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Possible Frerard recommendation list?:)

by gerardways_coffee 3 reviews

Just a note to see if people would be interested:)

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*Author's Note 27/8/12: Currently typing this out!In circumstances far too long and complicated to explain in an A/N, I can't use the laptop at the minute, so I'm being forced to do it on my BlackBerry,which is why this is taking some time XD sorry!*
Hi guys!:)I haven't posted any stories yet as you can see but I've seen a few authors doing a recommendation list so people can see their favourite stories SO I was thinking, provided people were interested, I could do a recommendation list for Frerard stories? I would list my favourite one-shots,and also my favourite finished and un-unfinished stories with chapters:) so emm please leave me a review if you would be interested? Thank you! Sian xo
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