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17- Welcome to the World

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“My baby. My baby."

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(Sun’s POV)
Oh crap. This baby was coming. And holy shit was I scared for my life. This meant needles. A big needle. A sharp needle. IN. MY. BACK. This meant a living, breathing being was about to exit my body, and enter this world. A being I was responsible for birthing and raising, that I’d made. Holy shit. I don’t think I can do this. I can’t do this. I was terrified. Of course, you know, nine months in, you think I’d have oh, I dunno, MENTALLY PREPARED MYSELF FOR THIS MOMENT. But noooooo I had completely forgotten that yes, giving birth involved pushing a baby out of my nether regions.

On the bright side, this meant my belly would go down considerably, and once I was able to work out, the fat would be gone in no time! And no more pee trips every ten freaking minutes! And no more weird cravings in the middle of the night! And I’d not be super tired anymore! And I’d have my BABY! My own little bundle of joy, hopefully under ten pounds. Oh, I prayed for a child under ten pounds… it’d be so much harder if the baby was big.

My baby. My baby. She, or he, hopefully she, was coming. I’d told said child to wait, and wait it did. And it was half me, so of course, it was tired of waiting. It’d done everything it could to not come out, but it had gotten bored being in my belly for nine months. It wanted out, and it wanted out NOW. And, like me, it would have its way, come hell or high water. And if that meant coming a bit ahead of schedule then damnit, the schedule would move itself back. This baby was not going to cooperate, I could tell already. Spark and I had been stubborn births, keeping our mother in labor for nearly a full day each. I was sending silent prayers to every diety I could name that this kid would not take me that long. I had a strong heart, but I too, was impatient. I would have this kid in my arms before the end of tomorrow, so help me God, Allah, Buddah, any freaking god you could name. I will have my damn child.

I cry out again. Okay, so those WERE contractions. Violet rushes out the door, getting Frank. “Frank!” She calls, voice already nervous. “Sun’s water broke!”

“IT DID WHAT?!?” Frank calls out, as I sit in the bed, contraction still happening. I can hear Violet grabbing a radio. Frank rushes in, grabbing my hand. “Are you sure?” he gulps. “Like, absolutely sure that your water broke?”

“Well, I ceartinly didn’t piss myself, so yes, yes I’m sure.” I reply, wincing still. The contraction fades, and I sigh a bit.

Violet is jabbering into the radio. “Dr. Death!” She’s nearly screaming. “Death! Sun’s water broke! Like, now! We need that doctor!” She sounds scared to death, though she had no reason to be.

“Parking!” He replies, and I hear the door swing open, hitting the wall inside the Diner. Frank’s got me into a hospital gown already, lacing the back up. I was NOT gonna let all the instructors see my ass. Sorry, not happening. Not today. I had very little control today, it seemed. And I’d control what little I could.

Dr. Death wheels in. “The Doctor is here, Sunshine.” I smile weakly at him, still scared as hell. Violet is frantically preparing the room we’d chosen as my delivery room. A man in a scurb top and black skinny jeans walks in, carrying an old-timey doctor’s bag. He taps Frank, and hands it off to him.

“My name is Spencer, and I’m delivering your baby. Tell me, how far apart are contractions?”

I gulp. “My name is Sun, and uh, I dunno, like, 15 minutes, maybe? Twenty, perhaps?”

“Okay, that’s good. Have you had a baby before?”

“No!” I say, blushing. “This is my first, and I’m scared as hell right now.”

He laughs, and let’s Violet help me stand up, walk me to this room. Cyanide Killer looks at me anxiously. He grabs my keys, jumps over the couch, gets to the door, to drive back to both of our Blocks, get my sister, and get the baby stuff. He had a bag ready.

“Okay, that’s natural.” The doctor tells me. Violet helps me into bed while Frank starts pacing nervously, outside the door. “And are you the father?” He asks. I look at him.

