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FRERARD. *Don't have any title yet*

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Okay, so this is my first fic.. Um.. Frank is in a club where he sees his room mate, Bob, making out with a girl he likes. Bert offers him a pill, and things get weird.

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He didn’t quite know what he was doing when he went up to the bar. He only knew that he were pissed, and needed some alcohol and drugs.

How could he do it? Yeah, he knew that it was a little childish, but he fucking knew he liked her. Then they just stood there, making out, like there weren’t other people. Ew. Fuck him, fuck her, fuck it all.

He needed something. Now.

He walked up to the bar and saw two of his friends sitting there. Gerard and Bert. Bert was his age, but Gerard was older. Like, 10 years older. That makes him 31.

He took some of Bert’s beer and sighed. Bert and Gerard laughed at him, but he didn’t mind. If he weren’t so pissed, he would laugh, too.

“Something happened?” Bert questioned. He nodded, because, fuck yeah, something happened. Fuck Bob. He was supposed to be his best friend! They even shared an apartment! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckedy fuck.

“Your mom would never let you out again if she saw where you are!” Gerard grinned.
Bert laughed again and took two pills from a little bag he had in his wallet, and put one of them in his mouth.

“Looks like ecstasy, right? But it’s not. It’s so much stronger. Can’t remember what it is, but this dude I’ve got from said it helps you to be happy and relax. Want one?” He asked, and laughed when Frank desperately took it from his hand.

He studied it for a moment and thought about stuff. He just didn’t understand it. That asshole. He put the pill on his tongue, took some of the beer again, and swallowed. He hugged Bert, said thanks, and left.

Half an hour later, he sat on the floor in one of the toilet stalls, feeling everything else than relaxed. Fuck. So many thoughts were running through his head. Why did Bob do it? Why did Bella do it? Seriously, he had said he liked her, and she had even said she liked him too! So, why?

Oh God. He raised his poor ass from the floor, and left the bathroom feeling even more pissed off than before.

When he walked in his own little world, he walked into a dude who stood with his douche bag friends. You know, those guys who are wearing those ugly fluffy jeans, big hoodies and ugly caps. Those guys who think they are so cool and better than everyone else. Yeah, them.

“What the fuck are you doing, homo?” the guy shouted, but laughed when he saw him. The guy pushed at his shoulder, and laughed again. “Fucking midget..” He muttered.

Frank pushed him back to the small group of his friends, because. Really? He had been called the word ‘midget’ so many times before. He usually didn’t mind, but right now he was mad. Fuck. He turned his back to them, just as two guards came, and one of them grabbed his arm, shouted something about that he had to go from the club. Gerard must have seen, because he came over, and told the guard to let him go.

“He’s with me,” he said. “It’s okay, he’s with me” he repeated, because the guard didn’t let go at first, but when he saw Gerard he nodded and did what he was told.

"So Frank.. Problems with your anger? What happened?" Gerard questioned him, but Frank hadn't heard him, because he was walking fast towards the people on the dancefloor. Fuck.

Gerard hurried after him, because, what the hell were Frank doing? He was just been told to leave the fucking club, so why was he heading towards the crowd? Gerard could tell something happened to him. Obviously. But, what he didn't know was what.

He continued to follow Frank the little way through the people until they stood besides Bob and Bella. Gerard stared a little and stood still in shock, because. What. The. Fuck? Frank had just slapped Bob pretty fucking hard, and there already were a red hand on his cheek.

Bob stared in shock, too. Thoughts were running through his head, too, and one of them were 'What did I fucking do to him?'. He didn't stare for long time, because just as Frank were going to punch him; Bella punched him, right in the left side of his head. Bella had middle long blonde hair, tiny body and a pretty face. She was so sweet, too. That was probably the reason why Frank liked her so much. Gerard acted quickly and slept Frank outside and threw him down.
"What the fuck is your problem, Frank? He's your fucking room mate, best friend even! He’s my friend, too, you know? What did he fucking do? You have no right to just slap him!" Gerard shouted, angrily.

Frank didn't know what to say, because Gerard didn't fucking know what Bob had done, and he was so pissed before, but now it seemed so pathetic. He sighed.

"He just... You don't fucking know, Gerard! You don't know!" He yelled, his eyes watering up. Fuck Bob. Fuck Gerard. Fuck Bert for giving him that fucking pill! Seriously, hadn't he said it would help you relax? Help you to be happy and relaxed, not even more pissed. Where was Bert, anyway? Was he feeling just as shitty as Frank did? He didn't hope so, because that would suck.

"No I don't fucking know! So what about telling me, huh? Tell me what the fuck is going on in your little head, before you start slapping people!“ Frank was getting even angrier, now. Who the fuck did Gerard think he were, talking to him like that? He weren’t his brother or anything, so what about he shut the fuck up?

“Shut up!” Frank shouted as he punched Gerard in the face so he fell back into some trash that laid on the ground behind him.

So, yeah, okay. Maybe that wasn’t necessary, but Frank blamed it on the pill. He was just angry, and need to punch something, but seeing that he already have punched Gerard, he decided to try to keep cool.

