turning to me. I didn’t move. The grin fell and he waved my away with one hand. “Go,” he said, while Jet began walking back to the car to retrieve something. Or, rather, something to retrieve. I heard a growl and my eyes went wide, my legs counting for themselves and shooting off away from the car, as quick as I could. I remembered my gun before I passed it and scooped it up, legs flying now. Huh. So I can run with this stuff. Interesting…

I heard barks, barks, behind me, but I dare not to turn around and face whatever was back there. All I was concerned about was running the fuck away from the barking things. Then I stopped running. Barking things. Dogs. I grinned and turned around, hands on my hips. I probably looked like a moody teenager, with my hair in my face and my hands on my hips, but I didn’t care. There were dogs. They were probably my dogs.

I heard snarling and growling slowly approach me. That wasn’t something any of my dogs did, regardless of the time I spent with them. I knitted my eyebrows together right as a howl sounded. My eyes went wide. Wolves. I turned around again and hightailed it out of there, my heart beating quickly. I was running nowhere. I was literally in the darkness. I took a left, out of nowhere, and I saw the most magnificent sight I’ve ever seen whilst being chased by most likely hungry wolves. I saw the sun, rising above the apparent mountains, splashing everything in a weak yellow light. The mountains, outlines purple and blue, stuck out against the growing orange of the fiery sand of the desert. The sky was lighting up, from a pitch black to a deep purple to blue to a pink. Wow. Breathtaking.

I chuckled at that thought and took yet another left, meaning I was headed back to the circle of lights. I could actually see them in the distance, shining brightly now. I willed my legs to run faster as more snarls sounded, closer than last time. I glanced out the corners of my eyes and saw nothing but cacti growing green in the morning light. It really was beautiful. It’d be even better if the snarling and barking would back the fuck off. Almost there…

I ran into the ring of lights to discover it was empty, and that I could see the glinting eves of said wolves gleaming not too far away. Now that I wasn’t running, my legs felt terribly weak, and I was panting harshly. Almost to the point of drowning out the howling. Shit. I looked up from staring at the ground to see the wolves barreling at me, teeth bared, fur flying. I raised my gun and aimed, wincing at the fact that I’d have to do this. Then I pulled the trigger back, and one of the wolves fell from its friend. I quickly shot the other, shutting my eyes. I heard a little squeak and a heavy thud, signaling the wolves were down. I opened my eyes and looked at the two wolves, both on their sides, blood pouring out of the wounds in their heads. I frowned and walked towards the dogs, holstering my gun and crouching down. The second one I shot was still breathing, albeit weakly. I sighed and took my knife, quickly putting the poor thing out of its pain and misery. The other was gone, ghosted by my ray gun. I hate killing animals. Can’t stand it.

I heard a shrill whistle, and I spun to see the three walking towards me. “Frank,” Kid called, stopping as the others did too. “Ass over here. Now.”

I stood up and walked to the triad, my legs screaming at me in pain. Note to self; growth hormone. It sucks. I stood in front of the line they had made and folded my arms behind my back, head high even though I only saw to Gerard’s chin, and he was the shortest. “Yes sir?” I asked, not meeting anyone’s gaze. I killed animals. Two. Of the dog family. That’s not cool.

I felt my chin tugged up, and glaring eyes met mine before a hand came up and slapped me silly. I glared at Kid as he pulled out his gun and clicked it into place. His finger began pulling back as Gerard and Jet ran over to Kid and pulled him away from me, making him kick and scream. I was very confused until I realized Kid was going to kill me. Is going to kill me. I looked back and suddenly it wasn’t Kobra Kid, but Korse. And he was pissed. Kicking and snarling, I realized he wanted me. And Gerard was holding him back. “Frank, go!” Gerard yelled, before getting elbowed in the ribs by Korse. Jet was already on the ground. I felt my eyes widen as Korse came barreling towards me, and I took off running, towards the Trans Am.

Here I was, just a normal trainee, and I’m already being chased by Korse. Well, I guess I don’t count as normal… Nor a trainee…

I saw a jet of light stream past my head as I ran through the weak light and realized he was right fucking there. I couldn’t risk a turn around, but the car was coming up. Once I hit the car I slid across the hood and jumped in the driver’s seat, fumbling with the wires below the dashboard before getting the car started and driving off in the direction of the rising sun. The sun never sets on the British Empire… Shut up mind. This is no time for random quotes. I blinked and sped the car up when I heard the rev of an engine behind me. Glancing at the (too high) rear view mirror, I caught a glimpse of headlights behind me. And a white dude in the driver’s seat. I looked at my gun for a split second before picking up and twisting my arm behind me, shooting at random but watching the car behind me swerve in the mirror that still needed to be fixed. I grinned and sped up, shooting another round behind me. This time his car spun around and almost began to roll. I couldn’t tell if it did though. I was too far gone.

After a short while of riving, the sun was poking its top half above the mountains and dousing everything in orange rays. I scowled; I was driving into it. I needed to hide. I needed to stop and check my surroundings. I scanned around for a break in the rocks, desperately wishing I was on the backside of my mountain range I sat on. A steep road ran up the mountains and scaled the top. I thought for a moment before shrugging. It’s worth a shot. I sped up and came to the base of the mountains, frowning because I didn’t know this car well enough to know if it would make it up the mountain. Oh well. I slowed down but continued up the road, wincing whenever I felt a bump or a dip in the road. I didn’t want to roll, be mere carnage wasting away on the edge of the Zones.