“No, the father passed a few months into the pregnancy. But I’ll be Dad to this kid, if she’ll let me.” He smiles, and continues his pacing. I relax a bit. I had a support system. Violet was gonna stay with me the whole time, she’d promised. Infernal said she’d stand in there with me, trying to distract me from any pain.

“And you’re not early?” he asks me, hitching me up into proper birthing position. I hated feeling exposed like this. My face must show it, because he looks at me, smiling a little. “I’ve done this a few hundred times, don’t worry. I’m also a flaming homosexual, so no worries. Your lady bits are of very little interest to me.” He chuckles, as do I. he goes about the room, prepping everything, including a very scary looking needle.

“Sun, this is going to take the pain away.” He explains. I gulp. It was big and shiny and long and pointy and dear GOD it was big…

“She’s afraid of needles.” Violet explains the wide eyed look I was giving the syringe he was holding.

Spencer quickly nods his understanding, and puts it away. “At somne point, unless you want to do this without drugs, I’ll have to give that to you. It’ll be quick. Very little pain, I’ll numb the spot. Don’t worry, I’ve done this a lot.” He’s calm, reassuring me. “Now, you aren’t dialated enough for me to do that yet, so for now, you have to wait.”

I’m already sweating, just from the struggle to not cry out. I can still see Frank pacing nervously. Violet is rubbing my hand with her thumb, shushing me and cooing soothing things at me. “This baby is gonna be gorgeous.” She keeps reminding me. “And she or he will be all yours, and be so excited to see you. Wait until you hold your baby, it’s going to be wonderful… all soft and warm…”

“I’m afraid, Violet…” I tell her, very quietly. “So afraid.” I sigh again, another contraction rolling through my body. I was hurting, it was obvious. I needed drugs. If only there was a way around the needle, but that still got rid of the pain for me… if only, if only. If only this could be painless. If only this could just be over.

“Why?” She asks, looking incredulous.

“This is gonna hurt.” I murmur to her quietly. I soon realize that this is a stupid reason to be afraid. Considering I had a large object coming out of somewhere that was NOT large at all. Not at all. I mean, jesus Christ, this is scary as hell. I don’t want the baby to be hurt, so many things could go wrong….

Violet gives me a look that connotates tough love, but a logical, rational understanding of my fear. “Sun,” She says, looking at me as Infernal strides in, already wearing a surgical mask. She takes her place on my left, while Violet sits in a chair next to my hospital bed on my right, still holding my hand. “You’ve put up with nine months of hurt. Of constant bathroom breaks. Of puking every morning and noon. You will be FINE.” She says in a voice so confident that it makes me want to ask her when the hell she pushed a baby out of her nether regions. But that’s just Violet. My best friend, making sure I’m taken care of. “Everything will be worth it to hold your baby.” She says simply.

Violet does, infact, have a point. I was gonna get to meet my child soon. My little princess or my little prince. Is it wrong of me to secretly pray it’s a princess? God I want a girl so damn bad. But really, I’d love a baby boy. I take a deep breath. I wanted Party. I look at Infernal. She’s shut and locked the door. Frank has gone to the bunks, to get Cyanide and Mikey to get a move on, maybe a drink or two for himself. And probably water bottles or something for me. “infernal, I want Party Poison.”

She sighs, looks at me with sad eyes. “I know, honey. We all do.”

“But I want him most” I say to her almost angrily. “I want him NOW.”

“I wish I could get him for you. I wish I could, Sun…”

“Then do it!” I say, delirious and probably dehydrated. “Go get him for me!”

“I can’t, you know that.” She soothes me, hushing me. She tries to calm me down, the hurt on my face obvious even to me, and I couldn’t see my own face. I could imagine though. Smile turned down at the corners, eyes a bit scrunched. Cloudy, for sure. Forehead a little wrinkled in hurt. Nose scrunched up.

