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Stormy Night

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(Inspired by A Lullaby for a Stormy Night) Tears streaked down my face a second before I heard the curtian to my bunk slide open. "Frankie?" He whispered.

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Why'd we have to stop near the fucking Kansas/Oklahoma boarder? One of the hotspots in the Tornado Alley? In the middle of tornado season for them.

Just my luck. I covered my ears and winced as thunder cracked through the air again.

I'm not gonna sleep at all tonight. Tears streaked down my face a second before I heard the curtain to my bunk slide open.

"Frankie?" He whispered. Gee. Of course it was Gee.

"Yeah?" My voice quivered as I wiped my face.

"Move over. I'll stay with you in here tonight." He threw his pillow in next to mine and stooped to climb in.

"Thanks." I hid against his chest as he put his arms around me.

"It's okay. I thought it was kinda fucked up we stopped here for the night, taking everything into consideration." His arms tightened as thunder made the whole bus rattle and me flinch.

"At least we don't live here." I whispered. He giggled softly, his hand running up and down my back.

"If we did, you'd be used to it. Or you'd never sleep. Either one." He sighed.

"Probably never sleep." I breathed. But, as I said it, I felt closer to sleep than I had since the storm started.

"You seem to be faring well right now." He breathed back. I poked his ribs, making him squirm and gasp quitely.

"It's only cause you're here." In my sleepy state, I pretty much had no filter on what I said. Everyone knew that.

Gee liked using it to his benefit. "Frankie, can I ask you something?" He whispered.

"Sure." I yawned, buring my face in his soft shirt.

"If I told you something, would you take it seriously?" I heard his heart go funny in his chest.

"Mhm." I sighed. "Hurry. Before I fall asleep." I nuzzled even closer into him.

"I love you." I smiled into the thin cotton.

"I love you too, Gee." My arms tightened around his neck.

"I mean it. I really love you." He said sincerely.

"I know. And I love you. I always have." I kissed him softly, my brain hazy as to what was happening.

His arms tightened around me, pressing my body against his. I felt his knee nudge my legs apart and rest snuggly there.

I moaned quitely at the friction and got myself closer to him, which was a feat on it's own. Fully awake now, I deepened the kiss, rolling on top of him.

Our legs remained the same, both of us groaning as our knees rubbed each other's manly bits through our shorts. He - God knows how - somehow got my body even closer to his as our tongues explored reach other's.

I pulled away, my head light from a mix of excitement and sleep deprivation. "Guess what." Gee breathed softly into my hair.

"What?" Nobody ever actually guesses.

"I think the storm is over." I lifted my head and listened. I hadn't heard any thunder in the last few minuets.

"Me t-" thunder rolled through the sky, making he squeak and hide again. Gee laughed quitely. "Shut up." I whimpered.

"But it's so cute." I heard the smile in his voice. "And I knew it was still raining."

"Ass." I clawed the back of his neck.

"Night Frankie." He kissed my nose. I tilted my face up, making sure he felt my nose brush his.

His lips met mine, soft and sweet this time. "Night." I breathed, resting my head against his neck.

I felt myself drifting to sleep as Gee's thumb traced my lips ever so lightly.

Twas a cute, kinda funny Frerard. I pretty much just can't sleep, even though it's nearly 3am here ~sigh~

Also, if you would all br so kinda as to read the thing I posted earlier about Hetalia, I'd love ya all so much.

I know I'm not the only Hetalian here, so......yeah. There's that.

Welp, I'm gonna try and most likey fail to go to sleep now.

Hugs and Fanart,
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