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Skin and Soul

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Everyone has their own definition of beauty. What's yours?

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Hi guys! So, it was the amazing Mr. Toro's birthday yesterday, and I decided I wanted to write something for him, because I don't enough, and Ray is honestly one of my biggest inspirations. So, uh, this what flowed out. Hope it makes sense- it's a little odd, and one of the shortest things I've written, so...yeah. Feedback? :D

Skin and Soul

Everyone has their own definition of beauty. To some it’s external, to some it’s internal. To some it’s the two combined. It can be created from your blood or from your make-up; from your style or from your soul. Some people don’t believe in it. Some people think it can be fashioned with machines and metal and white gloves. Some people hate it, some people are it, some people want to be it and think they never are.

Beauty is always unique. It’s like a winter morning of frosted cobwebs; each web intricate and complex with flaws and snags, all recognisable as the same thing, yet one never quite the same as the next- the way it’s woven, the patterns embroidered, are unique, only made by one person and can't be by anyone else.

Sometimes, someone might find another person the sole most beautiful thing on earth, but no one else can see it- or someone might be thought beautiful by thousands of people, but once someone else actually gets close to them, they’re anything but beautiful.

Some beauty is temporary, some beauty is forever.

It can be perfect looks and flawless smiles, confidence and charisma, talent and shyness, strength and rebellion, love, hate, silence.

But increasingly, we live in a world where beauty is external. It’s all about what’s on the skin, not under it. It’s not about someone’s flaws making the cracks that paint something beautiful. It’s not about someone’s strengths illuminating their appearance or how their failings grow to make their successes.

It’s about looks, about confidence and the ability to perform in front of a camera- to be very defiantly someone- someone who perhaps isn’t even the real you.

Beauty so often seems to be from the people in the limelight- as if its green glow is a copious dust that tints their skin with shallow illusions. So often, beauty seems to be the people who shout out, not the ones who stay silent; the ones who look outrageous, not blend in; the ones who stand out- and stand up fucking tall in the limelight.

But what about the ones in the shadows?

What about the ones standing behind the unending shadows of those in the limelight? What about the ones that write the words the ones in the limelight speak?

Not the frontman, not the heroine, not the star of the show. Someone a little off-center, a little quiet, someone taking the photograph, not posing in it.

To me, beauty is found more frequently in the shadows, because it’s not perfected, it’s not tamed- it’s raw and unique and it's beautiful. Individual and untainted by humanity's tweaking eyes, because then, it can be anything.

Unjudged beauty is the purest of all.

It’s lots of little broken pieces creating something amazing, its flaws carving out ways to be strong, it’s their skin and their soul, it’s earnest, silenced talent and inspiration, their empathy and perfectionism, their pure passion.

It’s a shell made beautiful by its soul and the breathtaking melody that cries out of it, not needing to be heard, just needing to be played.

My definition of beauty isn't the exotic hero or the dramatic frontman. It's not a perfect face or stunning looks. It's subtle beauty; the amazing music in the background no one seems to hear, but is actually holding everything else together.

My definition of beauty is Ray Toro.


I'd love to know what you guys thought, 'cause I've never really posted anything like this before, and it was kinda a risk. I hope it wasn't just a load of nonsensical rambling and actually meant something! I really just wanted to write something for Ray, 'cause I truly think he's amazing. Rate? Review? Thank you so much for reading!

Lucy X_O
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