Spencer speaks to me again, still flying around the room, checking everything, setting some stuff up that had some use I was sure, though I wasn’t sure of its EXACT use, or uses in some cases, I assumed. I figured the guy knew what he was doing with all the stainless steel and metals. Having delivered lots of babies and such, I figured he was rather smart, and thus, wouldn’t hurt me. I on the opposite hand, hadn’t delivered anything other than food, so I’d put my trust in his very well moistureized hands. “Well, are you a bit more relaxed?” He asks. I nod. “Don’t worry; this’ll be the quickest twleve hours ever.” He says with a chuckle.

“Did you just say twelve?” I gulp heavily. There seemed to be a great many lumps forming in my throat over the past few hours. Twelve. As in half a day. Oh my god… pain like this for twelve hours? Somebody sedate me… immediately.

“Give or take.” Spencer says nonchalantly with a shrug.

I groan, not even from pain. But from dread.

This was going to be fun, I could tell.

(Violet’s POV)
So this was lovely. Sun’s water had broken, and now she was going to have half a day’s worth of labor. First time labor was no fun, from what I’d heard. I’d seen a birth once, and it was a quick eight hour delivery, from contractions to the cord being cut. And I could see Sun was afraid.

Which was weird. Sun was basically a superhuman. She should be able to pop this kid out, no problem. Sun was obviously excited for this baby to finally be here. I’m pretty sure we all were. Sun’s little pet project, Dancing Spark, was furiously knitting things for the baby. She’d made little booties too. I knew the desert would be cold in Feburary. BLI’s experiemtns had caused massive tempature change. It’d snow here, in the middle of a desert, in February. Sun cries out, and I rub her hand, trying to calm her. She needed to be calm, or she’d hurt herself, maybe the child she was trying to bring into this world.

She’d hoped for a non-vaginal birth, but we all knew that could be dangerous for her. We had no idea why she was so big, but Sun swore she was just really hungry all the time. So we’d never question her bump. She was probably just having a big baby. I was silently hoping for a boy. Another little Neon Sun running around… that was scary. I knew that as Auntie Violet, I’d be beating boys off with a stick. Frank couldn’t handle that.

“Vi?” Sun asks me. “Can I have water?” She asks quietly. When I move to leave her, she grips my hand tighter than humanely possible from a girl her age and size. “Don’t leave me.” She says, quickly, her face obviously panicked. I nod, motion for Spencer to get her a bottle. He does so, stripping off his gloves, then putting them back on once he’d handed Sun a bottle, and returned to his spot between her legs. I had a mister bottle all ready for Sun, when she finally had to get around to pushing, and she was hot.

Now, all we had to do was wait.

(About 4 hours later, around 7 pm)

(Sun’s POV)
“HOLY EFFING JESUS!” I cry out, the drugs just now taking effect in their full capactiy. I was a sweaty, nasty, flushed mess. Thank god I’d not worn any makeup today. I may’ve broken Violet’s hand. Infernal looked confused. Spencer looked totally at ease, between my legs. Which I found hilarious, considering that he was a self proclaimed flaming homosexual. I’m breathing heavily, the contractions not even close enough for me to start the whole pushing business. Which scared me.

“I can’t do anything other than a vaginal birth with you.” Spencer explains. “So you’re going to have t do this the natural way. But with painkillers, because, while you’re brave, you aren’t stupid. You know your own limit. Some women won’t do it with drugs, they want to go natural. Some go natural after the first birth, once they’ve gotten accustomed to the process.”

There’s a loud knock on the door, which Infernal answers quickly, unlocking the door. My sister bops in once again, pulls in a chair with her, and sits down, knitting something hurridly. A little pink cap, a blue one in a bag next to her, half completed. The pink was almost done. “For the baby.” She explains. “I meant to, but got caught up with the boyfriend.” She giggles and smiles at me.

I roll my eyes. “How is he?” I ask, smiling through another freaking contraction.