After what felt like forever and a minute, I made it up the mountains and onto the relatively flat peaks. The sun was nearly a quarter in the sky, signaling 9 am or so. I squinted as I looked out the windscreen, scanning the desert below. Seeing as I couldn’t see, I huffed and threw open the driver’s door, stepping out into the bright sun light. The sight was truly magnificent once you got to stop and look. Everything had a slightly orange tint to it, and the shadows were still long on the ground, growing shorter every moment I stood and stared. Nothing was moving except a slight breeze. It was a really pretty day, to say the least.

I scanned out the rest of the rocks and gasped. Ain’t no way in heav’s name… My hideout was sitting right below me, the door open, the blackout curtains blowing in the breeze. I frowned and got down on my hands and knees, crouching down to see if any noise rose up from my little nook. Nothing came for a while, and I stood back up, huffing and sitting on my ass to scoot down the side of the mountain. Which I did, in ten minutes and thirty two seconds, collecting approximately fourteen thousand, seven hundred eighty two particles of dust just on my ass. Well, probably not that precise, but I had a fuck load of dirt on my ass, and it took forever. At least I made it down.

I pulled my scarf up my nose and grabbed my gun out of its cozy little holster, placing it in my palm as I tip-toed into my hideout. Inside, nothing changed. The bed was still messily made, the cabinets still locked. The map even looked the same. I sighed and walked to my bed, my feet suddenly very, very tired. The hormone clearly isn’t for running… Now I see why they give me the bike… I chuckled, flopping on the bed and shutting my eyes. Gave. Gone. No more BLIND. No más. I sighed and smiled, already slipping into sleep. If not a killer, a helper…


“Psst. Frankie.”


I scowled in my sleep and rolled on my side, mumbling about the kids these days. A hand nudged my shoulder and I tried to wave them off, but my hand felt like lead. Maybe five more minutes would help everything…

The hand nudged me again and the voice accompanied it. “Frankie, pet, wake up,” it said, making me smile and purr a little. I liked being called pet. It made me happy in more ways than one. A chuckle echoed through the room and the hand laid itself on my side, making me shiver a little bit. “I didn’t realize you liked being called pet, Frankie, m’boy. I’ll remember to call you ‘pet’ more often, okay?”

I nodded, scooting closer to the hand. It felt good, just sitting there on my side. “Mm, I’d like that, Gerard,” I mumbled, my hand on his. It was cold, lifeless. “You’re cold. You should get in bed with me. I’ll warm you up.”

“I can’t do that, pet.”

I pouted and sat up, my hands going to my eyes almost immediately. I didn’t know what time it was, but the room was glowing with a silvery light. “Why not? I don’t want you to freeze, Gee.” I grabbed his hand and started tugging him down tiredly, winning easily despite the fact. “C’mon, Gee…”

A weight was placed on the bed and I curled into it, mewling softly as an arm wrapped itself around me. “Go back to sleep, love,” Gerard said, a kiss pressing itself to my forehead. “You need it.”

I nodded sleepily and snuggled further, my leg over his, arms wrapped around him. In an instant I fell asleep, maybe smiling, maybe not.

New killhoy, Fun Ghoul. Keep away at all costs and alert the nearest Draculoid when spotted.

I scrunched my nose and shut my eyes tighter, willing the radio to shut off. The radio. I shot up in bed, eyes open, heart fluttering some. The 12 o’ clock alarm. Shit. I groaned and fell back on the bed, hands going over my face. I had slept until 12. Great.

I heard a cough from outside echo in, a light think that meant to alert a person, call their attention. I froze a moment, trying to remember stuff from the day. I looked down and saw I was still in the same clothes as yesterday. The cough sounded again. I scowled. That cough. Fuck you cough.

I stood up and walked to the door quietly, peering around the doorframe with gun in hand. A fire was set out and the ‘Fabulous Killjoys’ sat around it, drinks in hand and all looking at the door. I frowned and stepped out from my hiding spot. “What?” I asked, walking calmly to an empty spot by the fire. “I can be careful.”

Gerard smiled and patted the ground next to him.” And it’s good that you are. We don’t want any mishaps, do we?”

I walked to that spot and sat down, confused a little. “I don’t believe we do, unless you guys are adrenaline junkies that jump cliffs and shit. If you are then I gotta tell you I am not a fan of heights. It’s a wonder I’m here on the cliff.”

Jet chuckled, shaking his head and letting his curls bounce around. “We’re not adrenaline junkies, Frank. We just want to talk to you.”

My eyes narrowed on their own accord. Usually, talks were boring things filled with the biggest words the person could fit and dissent of some sort of a lifestyle. So why was I getting one? “What about? I’ve told you most everything.”

Kobra pops in here. “You have not. What the fuck is the thing on the radio?” he asked, sounding rather angry. “The last fucking thing we need is a fucking broadcast telling the world. Now Korse will know and he’ll send even more of the fuckers out here.”

Gerard nodded. “I have to agree with Mikey on this one. Honestly, that will come and find you. Once they find you, it doesn’t get pretty. Trust me. We need to either hide or fight back.”

I thought a moment, staring up at my hideout. Then the most beautiful, dangerously idiotic plan wound its way into my head. “Why don’t we burn this down?” I mused, a slow smile cracking my face. “Take all I need, and burn it down.”

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