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THERE'S STILL NO HETALIA SECTION!!! ~dramatic fall and crying~ So I guess this could be a cracktastic history thing....?

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Alrighty! As you noticed, this is kind of an audition for FACE Hetalia cosplayers in the Fort McConnel (idk if I spelt that right) Area of Kansas! If you don't kne what FACE is, it's okay. I didn't for a while.

France, America, Canada and England. I'm already our England and if I remember right, we have a fem Canada, so we really just need FA. And the cosplays don't have to be the ones you usually see in the show.

Mine is black pants, a tux shirt and a black vest. So like if your an America and all you have is the wig and coat, that's fine.

If you cosplay male Canada and you wanna audition, we will probably bring you in, considering our fem is hard to get to.

And, in a way, this isn't an audition. We REALLY need France and America cosplayers, casual or not.

In our group, if you don't have an exact cosplay, oh well. One of our Shizuos is black. Big deal.

Add me on fb if you're wanting to audition. Please no stalker fans. This is a serious matter. Eh what the hell. Stalker fans go ahead and add me. Just no creepy shit.

AmberCoffeeaddict GoFyouself Matteson. I'm also on MeetMe and youtube as Amber Matteson and causeican274.

Find me, message me and if you can, send me links to audition videos.

I'll get with the rest of my group and we'll look ya over (that sounded dirty) Not in a France way!

But we'll get back to you and depending on how many we get, it might be a while. I might have to sift through fansand auditions, which may take a while.

Anyway, NekoNinjaProductions and CosplayFriends can't wait to see all your videos and pictures! Please it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like!

It's all about the passion. If you love cosplaying and acting, then we want you!

Also, as England, I have to tell you I support USUK, not so much FrUK. But, I guess if it's a group favorite...~swallows disgust~ We can do something ~gag~ No fabric removal though!

So....yeah. I'm a little off topic. I guess that was like a warning to our potential France cosplayers. I don't know! I haven't eaten today. So don't laugh.


Hugs and Vodkaaaaaaaaaa,
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