“No escalation past kissing, right?” She nods. I look her dead in the eye. “You tell that boy that sex is a no-no. Because you don’t want THIS.” I gesture grandly to my very awkward positioning, a huge stomach, and the huge ass needle lying on a gleaming surgical tray next to me, in case I needed more drugs. “Because this shit? Yeah, it sucks major donkey ass.” I say, and huff a laugh while she busts into her giggle. I sigh heavily, and then yelp when another contraction hits. Spencer dives between my legs.

“Can she start?” Infernal asks. Spencer pops his head back up, shakes his head sadly. “Shoot.” She walks off to go pee. I sigh again, hurting and bored. I had no clue how long this was going to take. And much like my child, I hated long waits.

I sigh again, trying to not wince through another contraction. Deep breathing, isn’t that what they always told women? “I swear to god, this damn baby is going to kill me. Korse couldn’t do it, but this baby just might.” I was more than a little delirious with the pain. Then I laugh. I put a hand on my stomach. “Be good to mommy, make this as quick as you can. I may be a basic superhuman, but I don’t know if you are. Be good to mommy, my sweet baby.” I feel a kick, I swear to god. Well, a few kicks. Which was something good to feel, this close to delivering this child. Meant he or she was still here, reminding me they were in this too.

Spencer smiles at me. “You’re very brave.” He says. “Most of the girls I know of that are your age wouldn’t have carried a baby out to full term. They’d have had it ‘fixed’ in the towns. But you? You’re willing to be a mom, this early on.” He smiles. “So ready to be an adult. You’re ver, very courageous, Sun.”

I laugh a bit. “Not really, I’m just easily convinced by the father of this child that he had ‘good timing’ as he put it.” Spencer even laughs at my remark. I wasn’t trying to be funny. I was being honest as hell. “And he was wrong. Timing was not in his favor that night.”

“Doesn’t help you’d been drinking all night.” Violet says with a laugh. “No even beer. Hard stuff. I’m surprised you didn’t pass out.”

“hey!” I say, hitting her on the arm harder than intended. She winces a bit. I smile my sorry, instead of verbalizing it. “I’d only had one or two drinks!”

“Yeah,” Violet smirks and laughs out her reply. “Huge ones!”

A very nervous Frank walks in to the room, rushes to me, drops to his knees by the bed, holding my hand. “Are you okay, sweetie?” He asks. I nod. “Water?”

“I really don’t feel like pissing myself in front of you guys. Save that for when I’m old and senile.” I laugh a bit. Yep, I was delirious. Frank giggles, which makes me smile, and then smile bigger when he pecks my forehead. It was calming, knowing he was just a room away, if I needed him.

“It’s a good thing you’re a singer.” He says with a small chuckle. “We’ll all have a full knowledge of how good your vocal chords are by the end of the night.” That makes me calm down a bit more, laughing. “God I’m nervous..”

“Don’t be. I’ll be fine. I’ve had worse pain, I bet.”

“Sun, this is like forcing a bowling ball out of a drain pipe.” Spencer says in a voice that tells me he isn’t trying to be funny. “Even with drugs, this is going to hurt.”

Franl climbs to his feet. “Well still, I’ll be right back with water. Maybe a granola bar?”

I sigh and roll my eyes at him. “Yeah, shitting myself isn’t exactly on top of my to-do list either.”

Everybody laughs. I relax into the pillows a bit more, still holding Violets hand. I’d barely noticed the contractions that should’ve left me bent over in pain, possibly screaming. But I wasn’t. I was okay, because I had my family with me. Who were gonna help me welcome my child into the world.

My child. My baby. Mine. And mine alone.

“You know what sucks?” I ask Violet. “That I can’t even hold Party’s hand and tell him it’s his fault, and then let the drugs kick in, and be all like oh my god, life is WONDERFUL, you are SO perfect and yay, baby!” I look around, realize what I said, and thank whatever diety is currently presiding over this kind of thing that Frank was out of the room.

Now I’m sad. I wanted my Party Poison to be holding my hand through this, not Fun Ghoul.

