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just a little patience (finished!)

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william falls off jeffreys roof mid decmber but they both discover a beautiful pain .

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It was 3:45 am I just layer down from being woken up by the storm that was brewing out said and my room was freezing cold two seconds later I noticed the shadowy figure on my roof I knew who it was right away “Jeff?”a small voice squeaked it was William he looked scared he walked towards the window i heard him yelp then I heard a loud crash “oww!!!!” then i head crying. He had slipped off the roof I ran outside to see him crying and holding his arm which was bent the wrong way “come inside” I said softly he was crying i ran upstairs into my mom’s room “mom! I said wakening her up “yes Jeffery what is it?” “William fell off the roof and he broke his arm?.” “Oh no!!!!!!” she quickly ran down the stairs “look at you you’re freezing” i said handing him a blanket my mom touched his arm “ow!!! DON”T TOUCH Me! he screamed loudly and started to cry. “sorry sweetheart” Mrs. stradlin said William had been holding my hand so tight I couldn't feel it “ok lets go to the hospital” Mrs. Stradlin helped him into the car “I’m. sorry..i don’t need t..To..To .William gasped in his tears. “shhh It’s quite alright you didn't mean to fall bill heck Jeffery’s father has slipped tripped off that roof many times it could happen to anybody in this weather so don’t worry about it .“ she said soothing him down he began to cry I love you i whispered in his ear as i put his hair behind his ear and gently kissed is cheek. He didn't hear me or i hope he didn't. we puling into the parking lot. “uh you got to let go of my hand i need to open the door i said to him he looked very sick and scared his eyes were red from crying his copper hair was wet from the rain “have a seat please boys I’ll be right back ok?” my mom said axl was sitting in a chair “why did you say you love me and then kissed my cheek? He whispered. Because I do i said not making eye contact with him “the same he said holding my hand again with eased grip “how’s your arm?” I said putting a piece ice on it “that’s cold Jeff” he hissed. “Mr. Bailey?” the doctor said “come on let’s get you in for a x-ray OK?” after that was done “we need to snap that back in place it’ll hurt a lot but then you can go home “ the doctor said holding his arm then William he held my hand “crack” William started to cry loudly “there it’s done” said the doctor who was placing a cast on his arm “hey that looks neat I said smiling as my mom stood over my shoulder “could I stay with you guys tonight?” he asked very kindly he could be very charming “sure it’s late boys when we get home bed not comic book reading no “Mom could i have drink? “ get upstairs and go straight to bed ok? Mrs. stradlin said to them mostly her son whom used every excuse not to sleep she didn’t mind doing things for William. They arrived at Jeff’s house. as soon as she opened the door the boys ran in trying to see who slept on the ground and who got the soft fluffy warm safe from bugs bed. “I win” wheezed William who now was being forcefully hugged by Jeff they both sat down on the bed “so when you said that you loved me too did you mean it?” I said scared of what he might say. “I love you Jeff” he put his hand on my mine I held it he lt out a whimper “sorry do you not like it when I do that” I said pulling my hand away from his “no no it’s fine i really like it “ “Jeff here’s William some dry sleeping clothing also here’s some milk and cookies try and get some sleep tonight ok? She said handing him the clothes which he threw at him then he took the plate from his mom she kissed his cheek “night Jeffery” she said closing the door. William was covered in deep purple ugly grey bruises “ wait who gave you those “ I said demanding to know who hurt him and why. “ nobody can we change to subject !” he screamed You’re ok I promise I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable” i said ashamed of myself for asking i knew who hit him his father. After a long awkward silence “uhm could You hold my hand again he said eating one of the 7 cookies my mom had brought us which I forgot about he had found them and he look very cute in the dry warmer clothes “sure i held his hand I felt nice to make him smile for once he wasn't ignoring me like I had thought he was but he eating the cookies i noticed he looked very skinny “man when was the last time you ate?” i said concerned he might need some more food “last Tuesday” he said swallowing “want some ice cream we have some in the freezer I can go get if you want “ i said then wondering if we did or not if not what i was going to do . he nodded happily
I quietly opened the door and opened the freezer “ok my dad put this in here ok lower iQ “ i said to myself “uhhh i said scraching my head “ ok not that low Jeff “ wait . Behind the pea’s i moved around the peas and found it and two plastic spoons and quickly ran upstairs. “Got it “I said it’s plain is that ok? I said “i haven’t eaten in a week it could be expired i would still eat it man “he said prying of the lid and eating it i watch it he would suck on his spoon before he’d he put back in the carton again his pale cheeks would cave in making him look so beautiful like always but this was different his copper hair fell over his face as he dug deeper in the carton then looked at me and put his lips against mine I moaned his mouth tasted like vanilla his lips where soft and warm against mine he held me close and he ran his hand in my hair his lips still against mine .he pulled away and smiled at me and licked his lips “wow that was a good kiss .... i love you “ I said he put his hand on my thigh and said with a long sigh “i love you too” then pulled me in for another gentle kiss but I kissed him more towards his neck he let small gasp fall from his mouth that tuned into a quite moan. “did you like that ?” he nodded he pulled me in a embrace i started to hug him he whimpered “careful idiot that bloody hurts !!! He snarled shoving me to the ground and struck me in the face with his fist hard again and again “you’re a idiot Jeff!!!!!!!!! You think you know everything???!!!!!!!!! “ i said softly “i don’t love you i hate you with every fiber of my being “ he screamed my heart broke i felt the tears ran down my face “I’m .......sorry I....ii.... hurt.... you” i gasped in my own tears “wait ...wait I didn't mean to hit you Izzy let me see.....your face please i just get into moods and sh*t” He said sounding sad and concerned “i love you i whimpered scared I’d be a punching bag for him a again. “What did you call me?” i asked as his cool soft hand ran over my bruise and blackened eye “Izzy why do you not like it
?” he whispered then kissed my lips softly “yeah i like it sounds cool “i said holding his hand to my face as tears ran down my face “what’s the matter? “he said soothingly “you said you hated me?” he looked like I told him the worst news ever “ no i don’t hate you i love you a lot izz I f*ck ed up “ he said softly bring my lips to his “don’t ever say that again unless you want me to jump out that window “ he just laughed and kissed me again then he pulled me into a bone breaking hug “god I could stay with him forever even if he sometime is a pain he is a beautiful pain” I said myself smiling as he held my hand
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