“Oh, you punch me now? Fucking typical. Okay, go on. Hit me.” Gerard said as he stood up again and rubbing his nose. Ouch. That hurts.

Frank shook his head and mumbled a little ‘sorry’ before moving to get his bike. He tried to unlock it, but he felt two arms coming around his waist and carried him away.
He knew it was Gerard; he could smell it was him. He had that smell around him that smelled of smoke and yeah, just Gerard. Besides, they had been the only ones on the little street outside the club.

Frank started crying as soon he was sat in the passenger seat in the little car. Fuck. Stupid feelings.

He sobbed quietly the rest of the way back to Frank and Bob’s apartment, where they walked up the stairs to the second floor in a heavy silence.

Gerard was a little mad at Frank for hitting him like he did, but he figured out that he probably needed to take his anger out on something. Whatever that anger was.

He had tried to make Frank just talk to him in the car on their way home. He didn’t understand it. What could have made Frank so mad? So sad? Maybe Gerard just was getting old.

Once inside the little apartment, Frank sat down on the floor in the middle of the living room, his eyes red and puffy. Gerard wondered if it was the pill he had taken, or because he had cried, nd decided that it was probably both things. Then he sat down on his knees beside him and sighed.

For first time since Frank had said sorry outside the club, a little more than twenty minutes ago, he said something. It’s weird, with Frank being all quite and stuff. He’s always so loud and hyper.

“Do you ever feel scared?” He asked. “Do you ever feel like everything you do, is wrong? That everyone hates you?” He questioned again, starring at the floor.

“Yes, I do. Why do you ask, Frank? What happened?” Gerard sighed. Of course he felt that. Every day, actually. He’s the 31 year old who only goes out and has fun when his friends and brother urges him to.

“I don’t know.. I was so mad at him. I mean, why did he have to do that? I didn’t even…” He didn’t finish the sentence totally. He laid down and stared at the ceiling, feeling stupid, but still mad.

“Frank. Tell me what he did. Please..” Gerard said softly and looked right at him.

“He and Bella made out. “ He said, eyes watering up a little again. Fuck.

“That’s it? Why are you all pissed and sad about that?” Gerard asked shocked, because, yeah. He had seen them making out many times. They’re dating, for fuck’s sake.

“Yeah, that’s it! Bob knew that I liked her! He fucking knew it.” He said desperately. Fuck. Why was Gerard shocked?

“What do you mean? They have been dating for a few months, Frank.. Didn’t you know?” Gerard was even more shocked now, his eyebrows raised high. That’s it? That’s why he had slapped Bob? That’s why he had punched Gerard?

“What?!” Frank let out a little embarrassing shocked noise, because, what the fuck. A few months? How could he not have noticed? And why hadn’t Bob told him anything about that? Why hadn’t Bella?

Wait. A few months? That means.. That means that Frank and Bella have made out while her and Bob were dating. Oh my God. What a bitch. Whore.

“You didn’t know?” Gerard asked amused. How could he not notice? Hadn’t he seen her many times in the apartment? Couldn’t he hear them?

“No! I fucking didn’t. That whore..” He mumbled a little embarrassed. Even Gerard knew. Fuck.
“What do you mean by “whore”, Frank?” Gerard questioned him, a little closer now. “What happened?” He asked again, snuggling into his neck. Frank’s breath hitched a little in his throat.

“We um, y’know ..” Frank mumbled, feeling slightly confusing, but something in his pants started to stir as Gerard sucked on his neck and started unbuttoned his shirt.

He didn’t really know if he wanted Gerard in that way. He didn’t even know if Gerard liked him in that way. He had always thought that they just were friends. But the thing he did with his mouth on his neck felt pretty damn good, so he decided to just go for it.

“No I don’t. What did you do?” He was whispering now, sounding seductive.

“We, uh, fucked. Less than a month ago. I didn’t know!” He said as he just laid there, stared up at the ceiling again. What the fuck are happening?

“I see.. Did you like it, Frank?” Gerard stopped what he was doing and looking him in the eyes, grinning at Frank’s expression.

“Yeah…” He said, still a little confused, still just laying there, staring. The pill still was in his system, and it didn’t help him fighting down his boner. It didn’t help that Gerard was palming him through his jeans, either.

Just as Gerard had opened the fly, and was starting to pull down the zipper, something snapped inside Frank. He couldn’t do this. Not right now.

“Stop! Stop, Gerard!” He cried out and Gerard let go quickly, looking at Frank again. Then he raised himself from Frank and the floor, and began walking towards the door.

“Right, yeah, I’ll just leave. Of course you wouldn’t want that, I get it, I’m not mad. No. I’ll leave now, bye..” He rambled, a blush creeping on his cheeks. Of fucking course.

“Gerard,” Frank called out. Then Gerard left, and Frank sighed. Fuck.

So yeah. My first fic. Hurrah. And, um, Sorry about my English ): I hope some of you liked it, and tell me if I have to continue or if it sucks, haha.
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