My melancholies look is missed by everybody in the room. “Can I have more drugs?” I ask Spencer. He just laughs at me, and then continues putting things into place, heating some stuff up, setting out tools to clean the baby with once said child had exited the womb. He had a bio-hazard box for all the after birth, too. Thak god. Violet has sprayed frebreeze in the air, just to get rid of the chemical smell.

So that’s a no, then.

(Around 11 pm)

Okay, so this pushing thing? Yeah, sucks ass. I’ve been doing it for about two hours now, with very little progress. Spencer said the baby was turned right. He’d periodically check to make sure. It was just about time for this baby to come the hell out, because I was exhausted.

Violet mists me with more water from her little spray bottle she uses to train any cat’s we have to not scratch at her furniture. She sprays me with it, then wipes me of my sweat, then mists me a bit more, dabbing off the excess. I weakly smile my thanks.

Spencer’s been coaching. “Go ahead, push again.” He says in a voice that sound slike he’s trying to coax me into doing what he asked. Well, it was working. He was helping me. I had to remind myself he was the master, that he knew what to do to make this as quick and painless as possible.

I do as he’d asked me to with a very un-feminine grunt, and then gasp for breath. Violet suggested holding my breath while I did so. I was just thankful I’d not pissed myself yet. Infernal had to leave; she couldn’t stand the noises I was making, nor the smell. It just was a lot of smells, and my senses were already hyperwired. I could practically taste the iron from my own blood in the air; smell everything else in the air. The antiseptic used on the instruments, the smell of yarn from my sister’s knitting… Whenever Spark walked in or out, or Infernal walked in or out, I could see Frank nervously pacing.This did very little to help my nerves.

“And again.” Doctor Spencer instructs me once again.

I follow directions, do as he says, pushing hard as I can.

I’m trying mommy. My baby tells me. It’s not exactly easy.

honey child, hurry the hell up. I think to my kid in as sweet a voice as possible. I then block the kid out, because I was about to start screaming.

Spencer instructs me to push again, and when I do, I’m horribly exhausted when he tells me to stop. “Relax.” I’m panting. “You need to relax. I can feel your heart beat going wild.”

Violet hasn’t moved her hand from mine, and now my sister is on my other side, petting my hair back, slipping a head band in it. I use a little bit of energy to sparkle it back to stop it from frizzing and sticking to my face. This time, it’s my baby sister who carefully wipes my face off. I smile my graitutde at her, and then have another contraction. I wish this hurt less. The drugs were wearing off, but now I had to go without. Which really sucked. Like, it did.

Spencer takes a deep breath. “Sun, are you ready again?” He asks, peeking up from where he was inspecting for any signs of a baby’s head. I nod vigourously, just ready to get this all over with. I was in pain, I was sweaty, it was hot, and I wanted my damn baby!

Violet reminds me to focus. “Sun, just do what feels natural. We’re chicks; this is an instinct for us. Evolution has this bit covered. You can do this. BLI made you the strongest female alive. They made your muscles stronger than humanely possible. Use that.”

Spencer stops her quicky. “No!” he says. I look at him, confused as hell. “You need to do this like a normal woman would. Anythig harder than the normal pressure a woman would exert could hurt the baby.” I nod quickly. “The head is still very fragile, and thinks are kinda slippery in there.” He says with what I could swear was the least awkward and embaressed voice I’d ever heard when somebody was mentioning a vagina.

I nearly glare at Violet. It was like every hormone that could be secreted in the female human body was being pumped through my body in surplus. I was angry, sad, happy, confused and sleepy and excited, al lat the same time. “I’m not taking any freaking chances with this baby, Violet. As much as I’d like it to just be over.” No chances with a baby. I’d not lose one this far along. Not when I was so close.

And back to pushing I go, screaming out when there’s one especially bad one.

“I’m pretty sure I just saw a head.” Spencer says quietly. I nearly cry in pure joy. “A little baby head. Keep going, Sun. Almost there.” He says, and I squeeze Violet’s hand, try again. She tries not to recoil. I try not to flat out break her fingers.

“Easy, Sunnie.” She says. “Break Dancing Spark’s fingers.” I look at my sister. I frown a t her, and she nods her understanding. Well, as much of her understanding as she could gather without actually being me. “C’mon…” Violet says in a soothing voice. “You’re doing wonderful.”

She nods at me. She lifts her necklace a bit, and I smile at her. Her reminder to me that no matter what, she had me, and I had her. “C’mon, you can do it.” She gently encourages me. I give a weak push. “No. Do it right.” She deamnds of me. I sigh, gasp for air, and try again.

“Yep, definitely a head on the way. Keep going. Maybe an hour left.

An hour left of this pain, and it’d be over. Deliver the placenta, hold my baby, nurse said child, get cleaned up, and fall asleep. Be a mom. Have a child. Be skinny again. A superficial thought, but I really missed being able to wear my crop tops without feeling weird, and a little awkward. And a corset… I’d be able to wear one again… the thought made me push as hard as I was allowed to, the next time I was supposed to.

“It’s almost midnight. C’mon Sun, you can do this.” Mysister tells me, encouraging me. “We love you and know you can do this.”

Cyanide busts into the room, with sunglasses on and a surgical mask. He jostles my sister out of the way. “Hold up, the Queen of Queens is here.” He says, taking my hand in his. “Your manicure stayed!” He says gleefully. “Good! Your baby will see it’s mom looking freaking amazing.” I smile, then look at him after the next push.

“Why the sunglasses?” I ask inbetween two pushes.

“I don’t wanna see your lady parts.” He explains. “Lady parts scare me.”

“And a penis doesn’t?” I say with a small chuckle, before another contraction hits, I groan and hold my breath to push. Made this whole ordeal way, way easier, I’d found out. I’d figured that out early on. Thank God.

“Not a bit.” Spencer and Ryan both chorus, which does in fact make me laugh even harder than I had before, until another contraction hits. And hit it does. Like a brick thrown at my body. Which is unpleasant. I’ve actually had bricks thrown at me. Big ones. And now I’m distracted again, I need to get back to pushing.

“God damnit! This hurts!” I scream out. Cyanide holds my hand tight, pet’s my hair back.

“Sun, you have to do this. I know you. Yopu’re damn stubborn. Do this. Get the baby out, and all the pain is over. I’ll bring you food after and everything.” He says to me. “You can do this. Be damn stubborn. Think of if your baby has your genetics. Korse literally created his own worst enemy, in multiples, if you get this baby out.” Cyanide is a better coach than Spencer, it seems. “I want to meet my freaking godchild!” And with that, I struggle again, push hard.

Spencer calls out happily. “Sun, c’mon, another twenty minutes of this, you’ve got your baby…” he says to me. I beam at the thought of just having this over with. Much more beaming occurs at the thought of finally having my child. My little bundle of joy that’d take me almost ten hours to have.

The clock strike smidnight. It’s the 15th of feburary. And dear god I’m not even close to done. I can feel it. My mom said both Spark and I did this. Acted like we were all nice and ready to enter this world screaming our lungs out (if it was me) or quietly (if it was Spark) and then, we’d disappear back into the womb for a few more hours. Until mommy got mad and decided she’d be damned if she wouldn’t have us soon. And I’ll be damned if I don’t have my kid cleaned up, checked over, cord cut, swaddled and in my arms within the next few hours. I would be DAMNED.

Cyanide leaves me a few minutes later, to go check on Mikey. He said Frank had been given a sleeping pill, to keep Mikey and Cyanide from killing him. Apparently it was constant out-loud questioning ym safety, that of the baby, if I was okay, fi everything was going all right, how long was this gonna take, oh god I hope she’s okay. So to keep somebody from being stabbed with a Spork, there was a sleeping pill put into a cupcake and fed to him. He was asleep quickly, which explained why I no longer heard his anxious Doc Marten clad feet stomping around the Diner while he paced in an obsessive square.

After another hour, I knew a few things. I needed to relax; I couldn’t get enough air into my system. My sister has finished both beanies, and was off in her corner making sure they were perfect. She was ready, Violet called for Infernal. She entered, with baby blankets in all colors in tow, ready for swaddling. A bunch of tools were sterilized and ready to clean my baby, a pair of gleaming surgical scissors ready to cut the umbellical cord. God I was so ready for this to be over. I just needed to focus, now, so I could get this done with.

Spencer speaks. “Sun. Push. Now.” He says. And for the next ten minutes, I give it every ounce of energy I have. Towards the end, I’m screaming, crying, I can smell the blood in the air. Still haven’t peed myself, so I’m feeling a bit better about the whole ordeal. I push harder than I had before, and Spencer says something I don’t quite catch, but I can feel a smoething making its way down me, and I know it’s my baby’s head. Violet looks at me, then peeks, and nods, a big smile on her face. I keep pushing, and after ten minutes, I lay back, sighing.

“One more.” Spencer says. “Best one.” He commands.

I do as told, and hear a noise I can’t name, or place. Something I’ve never heard before.

It’s followed by something else.

A loud cry.

And it’s not from me.

It’s from my baby.

Spencer pops up, holding a baby in his arms, quickly placing the child on the proper table to clean it up, check it, and hand it to me. Infernal swaddles it quickly, and hands the baby to me, where I’m sighing in relief, crying. “It’s a baby girl.” Spencer tells me. I cry happily, and look down at my baby. My sister runs up with a pink beanie, all excited. I notice my baby girl has white blonde hair, just like mine. Her eyes haven’t opened, and I pray she’s got her father’s eyes.

My baby opens her eyes, coos at me. She knows who I am. SO this is who’s been talking to me for months. I look directly in her eyes. The beautiful, big, innocent eyes my child has are flashing a million different colors, and finally seetle on a dark blue with some golden flecks, and a purple twinge. I beam. She had my eyes, just like mine, when I was born. She had my naturually slightly tan coloring. My tan was from the sun, but I wasn’t born with the golden tan I had now. I’d been born a little bit better than what was considered normal baby color. She has these perfect white blonde curls already, and I was so excited.

“My baby.” I say dreamily. I kiss her forehead, where a few blonde curls are poking out of her hat. I’m careful to support my daughters head. She gurgles t me, nuzzles into my chest. Obviously mine, already hungry.

Spence looks down again, instead of at me and my child. “uh… Sun?” He says to me.

“mm?” I ask, happily looking at my baby, who obviously wasn’t looking away from me. I could worry about after birth after I got over looking at my beautiful daughter. I had the name decided on the moment she looked into my eyes. So this is my baby girl. She was smiling already, happy as can be. She was obviously going to be hyperactive, just like her mother. She took after me, dominantly, obviously.

Spencer clears his throat. “Were you aware you’re having triplets?”

“Pardon me?” I ask, looking up from my baby girl. She demands my attention, by nuzzling deeper into my chest. I look back down, place another soft kiss on her forehead.

“Yeah. Uh… there’s two more baby’s in there.” He says, sounding awkward for the first time. “Hand your girl to Violet and let her go in the warmer, she’s a little cold.” I reluctantly hand my daughter off, instructing Violet to support her head as much as humanely possible.

Violet looks at me. “Her name?”

“Fia.” I say, rolling my shoulders to go back to birthing another baby (or, two baby’s, in this case.). “Fia Azura.” I clarify. “But we’ll call her Fia.”

“Italian for flame.” My sister chimes in, going to work on finishing two more beanies in prep for another baby. She was furiously putting finishing touches on another cap for the child about to come.

I push and push for another ten minutes, and out comes another baby. This one is quiet. Oh god, is the baby okay? That’s the first thing I think. That my baby might not be okay. I panic, breathing quickly. Spencer cleans this baby up quickly, swaddles the child, and hands it to me. Swaddled in blue. I had a baby boy! Oh god, I had one of each, thank god…. I breathe a sigh of relief. When he was handed to me, he smiled a bit, but then looked around at the world, looking amazed. So he was the curious one.

“A baby boy. Perfectly healthy.” Spencer says, as I look down at a baby boy with big, cucumber green eyes, and a full head of soft, straight, crazy black hair, a white stripe running through part of it. “The stripe is a genetic thing. Not dangerous, just coloring. When he grows up, he could dye it to match the black.” Spencer explains before I can ask the paniced words that were already forming in my mouth.

I fit a beanie onto him, holding him to my chest gently, before I had to push out one last baby. “Is he supposed to be so pale?” I ask. I was a bit worried. He wasn’t as naturally dark as I was, but he wasn’t pale as snow. I didn’t know if he wsa okay, or cold, or what.

Spencer clears his throat. “Is his father naturally pale?” I nod silently, much too absorbed in my baby boy to give a verbal answer. “Then yes. Put him on the warmer with his sister, so you can finish. Think it’ll be a girl?”

“I have no clue.” I say with a lugh. I hand my son off to my sister. “Ari.” I decide carefully. “I like Ari.” She nods, sets him down carefully. He and his sister as sleeping. Cause being born was SO much work for them.

The last baby is the easiest. I barely have to push, and out comes my final child. I would get three, with my luck. I laugh a bit, content. The child is cleaned, handed to me in pink. Another baby girl. Perfect. Exactly what I wanted, I think, with no sarcasm at all. Two baby girls, a baby boy.

I’m carefully holding her, inspecting her. Jet black hair, hazel eyes, porcelain skin. She was a female version of her father. Beautiful. Absolutely perfect. Her eyes flashed a million colors, just like her siblings both had. They had my mutation, in their eyes, at least… I was actually happy about that. They were unique, with the exception of the other three of us. But I carried the master gene. She was quiet, but staring at me. Inspecting me, but looking around like she was excited to be here, but didn’t want me to know it.

Soon enough, I’ve delivered the placentas, am cleaned up, dressed in underwear and a pair of sweat pants and a loose shirt, able to be opened for nursing. I was lying in clean sheets, holding my three children, happy as can be. The pregnancy was over, I had my children. We were safe. Everything had gone perfectly. I’m singing softly to my babies, while they gurgle, cry a tiny bit, then calm down and all try to move closer to my chest. They must be awfully hungry. I should nurse them. How to do that though, with the other two…

Violet exits the room, Spencer having long left. As had Spark. Everybody else was asleep in their rooms, or passed out on the floor, like Fun Ghoul was. He’d missed the actual births, though I’m not sure how I didn’t wake everyone in the Zones with my screams.

I hear a scream. Followed by cussing. And then something hits the floor. I’m automatically got my knees tucked up, shielding my kids. I would NOT have somebody take them from me before I had even got to nurse them properly. I will not have anybody take from me what I’d worked 9 months and several hours for.

The door swings wide open, and somebody rushes in the now open entranceway.

“Sun? Is that you?” I try to keep breathing, having gasped and felt like the air had been knocked out of me. This couldn’t be happening. Oh god, no. No, please, no… I thought everything was settled…

The figure approaches carefully. “Sun?” Says a voice I had thought I’d never hear again.

It takes everything I have not to scream out loud, knowing it’d scare my babies. I had to be dead. Maybe the birth process killed me, this was all a dream.

“Sun?” The voice asks, moving closer. I knew that smell. Peppermint and tobacco. Ciggarettes and coffee. “Sun those are my babies, aren’t they?” the voice says again, sounding in awe. “Sun?” The voice asks, the figure speaking it now closer. Right near my bedside. I needed air, my lungs wouldn’t inflate.. I was dizzy, I was going to pass out…

From the grey jeans, to the blue jacket, to the bright red hair I could never forget, all the way up to perfect eyes I’d tried so hard to hold on to, so hard to draw, there was no doubt that this was the real deal.

My Party Poison was back from the dead.
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